Candle Making Shop Preston

Candle Making Shop Preston is a family-owned business located in the quaint town of Preston, Idaho which has been producing high-quality candles since its establishment in 1996. The shop was created by visionary founders Linda and Mark Beardslee, who had worked hard for several years to establish a thriving business, selling beautifully crafted candles to customers all over the country.

Starting out as a small craft store with only two employees, Candle Making Shop Preston has steadily grown into a large warehouse boasting an array of various candle products.

Products: Describe the different kinds of candles produced here At Candle Making Shop Preston, they specialize in producing beautiful handcrafted candles using the finest raw materials sourced from local and organic sources whenever possible.

Among their vast selection of products include scented jar candles such as lavender vanilla bean and eucalyptus lemongrass, tapers in various colors and sizes, colorful votive holders, large pillar candles that make perfect centerpieces for any occasion, as well as special all-natural beeswax tea light candles that burn cleanly while releasing natural aromatics that create the perfect atmosphere throughout your home.

How It’s Made: Offer details about how these quality products are made Each product at Candle Making Shop Preston is handmade with love and care right here on site by their team of experienced candlemakers. To ensure quality, each item is processed carefully through a thorough series of steps from melting and pouring wax to wicking and adding fragrance so that every product meets their high standards before it leaves the shop.

Not only do they create quality products but they also recycle used waxes from previous batches to minimize waste while still providing stunning creations. They are dedicated to using sustainable practices both within production and daily operations to reduce their environmental impact while still delivering unique pieces with top-notch customer service.

Overview of Products and Services Offered

The Candle Making Shop Preston has an array of high quality homemade candles. They specialize in traditional scented wax candles but also have a variety of unique candle designs and creations. Their signature products include:

  • Traditional wax candles in scents such as vanilla, lemon, and lavender
  • Unique hand poured decorative glass jars with intricate designs inside
  • Soy wax candles in natural essences like jasmine, sandalwood, and patchouli
  • Colored gel candles for a creative twist on regular designs
  • Gemstone embellishments that can be used to customise any style candle
  • Aromatherapy essential oil blends for a soothing ambience.

The Candle Making Shop Preston is well known for its friendly customer service and strives to help customers find the perfect scent or design to fit their needs. They have an abundance of resources from different styles of wicks to fragrance oils for customers to choose from when crafting up their own unique design.

With all these materials together the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your own personalised scented candle. The shop also offers classes so people can learn new techniques and craft their own masterpiece.

In addition, Preston provides a “create-your-own” option which allows customers to select which type of wax they want ( soy, paraffin, beeswax ), the size or shape of the container, their preferred color, additives such as nuts & spices, essential oils & fragrances, and then finally adding any extra embellishments like crystals or glitter. Customers also have the option of selecting pre-made sets or gift packages.

For weddings or special occasions they provide customized favors with personalized labels and packaging designed by experienced professionals. They even offer customized wedded anniversary boxes full of all kinds of accessories; including reed diffuser sticks and natural oil based body lotions.

Description of Candle Making Classes

Candle Making Shop Preston offers a variety of candle making classes for locals and visitors alike. Each class is carefully crafted and tailored to the attendee’s individual level of experience, with an emphasis on developing important foundational skills. Beginner classes are divided into introductory basics, giving newbies the opportunity to learn the fundamentals in a supportive environment.

Classes progress from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels, exploring various techniques such as block-printing, scent blending, heat-bending, wicking, incorporating herbs and essential oils into wax blends. Attendees will also learn how to use common materials such as beeswax, paraffin wax, soy wax and plant-based waxes.

Class Time Length

The duration of each class varies depending on skill level; some are only one hour long while others may be up to six hours. Beginner classes typically last two or three hours while those geared towards intermediate and advanced makers can last up to six hours. The instructors also offer private one-on-one tutoring sessions lasting 1-2 hours for individuals who want extra personal attention when learning a more complex technique.

Handmade Candle Making Supplies

What’s Included

In addition to training from experienced teachers in the craft of candle making, all materials needed for the classes are included in the price. Participants will have access to a wide variety of tools including wick holders, thermometers, paintbrushes and other utensils that they can use during their workshop journey as well as take home so that they can continue experimenting without having to purchase extra supplies.

Waxes provided depend on what type of candle desired since different types require their own formulas; attendees will be able to test out different blends before choosing which one works best for them.

Benefits of Shopping at Candle Making Shop Preston

The Candle Making Shop Preston offers a variety of services to its customers that are unique and convenient. Customers can purchase from a variety of candle making supplies, such as wicks, wax, dyes, scents, and molds. Not only are the supplies available from the shop but they also offer free delivery and gift wrapping options. With these services, shoppers can be sure to get the best deal possible for their money.

In addition to the supplies mentioned above, customers also have access to access expert advice about how to make candles safely and efficiently. The staff at Candle Making Shop Preston are all experienced candle makers who have an extensive knowledge base that can be invaluable for any home crafter or hobbyist. With their guidance and tips, customers can be confident that they will achieve the best possible results with their projects.

List of Benefits

  • Variety of candle making supplies
  • Free delivery service
  • Gift wrapping options available
  • Expert advice on making candles safely & efficiently
  • Convenient location

Testimonials from Customers

In 2020, Maria used Candle Making Shop Preston to host her sister’s bridal shower. Before going to Candle Making Shop Preston, Maria had never made candles before and was overwhelmed with the task of hosting a successful bridal shower.

But with the help of the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Candle Making Shop Preston, Maria was able to create beautiful personalized soy candle favors for all of her guests. During the shower, her sister went from table to table admiring the unique candles and loved that each one reminded her why she was celebrating this special day with friends and family.

Jason recently moved into a new condo and needed some quick home decor items. After learning about what Candle Making Shop Preston had to offer he decided to give it a try. He quickly found everything he needed there including candle hardware supplies: wick stays, votive cups, labels and even made his own custom wax melts.

With everything in one place, Jason could choose exactly what he wanted without having to shop around town for each item individually. Plus, choosing from all the unique scents available ensured that his home smelled exactly how he wanted it.

Penelope tasked herself with creating unique teacher gifts for her daughters’ teachers this past holiday season but admits that without the help of Candle Making Shop Preston she would still be searching for ideas online desperately trying to find something special meaningful enough yet personal enough to make them feel appreciated.

After coming into their store Penelope was delighted at all they had to offer which included containers in multiple shapes and sizes as well as pre-made wax kits with step by step instructions that were perfect for beginners like herself.

Penelope couldn’t believe how easy it was for her make successful products after following their simple directions – moments like these remind us why Candle Making Shop Preston continues being so popular.

Pros of Shopping at Candle Making Shop Preston

  • Experienced staff are helpful in providing advice on options
  • Variety of container shapes and sizes available
  • Unique range of scents available
  • Pre-made wax kits with clear directions suitable for beginners
  • One-stop shop – all necessary materials is available

Tips for Shopping at Candle Making Shop Preston

Bring your Ideas and a Notepad

Before visiting Candle Making Shop Preston, it is important to know what you’re looking for. Bring an idea of the type of candles you’d like to make, any materials you may need, and possibly a notepad for jotting down ideas.

You don’t want to purchase anything in haste; instead, take the time to be creative and really embrace the process. The store provides all of the supplies needed – one can find scented oils, glass containers, different colored waxes, molds of all shapes and sizes – which makes customizing your candle even easier.

Visit with an Open Mind

Candle Making Shop Preston also has staff on hand ready to answer questions and offer suggestions and tips on making great candles. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and use their advice.

Commercial Candle Making

As long as we’re open minded and willing to receive input from others it helps us reach our goals more quickly. Also remain open to trying new things; perusing the colorful selection of wicks or fragrances can spark unexpected ideas that one hadn’t thought of previously.

Learn from Others

If this is your first time making candles, don’t be discouraged by feeling overwhelmed. Taking classes offered at Candle Making Shop Preston or visiting during days where experienced candle makers are working is a great way to learn different methods or techniques which will help us hone in on our craftsmanship. It’s always best practice to observe those who know more than us so that we can apply their expertise along our journey through candle making adventures.

Reasons to Shop Local

Shopping locally at the Candle Making Shop Preston is beneficial to the environment and the local economy. When you shop locally, there’s no need to waste fuel resources used for transportation-which saves money for everyone. Buying from a local store also cuts down on pollution because there is less travel and packaging materials needed when making a purchase.

In addition to being better for the environment, shopping at the Candle Making Shop Preston has economic benefits as well. Research has shown that when you buy local, more of your money stays in your community because it supports job creation and increases demand in that area, which leads to more opportunities for businesses to grow and thrive.

Shopping with small stores like the Candle Making Shop Preston also bolsters local economies in other ways, such as generating taxes for public services or providing essential goods and services where they are needed most.

Supporting local businesses like the Candle Making Shop Preston helps to foster a sense of community by creating an interconnected web of relationships between producers, sellers, buyers, and service providers in one location. This network creates a symbiotic relationship between businesses where they cooperate and collaborate to support each other and ensure prosperity within their locale.

By shopping locally at places like the Candle Making Shop Preston there’s also an opportunity for customers to build relationships that extend beyond financial matters-this leads to more meaningful exchanges which bring customers back time again with loyalty built up over time due to good customer service experience from repeated visits.


For anyone looking for an extraordinary candle making experience, Candle Making Shop Preston is the place to go. This store has been dedicated to providing unique and memorable experiences to those who want to explore the art of candle making for years. Not only do they specialize in different materials and colors that can be used for candles, but their customer service is top notch.

The staff is always willing to provide advice and help customers pick out just the right material or scent for their project. They even offer free consultations so customers can get all of their questions answered before starting on a project.

One of the reasons why people choose Candle Making Shop Preston over other shops is because of their wide selection of scents, colors, and materials available. From natural beeswaxes to colored paraffin waxes, every product in-store has something special that makes it stand out from the rest.

With a variety of sizes and shapes as well, customers can create truly unique designs that are perfect for whatever purpose they have in mind. Plus, all materials used are eco-friendly to ensure an environmentally friendly experience.

Last but not least, Candle Making Shop Preston’s commitment to personalized service sets them apart from other stores around town. Whether it’s helping find certain materials or offering advice and tips while customers work on their projects, the staff there always ensures that everyone gets optimal care when shopping at this store.

Customers have praised them time and time again for being so eager to answer questions and assist with everything possible – this kind of dedication proves how committed this store is to providing a great experience each and every day.

Candle Making Shop Preston offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience no matter what customers are looking for. From their vast selection of scents, materials, and colors available along with personalized advice from staff members every step of the way – anyone interested in exploring or creating something special will love what this shop has to offer firsthand.

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