Candle Making In Lake Geneva

# Candle Making in Lake Geneva
Candle making is a long standing tradition in Lake Geneva, and it is also an important part of the community. From the early settlers to today’s modern craftspeople, the craft of making quality wax candles has remained a constant source of pride and pleasure throughout the years.

## History of Candle Making in Lake Geneva
The first settlers of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin bought a large portion of land from the Potawatomi and built small cabins and set up communities in the area. One of the main purposes of coming to the Lake Geneva area for these settlers was to produce and market commodities such as candles. The settlers bought the raw animal fat from local farmers, and then processed it into wicks and wax for candle making. Throughout the following generations, candle making remained a mainstay of the community. Local residents created unique and beautiful designs and decorations for their candles, which added to the variety and character of the craft.

## Materials Needed for Candle Making
The basic materials needed for candle making in Lake Geneva are wax, wicks, a mold, and any other decorations you might want to incorporate into your candles. Western Wisconsin beeswax is a locally-available wax that is often used, but other waxes are available, including paraffin, soy, and even palm wax. Wicks can be made from cotton string, wax paper, or even metal wire, depending on the weight of the candle. Molds are used to shape the candles and they can be made of metals, ceramic, or plastic.

How to Whip Wax for Candle Making

## Steps to Making a Candle
1. Prepare your workspace. Make sure everything is clean and organized for the best results.
2. Measure your wax according to the size of the mold you are using.
3. Melt the wax in a double boiler over low to medium heat, stirring often. You can also melt the wax in the microwave or use an electric melting pot.
4. Tie the wick to a wooden skewer or pencil and place it in the center of the mold.
5. Pour the melted wax into the mold, making sure it is centered on the wick.
6. Let the wax cool for 12-24 hours.
7. Trim the wick to the desired length.
8. Carefully remove the candle from the mold by gently prying along the edges.
9. Apply decorations to the candle. This can include dripped wax, herbs, scents, glitters, and more.

## Finishing Touches
Once the candle is finished, you can optionally make it look even more professional and attractive by using heat guns, sandpaper, and other tools to make your candle extra special. You can also apply a finish coating to give it a nice shine and make it easier to keep clean.

## Enjoy Candle Making in Lake Geneva
If you love art and creative projects, candle making can be a great way to express yourself. The unique nature of each candle adds to the charm of the craft and adds to the pleasure of the Lake Geneva community. Whether you choose to make candles for yourself or to give as gifts to loved ones, the process of creating candles is sure to bring you enjoyment and satisfaction.

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