Candle Making Putty

Examples and Pictures

Candle Making Putty is an exciting and versatile product that can be used to create a variety of unique candles. Here are some examples of candles made with Candle Making Putty:

1. Dripped Effect Candle: You can create a high-impact, oozing wax drip effect by using Candle Making Putty. Simply press the putty around the top of the candle and let it cool to create stunning candle effects.

2. Ombré Wax Candles: Using different colors of the putty you can created ombré wax candles with layered hues in different shades. This gives a beautiful effect and raises to wow bar when decorating!

3. Colorful Bands & Swirls Candle: With this technique you can use bright colors to create swirls in vertical or horizontal patterns as well as adding bands or stripes in fun colors, both giving amazing effects when lit up!

4. Opaque Allow Ball Candles: A single color of the putty can be used to make opaque ball candles that add a modern look to any outdoor event or space!

Alternative Uses

Candle Making Putty is highly versatile and has a range of uses outside of candle making. For example, it can be used as an adhesive to instantly fix or bond items together. The putty provides a quick and easy solution for fixing items like small toys or household items that have broken apart. Its tackiness makes it useful for sticking things together in places where traditional glue or adhesive may not quite do the job.

Furthermore, due to its malleability and tackiness, Candle Making Putty can also work well as a sealant or weather-stripping around windows and doors to reduce noise, drafts and control air infiltration. Additionally, it can be used as a filler for cracks and crevices in walls or other objects to prevent air leakage in the home. Finally, by molding the putty into different shapes, it can also be used creatively for crafts projects around the house such as creating door stops or decorative knick-knacks.

Do-it-yourself Tutorials

Using Candle Making Putty can be a great way to make unique, decorative candles. With the right supplies, it’s easy to craft beautiful creations from the comfort of your own home! Here are some step-by-step tutorials on how to create stunning candles with Candle Making Putty:

1. Start by gathering all of your supplies. You will need Candle Making Putty and a scented candle wick.

2. Begin warming up your putty until it is soft enough to shape. You can use either your hands or specialized tools to mold and shape the putty into desired shapes, such as spirals or other delicate patterns of your choosing. Place the wick in the center as you begin to shape the putty around it.

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3. Once you’re satisfied with your design, let it harden for an hour before moving onto the next step.

4. Place your shaped putty in a container upside-down so that only the wick is visible, then slowly pour wax into the container until it reaches just below the top line of your design (only pour enough wax so that it covers over half of the putty). Allow thirty minutes for cooling and hardening before pouring again and repeating this process four times total – this will ensure that you have created a very solid candle!

5. When finished, cut off any excess wick with scissors and then light up your unique design!

If you find yourself facing issues while crafting with Candle Making Putty, do not despair – simply try experimenting with different amounts of wax or varying temperatures when shaping/creating designs. With patience and creative problem-solving skills you’ll be able to come up with beautiful candles worthy of any home décor!


Q: What is Candle Making Putty?
A: Candle Making Putty is a special putty-like material used as a base of many candlemaking projects. It is made of paraffin and other ingredients such as waxes, colorants, and stabilizers. This material can be used for making an array of designs and shapes, such as pillars or votive candles.

Q: Is Candle Making Putty easy to use?
A: Yes! Candle Making Putty is designed to be very straightforward to use ” just press it into the desired shape using your hands or tools. It has a soft texture and slight tackiness which makes it quite easy to work with. Once it has been pressed into shape, melt the putty with either a heat gun or double boiler and then add any colors or fragrances you might wish.

Q: What is the difference between regular paraffin wax and Candle Making Putty?
A: Candle Making Putty contains other ingredients in addition to regular paraffin wax, making it ideal for creating specific designs often difficult to make with pure paraffin wax alone. Additionally, this putty has consistent heat expansion properties making sure that all your candle’s shapes have consistent sizes when heated up for molding – something difficult to achieve with pure paraffin wax!

Product Reviews

Candle Making Putty has gained considerable popularity in the crafting community recently for its versatility. People have been using it to create custom candles of all shapes, sizes, and colors. According to reviews from consumers, the non-toxic putty is incredibly easy to manipulate and comes with an unlimited array of possibilities for customizing a candle’s appearance. It also offers great opportunities for gifting to those who like something special or unique! Many hobbyists find that they can develop their designs quickly with the product, resulting in a beautiful candle in less time than expected.

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The results are stunningly gorgeous candles – every one unique and eye-catching. Hobbyists also praise Candle Making Putty for its ease of use. After just playing around with it a few times they developed the skills necessary to start making striking creations that looked professional and beautiful! They appreciate how simple the putty is to work with, shape, cut and color so that even novice crafters can get creative right away. The more experienced users brag about how well their projects turn out with only minimal effort and delightful results each time!

Additional Resources

Candle Making Putty is a fantastic product that can help turn anyone into a professional candle maker. It’s an easy-to-use material that allows you to customize your project and create unique designs. To get started, you’ll need the following supplies:

• Candle Making Putty

• Mold for making candles

• Colored wax chips or granules

• Wicks, clips and tabs (if needed)
• Melting pot or double boiler
• Essential oils or fragrance oils
• Stove or hot plate (enough to melt putty on)

In addition to these supplies, there are other optional materials that can be used such as mica powder, glitter, cranberry embeds, embedding molds, etc. For more advanced projects, wax coloring dye may also be used. Once you have all of your materials ready to go you can then start to create beautiful candles with Candle Making Putty!

Other helpful resources for candle makers include online stores where specialized supplies for candle making putty can be purchased. Popular online stores include Amazon for their selection of tools and supplies needed for candle making projects. Michaels offers a variety of scents and colors that can help add fun and vibrant colors to any project. Candle Science is another well-known retailer with an incredible offering of essential oils, wicks, dyes, herbs and other candle accessories for creating unique pieces with Candle Making Putty. Some Pinterest boards also offer great Do-It-Yourself tutorials and recipes with step by step results that provide lovely inspiration when getting started with your own project! Finally many local hobby shops carry the necessary items needed to make the best use out of Candle Making Putty.

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