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The history of candle making in Australia dates back to the 1800’s, when settlers used candles as a way to illuminate their homes. With the introduction of gas lighting in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, candle use diminished until its resurgence in the 1950’s and ’60’s. During this era, candles were used for decoration, special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas holidays, as well as in religious ceremonies such as Shabbat.

Today, with the availability of more diverse supplies and tools, candle making has become a popular hobby enjoyed by many people across Australia. Wax varieties such as soy, beeswax and paraffin are widely available allowing makers to craft candles into various shapes and sizes. From scented jar candles to votive tapers there are so many creative options that can be explored with candle making! Hobbyists take great pleasure in colouring their waxes with pigments or adding essential oils for added fragrance – it’s time for you to start experimenting!

Basic Supplies and Tools Needed for Candle Making

In order to make candles in Australia, you will need a few basic supplies and tools. These include wax pellets or chunks, your choice of wicks, fragrance oil or essential oils, candle dye (optional but recommended), and mold clamshells or something to pour your candles into. You will also need a double boiler or two pans of different sizes that will fit together and a wooden spoon for stirring. If you’d like to decorate the exterior of your candles, you should also have supplies such as paintbrushes, glitter, ribbon and other embellishments. Lastly, make sure you have safety glasses and gloves on hand for when handling hot wax. With these items at hand, you are ready to begin making your very own beautiful candles!

An Overview of Basic Candle Making Techniques

Candle making is an enjoyable and creative process, which involves a lot of experimenting, but with the right set of instructions it can be an enjoyable time. In Australia, candle makers have access to some of the best resources in the world when it comes to getting started in the craft. Before starting work on any project, however, it’s important to make sure that you have all the necessary supplies and equipment. Some basic supplies that you’ll need include wax, wicks, scents and dyes (if desired), moulds or containers for your candles, as well as a source of heat (a double boiler works best).

Once you have all your supplies ready to go, you’ll want to make sure that you understand the basics of candle making. The first step is usually to melt down your wax using a double boiler ” this should be done slowly and carefully so as not to cause any accidents. Once melted down, you’ll add in your desired scent and colour ” both need to be added incrementally so as not to overpower or discolour your candles. Then proceed to prepare the wick for submerging using a mould or container ” adjust so that it is secure but does not touch the sides or bottom. Next begin pouring tin melted wax slowly into either side of the mould or container being careful not to pour too fast. After pouring thoroughly allow time for cooling before removing from mould or container. Finally once cool trim off excess wick if desired and store until use accordingly!

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Spotlight on Traditional Aussie Candle Making Styles

A popular candle making tradition in Australia is to create candles out of sustainably sourced beeswax. Beeswax has been used for hundreds of years for its unique properties, most notably its texture, which when properly melted produces a beautiful luminosity and special scent. To produce these traditional Australian beeswax candles, begin by melting the raw beeswax over low heat in order to ensure a consistent texture throughout. Once melted, you can then add all-natural oils, herbs, spices and other botanicals to impart your own personal style and scent preference into the candles. Let the wax cool on a parchment paper-lined baking tray until it reaches your desired thickness. Use cookie cutters or other tools to create different shapes before threading self-made wicks through the centre of each. Finally, hand dip each completed shape into the melted wax multiple times until they achieve the desired result – beautiful hand crafted Australian beeswax candles!

Insider Tips for Crafting One-of-a-Kind Candles

Creating candles is an enjoyable and creative way to let your family and others enjoy the cozy atmosphere of a warm candlelight. Candles come in all shapes, sizes and scents, so it’s fun to create these mood-lifting decorations. Australia has several suppliers of wax, wicks, dyes and fragrances which are necessary ingredients in the candle-making process.

Before you can start creating a unique product from your own home or workspace, you need to understand the basics of what it takes to make beautiful candles with perfect scent and shape. To begin with, you need specialized equipment such as a melting pot or double boiler to melt the wax prior to adding any other ingredient. The best quality products will be sourced from top Australian wax producers so that your candle burns steadily with even color across whole surface once lit.

Once all essential ingredients are ready, it’s time for designing your candles ” that is where creativity comes into play. Whether you choose a moulded/square option, hand-dipped tapers or floating candles in special shaped dishes ” you can also choose many different colors with respective dyes as well as aromas by blending natural essential oils like Vanilla and Rosemary with artificial fragrances like Ocean Wave or Musk. While quality scented oils tend to cost more than artificial ones they are well worth the extra money since they burn longer while releasing their aroma slowly.

Once all desired elements have been added into melted wax make sure to insert wick at one end before pouring the hot liquid into the cooled container ” please keep in mind that without proper length only few flickering flames will appear when lit later on. Specialty hauling devices are available for secure positioning of threaded casing for long cylindrical shapes; alternatively sheet metal self-sticking wicking tabs can be securely attached at base as ignition point for external heat source applied directly onto molten paraffin or soy wax together with essential oils .

Aside from purchasing pre-made supplies from wax producers that specialize in craft making supplies many people also opt for buying their own essential oil extractors which enable them to craft their own unique blends ” it is especially popular among those who love experimenting with different scents for personal use or presents alike. Finally if you would like some help getting started there are numerous tutorials available online along with helpful techniques form experienced candle makers who offer classes and workshops around Australia.

Beeswax Supplies For Candle Making

A Directory of Popular Australian Candle Companies

Candle-making is a popular and enjoyable activity in Australia. With many of the best candle companies calling it home, there are countless resources to help both amateur and advanced candle-makers create beautiful fragrant pieces.

When choosing a company for supplies, browsing an online directory based on location is recommended. Most of the popular Australian companies provide a wide selection of equipment, waxes, additives and fragrances to help you create your own unique creations. Additionally, many of these businesses offer comprehensive tutorials from the basics of choosing wax types to detailed instructions on making different kinds of candles.

The team at Candle Supply are experienced in producing high-quality candles for every situation – from votive to scented. They stock everything from melts, moulds and fragrance oils to pillar and container waxes as well as holders and decorations. Candle Star also source premium ingredients from suppliers worldwide to ensure their customers can create long-lasting products that look amazing. Their range includes dyes, tealights, wicks and resin wax along with tools such as pour pots and melting pourers.

Building your own home candle making kit ensures you have all the right materials when inspiration strikes! Popular items include thermometers for keeping track of temperature when melting your waxes, stainless steel pouring pots for cleanliness during the production process, readymade molds within which you pour your mix and essential scent oils that add ambiance in any location. Furthermore, pre-tabbed wicks make it easy for anyone starting out or looking to complete large candle-making projects quickly.

Essential Local Resources for Candle Making Supplies

Australia is home to many excellent local resources for candle making supplies. There are brick-and-mortar stores selling a variety of materials needed to make quality candles, such as wax, wicks, fragrances, dye and more. Online vendors also offer a range of supplies, often at discounted prices and with free shipping options. Furthermore, flea markets, craft fairs and online marketplaces serve as great spots to find unique supplies like molds and custom-crafted decorations. For those unable to find necessary materials locally, international suppliers can provide access to more difficult-to-source products. Additionally, specialty soapmaking stores offer a range of scents that can be used for candle making. Finally, some hobby stores may have limited availability of not just the supplies but also recipe books or tutorials to assist in crafting individualized candles.


Congratulations! You have now successfully completed the Candle Making Instructions Australia! Making candles can bring amazing results and be a fun and creative activity for people of all ages. Candle making provides endless possibilities for creativity, including the ability to choose from an endless selection of colors, scents, sizes, waxes, molds, and more. Plus, it’s something you can enjoy with family and friends and make great gifts for any occasion. Unlock exciting candle making possibilities in Australia today with these instructions as your guide! With practice and patience, you’ll soon be able to master different methods and develop your own personalized style.

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