Candle Making Supplies Peterborough Ontario

Introduction to Candle Making Supplies Peterborough Ontario

Candle making has been an important craft in Peterborough, Ontario since the 19th century. In fact, the first wax candle manufactures appeared in Peterborough as early as 1859 and it was difficult to find quality supplies. That spurred an industry of local candle making supply stores that supplied wax, wicks and other essential ingredients for candle makers. This eventually led to more advanced supplies such as scents, dyes, and molds eventually coming from suppliers from across the world. The close proximity of these stores allowed artisans to experiment with different recipes and methods to make unorthodox candles, adding another layer of uniqueness for this craft. Today, Candle Making Supplies Peterborough Ontario continues to provide high quality materials for newcomers and professional candle makers alike who can pick from a wide range of supplies to create their masterpieces at excellent prices.

The Necessary Candle Making Supplies for the Perfect Candles

double boiler
candle making thermometer
pouring pitcher
wax measuring cup
wax stirring spoon
wick pins
wax dye and scent

Beeswax or Soy Wax
Stearic Acid
Candle Wicks

1. Begin by selecting the type of wax you want to use. Natural beeswax or soy wax both work great for candle making. Soy wax is commonly used because it is more cost-effective and easy to manipulate.
2. Measure out the amount of wax needed using a specialized measuring cup, as this will ensure that your candles are uniform in shape and size. Once your measurement is complete, pour the wax into a double boiler on low heat and add 1 tablespoon of stearic acid to help the candles become harder. Mix thoroughly with a spoon until combined evenly.
3. To get an optimal scent from your candles, add drops each of essential oil-based scents corresponding to your preferences – for example, lavender for relaxation, orange for invigoration and so on – remembering to mix them into the melted wax well with a spoon before turning off the heat after 10 minutes have passed..
4. When adding wicks to your candles, make sure they are must be correctly centered so that it burns $evenly when lit up once cooled down!. Cut out pieces that stick out slightly above the surface of your candle and secure them in place with either metal clips or dowels treated with hot glue guns. This will keep them upright until completely cooled and hardened overnight.
5. Finally, inject colorant or pigment powder mixed with some amount of scented oil into the cooling liquid resulting in beautifully fragrant tinted candles!

Where to Find Candle Making Supplies in Peterborough Ontario

The city of Peterborough in Ontario is known for its vibrant and creative art community, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of stores and craft centers offering candle making supplies. The range available varies from store to store but typically includes wicks, waxes, molds, dyes, and scents.

Local stores like First Circle Crafts provide a good starting point when sourcing all your candle making supplies. Their extensive selection includes soy wax, paraffin wax, beeswax candles and other specialty products including scent enhancers, tinting gels, dyes, micas and more. They also offer a wide selection of molds in various sizes and styles to suit all kinds of projects.

For those wishing to delve into more complex designs, specialty craft centers like OutSmart Craft Originals can be a great place to find the supplies you need. Their shelves contain unique items such as hand-blended perfumes for making aromatherapy candles and rare pieces like beeswax coiling rods for intricate design techniques. You’ll also find the odd vintage item such as an old-style dipping mold or a hand-thrown spinning disc machine used in traditional wax-rolling techniques – perfect for creating elaborate vessels or ornamental figures from colored wax.

Of course if you’re looking for convenience then online retailers like Wick & Fable could be just the ticket – they supply everything you need to create beautiful handmade candles right from home; powdered dyes in every color imaginable, round DIY glass jars pre-filled with soy wax flakes plus themed melt packs filled with festive scents like cinnamon spice or winter pinecone! Shopping online means easy delivery straight to your doorstep – so you can get crafting without having to leave the house!

How to Safely Use Candle Making Supplies

Candle making can be a great project and an enjoyable hobby, but as with any craft or hobby involving open flames, caution must be taken to prevent potential burns and fires. Before beginning any candle making project involving the use of supplies from Peterborough, Ontario, it’s important to read through all instructions and warning labels. Additionally, we’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide on how to safely use the essential candle making supplies in Peterborough, Ontario.

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1. Gather all necessary materials for your project such as wax, wicks and dyes.

2. Use a suitable container or mold when pouring melted wax into it – never do this onto an unprotected surface such as wood or other combustible material. Make sure that the container is heat resistant and large enough to accommodate the wax at full temperature. For best results when shaping your candles, it’s recommended to use a professional melting pot designed specifically for heating wax without direct contact from open flame or heat source – these are widely available from many candle supply stores in Peterborough, Ontario.

3. Pre-cut your wick(s) – make sure that the length of your wick(s) are appropriate for the depth of your desired container before trimming them to size once secured inside during pouring process (the general rule of thumb is that you should leave about 1 cm extra length than depth of container).

4. Securely glue down wick single wicks with glue – double wicks may require two separate gluing areas (typically centering between both sides of container). Make sure you also properly affix each stick in place by pressing firmly into/onto surface area until fully secure while glue dries evenly around both ends/edges when applicable per design/style/type of set up used depending on project details at hand (e.g., colors/decorations being implemented).

5. Melt your beeswax chips in a double boiler over medium heat – stirring continuously until fully melted before heating up further if additional refinement needed per individual preferences at hand regarding end product desired look/feel expectations (i.e., more viscosity = thicker candles; lower temperatures = smoother finish).

6. Pour melted wax directly into prepared container using glove-protected hands or spring-loaded or scooped tool; making sure not to fill past pre-marked area where applicable (0-0.5cm from top lip/rim is generally considered safe limit standard practice wise overall especially when nonprofessional grade constructions involved).

7 . Allow time for cooling completely– check top periodically via touching metal rod lightly against surface lightly so as not burn fingers–before adding any colorants or decorations during final stage preparations prior burning sessions outdoors adventure quests ensuring quality assurance at end user customer locations usage benefit based options coming through soon enough!

Making Beautiful Candles with Candle Making Supplies

When considering candle making supplies in Peterborough, Ontario, there is no shortage of options. Many craft stores in the area are stocked with a variety of molds and dyes, giving candle makers the ability to create unique, aesthetically pleasing creations.

For those interested in creating candles from scratch, gathering basic supplies such as a wax melting pot and wicks should be the first order. Paraffin wax is one of the most popular bases for candle-making, although soy and beeswax are also widely used as it can produce a richer scent when combined with fragrances. Wicks range from thick wood core varieties to cotton-based types that burn slowly releasing scent over time. Once the wick and wax have been selected, it’s time to choose the colors and scents for the candles. To create unique looks, you may want to consider investing in several types of dyes including liquid dyes and powder pigments that help bring out bold hues when used correctly.

When it comes to scents, you can use essential oils or natural fragrances like lavender or geranium petals to give your candles an appealing aroma while they burn. If you’d prefer something more tropical or fruity you can use synthetic fragrances specifically designed as candle scents – don’t forget to test how much adds just enough scent without overpowering your space! And finally make sure whatever container you’re putting your candles into suits them perfectly – everything from tea cups to mason jars can make perfect holders for them – experiment away!

Advanced Techniques for Candle Making Supplies

Candle making in Peterborough, Ontario, is a rewarding and unique hobby. With all the different kinds of waxes and wicks available to create all sorts of colors, sizes, and styles for your candles, it can be tempting to use large amounts of supplies for each project. While it might seem like the most cost-effective way to make candles, buying more supplies than necessary not only costs more money, but also causes unnecessary waste. By learning some advanced techniques for candle making supplies – such as careful planning or reusing certain materials – you can get the most out of your supplies while saving time and money.

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When purchasing supplies for your candle-making projects, it’s important to plan ahead as much as possible. Choosing corresponding colors and scents that work together can help save money on buying bulk supplies as well as make sure each candle looks like you want it to look when they’re finished. It also helps to pay attention to how much wax or scent you will need per batch so that you know exactly what amount to buy without having too much left over at the end.

Another advanced technique for stretching candle making supplies is repurposing bits and pieces from completed projects into new ones; even something small like an extra piece of dyed wax or a bit of unused scent can add an interesting look or smell element that otherwise would have gone unused. Kept in airtight containers, these smaller is also reusable for upcycling into new creations, giving your old materials a second chance! Additionally, try removing excess dye from used wax with a paper towel after melting down the surplus from previous batches so that it’s ready again when needed.

By following these advanced techniques while shopping for Peterborough candle-making supplies – careful planning and upcycling whatever bits are left over – you should be able to stretch each batch further while still creating beautiful handmade candles that everyone will enjoy!

Cleaning Up Candle Making Supplies

When creating candles at home, it is important to consider how to safely dispose of any excess wax, wicks, or other candle-making supplies. Because some candle-making supplies are petroleum-based products, disposal of these materials can pose a risk to the environment if done improperly. Fortunately, there are several eco-friendly methods for disposing of candle-making supplies in Peterborough Ontario that can minimize this risk and help protect the environment.

One option is to deposit solid materials such as wicks into a trash bin or bag lined with newspaper. This will reduce the chances of the material causing any fires while in transit or while they are being stored. In addition, it is also important to make sure that all used wax and any other liquids or grease from your candle-making session are hardened completely before they are thrown out. Hardening wax and other greases allows them to solidify so that they do not spread through the garbage system and onto streets and sidewalks, which could be a safety hazard for pedestrians.

It is also possible to recycle old candles in Peterborough Ontario. Many municipalities have recycling centers which may accept used candles and related materials labeled properly as “Candle Making Supplies” for reuse or repurposing. Donating unused candle-making supplies like oils for scenting, molds for pouring wax, leftover wax chips, and any other related items can be very helpful in keeping these materials out of landfills.

Finally, you can also seek out ways to safely reuse your used candle wax (and associated materials) around your own home. There are lots of creative craft projects which involve melting leftover wax crayons or recycled wax to make colorful decorations like art pieces and votive holders. You could also invest in a special container specifically designed for collecting excess used wax called a “wax catcher” that pops off after use so the residue doesn’t enter into drains and waterways where it could be harmful to aquatic wildlife.


A great way to get creative and have fun is with candle making supplies from Peterborough, Ontario. Creating your own beautiful homemade candles has many benefits. Making your own candles enables you to accessorize and customize your own creations. You can make them any size, shape, or colour that you desire. Additionally, there are endless scent possibilities so that you can create anything from a calming lavender-scented candle to a vibrant lilac-scented one. With the right candle making supplies Peterborough Ontario, your options are truly limitless. Getting started requires minimal investment and if you stick to it, you may even be able to open up an Etsy shop or host workshops in the future! Invest in some supplies today and let your creativity guide the way!

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