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Candle making courses in Kent are a great way to learn the art and craft of candle making. If you have always wanted to make your own candles, Kent has a wealth of talented and knowledgeable instructors who can help you master this skill. In these classes, you will learn how to select waxes, choose colors and fragrances, create unique molds, shape the candles into different shapes, and practice your technique until you get it just right. You’ll also get a chance to explore various wicking techniques, scented oils and butters, and decorative details to add beauty and interest to each candle. With patient instruction and helpful tips from experienced teachers, your newly-developed skills will last a lifetime.

Aside from the technical elements of candle making like selecting wicks, melting waxes safely, adding colors and fragrances correctly etc., taking one of these courses gives students the opportunity to connect with other enthusiasts in their area as well as those nationally. Making friends and having access to other experts will give novices an added boost of confidence so they can feel more comfortable when creating their own works of art at home or selling online or in shops. Additionally, Kent-based courses may offer workshops outdoors so students can appreciate candles outside either in a park or garden setting with added safety considerations taken into account due to potential wind gusts which could cause any open flames unnexpectedly expand.


Taking a candle making course in Kent offers a unique opportunity to learn the art of candle crafting from experienced professionals. Being able to make candles is a great way to get creative and express yourself, with the end result being beautiful pieces that can be used for décor both inside and outside the home. Taking a candle making course also provides numerous benefits, such as learning interesting techniques for creating different shapes and colours. Additionally, you will gain knowledge about the various materials used in candle making such as waxes, scents, and wicks. The course will cover topics such as health and safety when working with hot materials, preparing containers for pouring your candles into, and even basic colour blending theory. You will come away with an understanding of the importance of each component in providing a beautiful final product that burns safely. Finally, joining one of these courses may also provide you with an enjoyable social environment where you’ll have the chance to meet like-minded individuals who share your creative spirit!

What to Look for

When looking for a candle making course in Kent, there are several factors you should take into consideration before making a commitment. Firstly, do some research on the high-quality courses available in your area and make sure that the course you choose fits your needs and interests. Depending on your experience level and goals, look for specific features such as one-on-one teaching, specially designated group classes, or even live demos or field trips to help you better understand the craft of candle making. Look for an instructor with proven experience who can guide you step by step through the entire process. Make sure the course has plenty of materials available that will help you create attractive and well crafted finished products. Ask questions during any registration process to get more details on how comprehensive the syllabus is and whether there are necessary tools or supplies needed before attending a class. Be sure to enquire about any potential discounts available from centers or programmes that offer accommodations throughout your studies. Additionally, ask if there are follow up workshops available or if there’s an opportunity for lifetime support if needed after completion. Taking all these points into account will help ensure that you find the perfect candle making course in Kent to suit your individual needs!

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Recommended Courses

1. Candle Making for Beginners: Created for individuals who have never made candles before, this beginners’ course teaches basic principles and techniques of candle making. From wax types to wick selection and various pouring techniques, you will gain an understanding of all the aspects needed to get started with your craft.

2. Creative Candle Making: Take your craft to the next level with this creative candle making course. Learn advanced methods such as layering multiple colors, texture building with add-ins such as glitter, herbs, natural materials and more! This course also covers essential safety steps to ensure proper flame control and product integrity.

3. Pillar & Votive Candle Construction: Perfect for those who have a practice in basic candle making, this course will introduce students to pillar and votive construction processes. Topics covered include carving natural shapes into wax, moulding designs using specialised molds and block candling.

4. Soy Wax Candle Making: A great choice for environmentally conscious candle makers, soy wax is a popular alternative choice to traditional paraffin based waxes. Learn how to properly use soy wax as well as different scenting techniques specifically designed for soy candles in this comprehensive class taught by experienced instructors..

Business Tips

1. Invest in high-quality materials ” While it can be tempting to cut costs, investing in high-quality materials is essential for a successful, long-term candle making business. Ensure you’re using the best waxes, wicks, and scents available as these are key components of every candle.

2. Research market trends ” Take time to research the current trends of the candle making industry in Kent, including popular scents and unique product offerings. This will help you create relevant products that appeal to customers and differentiate your business from competitors.

3. Develop a comprehensive marketing plan ” How are you going to reach potential customers? Create online profiles on social media channels, design attractive advertising campaigns, promote special events or sales offers, etc.? It’s important to think strategically about how you want potential customers to discover your business so they know where to buy your candles!

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4. Build relationships with local partners ” Strengthening connections with businesses in other industries and forms of media is crucial for success as it drives more traffic and creates opportunities for collaboration. Consider partnering with local stores, blogs or magazines related to interior design or lifestyle topics to increase your brand’s visibility and sales.

5. Network with other candle makers – Join local networking events dedicated to candles, attend workshops hosted by experienced candle makers or participate in trade shows that focus on creative talents like yours! You’ll be able to learn from others’ experiences and share ideas about new product releases or promotion strategies that could benefit your business immensely!


A candle making course in Kent can equip you with the skills and knowledge required to create beautiful, high-quality candles. Through hands-on learning, you will learn the basics of poured candles, container candles, and gel candle making. This will provide you with a foundation for creating professional-looking creations that customers will love. You’ll also pick up techniques for troubleshooting common problems with your wax and wick combinations and gain insight into how to best market your items.

Once you have completed a candle making course in Kent, you will be better prepared to start – or grow – your own successful business. The skills gained through this short but comprehensive course will enable you to stand out from the competition and bring an array of creative custom designs to your customers. With the right resources, such as supplies obtainable through wholesalers, a hobby could easily become a profitable business venture with very little investment on your part. Additionally, taking the time to learn these trade secrets can save you significant amounts of money in refills and ingredients in the long run.

A candle making course in Kent provides an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to extend their craftsmanship or kickstart their own candle business. Not only will it teach all of the fundamentals of working with wax and wicking materials; it is sure to provide plenty of inspiration for designing eye-catching creatures even those novice enthusiasts can make at home! With sufficient instruction and proper safety measures followed, aspiring entrepreneurs are not far off from achieving dazzling results!

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