Bees Wax Candle Making Kit

Introduction to Bees Wax Candle Making Kit

Bees wax candles have a unique, pleasant scent that comes from the nature of their ingredient, beeswax. Beeswax cannot be replicated and therefore these candles bring an unparalleled natural aroma to your home or wherever they are placed. Compared to other candle types, beeswax candles last up to two times longer. Beeswax also produces negative ions when it is burned, which can help freshen and cleanse the air inside your home as well as provide some health benefits such as relief from asthma and allergies. In addition, since beeswax is a natural material its use helps promote sustainability and reduce waste in the environment. With its natural ingredients, improved longevity and positive effects on the environment, a bees wax candle making kit can be an ideal choice for those looking to take on a creative task while utilizing natural materials with great results.

Benefits of Using Bees Wax for Candle Making

Bees wax is a very popular material to use in candle making. It has several distinct qualities that make it stand out from other materials. One of the most notable properties of bees wax is its longer-lasting burn, which can last up to three times longer than other waxes such as paraffin or soy. This makes it a great choice for home decor where you want a flame that can work well over multiple nights.

Bees wax also has a natural texture and color that cannot be replicated with other materials. Its unique look adds an extra layer of character to any candle, making them look more artisanal and handmade. In addition, the scent of bees wax gives off a subtle sweet smell which can add another layer of atmosphere to any room when lit.

Furthermore, there are also therapeutic qualities associated with burningbees wax candles. Burning this material is known to purify the air, clear emotional blockages, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality and provide emotional healing. These are just some of the reasons why people choose to use bees wax when candle making!

Gathering the Supplies

To make bees wax candles, you’ll need several supplies and tools. Here is a list of what you’ll need to get started:

* Bees wax – can be purchased in sheets, bars, or granules. Suggested places to source them include beekeepers, craft stores, or online specialty candle making supply shops.
* High-grade soy wax. Again, this can be purchased from craft stores or online candle making supply shops.
* Cotton wick for making the candle’s core – can also be found at local craft stores or online candle-making outlets.
* Hemp string if you plan on making your own candlewick – hemp string can often be easily sourced at your local hardware store.
* Slow cooker that is exclusively dedicated to making candles – a device like this will make melting and tempering the beeswax much easier than if done over a stovetop burner.
* Wax melting pot for slowly heating wax mixtures and allowing them to cool off before pouring into the mold – available at any craft store/online candle-making outlets/hardware store
* Heat gun for applying heat directly onto the wicks when assembling the candles ” commonly sold in most hardware stores
* Molding material such as sturdy glasses, jars, tins, cardboard boxes lined with non-stick silicone baking mats ” can easily be sourced from either re-using containers around the house or ordering special designed molds and bases through an online retail outlet
* Basic equipment like measuring cups, bowls, potholders, etc ” various items located around your kitchen should suffice

Multicolored Candle Making

Getting to Know Your Wax

Beeswax is the most popular wax used for candle making and there are many different types of beeswax available. Depending on the prevalence of bees in a certain region, the source of beeswax can vary in colour and scent. Natural wax may vary from shades of yellow to orange and brown with a unique delightful honey smell typically associated with candles made out of bee’s wax.

When considering which type of bee’s wax to buy for your candle making project, it is important to keep in mind factors such as scent and burning quality. Since all types of beeswax have their own unique characteristics, it might be worth experimenting with a few until you find a product that best meets your needs. The higher quality products usually produce a stronger scented candle with stronger burning qualities, though this comes at an increased cost. Additionally, pay attention to the melting point temperature specified by the supplier when selecting your wax as this determines how difficult or easy it will be during the pouring process and also affects burning time for finished candles.

Preparing Your Bees Wax Candle Making Kit

Before you can get started with your bees wax candle making kit, there are some important tips and tricks to consider. Let’s start with melting the bees wax. Using a double boiler set up is the safest way to melt the wax ” this involves setting a heat-proof bowl or pot over a pot of boiling water. This will ensure that you don’t overheat and potentially damage or scorch the wax, as it is much more delicate than other types of wax.

Once the wax has melted, consider adding color and scent to it before pouring it into your mold. When choosing a dye or scented oil for your project, opt for bee safe ingredients such as natural dyes and essential oils – these are not only better for the environment, but also may attract bees and other pollinators to your finished product when lit outdoors! Finally, when it comes time for properly measuring and pouring wax into molds, make sure that you use precautions”like resting a thermometer inside each mold”to check temperatures throughout the process. If your wax passes through its recommended melting range too quickly or slowly, you may have difficulties attaining desired results.

Troubleshooting Tips

When working with beeswax, the most common issue is that it tends to have a shorter burn time than other waxes. This can be solved by working in smaller batches and using a higher melting point for your wax. Another common problem is that beeswax has a tendency to settle at the bottom of the container, causing an uneven surface when pouring. To combat this, you can mix in some paraffin wax while melting to help reduce or prevent sinking. For wick selection, select one with a low melt point as it will stay lit longer with beeswax and avoid smoking. Additionally, make sure your wick is straight, long enough to keep burning through all stages of the candle’s life, and cut at an angle if you are using cotton core. Providing enough heat during melting through double bo Before pouring your candles, pre-heat your mold so the wax won’t solidify quickly and cause warping or leakage. A third tip would be to build up layers slowly when making votive candles and let excess wax cool off before adding more to get an even finish. Lastly, allow plenty of cooling time in between each pour for uniformity in shape as well as increasing burn times.

Chick Making Candles

Finishing Touches

Layering – For a layered look, use of multiple colors of bees wax when pouring the candle molds. Melt one color at a time in a double boiler, pausing between each layer to ensure the wax has cooled and hardened before the next step. Make sure to pour slowly and evenly to avoid air bubbles or ripples in the candles.

Melting ” Allow two different colored pieces of wicks or waxes to partially melt into each other for a unique design. This can be done by resting the two pieces on top of each other above an open flame or allowing something hot (like an iron) to be pressed against them. This will give your candles a textured, marbled effect.
Wrapping ” To wrap your candles with ribbon or yarn, first, cut several pieces of string lengthwise in whatever color you like and lay them parallel within one another on the candle in any pattern you prefer. Then carefully use low-temperature hot glue along one edge of the strings while tightly pressing it against the side of the candle until they are all firmly in place.
Hanging ” Hang your finished candles with twine loops through drilled holes using a sawtooth hanger kit made especially for this purpose. Find out where you want the hanging loop that is both visually pleasing and secure to fit around after drilling it into place at those points. Thread through some jute twine from inside and then twist your way up twice before wrapping again inside for secure closure before tightening it with pliers or scissors if necessary .


Adding a bees wax candle to your home can bring in unique warmth and beauty from the unique qualities that come with natural bees wax. Unlike other types of wax, bees wax is used as it is collected since its heat resistive properties mean fewer additives and stabilizers are necessary. This provides the user with a number of creative options while making their own bee’s wax candles. Additionally, bee’s wax candles are naturally scented, providing a delightful aroma that often fits the character and atmosphere of homes around the world. With the right tools and supplies, such as those in our beeswax candle-making kit, people can transform plain bees wax into intricate designs or aesthetically pleasing candles with captivating shapes and textures to best suit their needs or preferences.

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