Candle Making Training In Coimbatore

Candle making training in Coimbatore is a popular hobby that has been gaining a lot of interest in the past few years. This type of training is one of the best ways for people who are passionate about creating and selling their own candles to learn all aspects of candle making and to obtain the necessary skills to start their own candle-making business.

With candle making training in Coimbatore, you can take part in hands-on classes, workshops, and online courses which can help you create beautiful candles that will stand out from the competition and be successful in your new venture. The key features and benefits of candle making training in Coimbatore include:

Hands-On Experience: Candle making classes held in Coimbatore allow students to gain an understanding of different techniques such as scent blending, pouring wax into molds, adding wicks, decorating completed projects with ribbons or beads, and packaging them for sale. Experienced instructors walk participants through each step along the way so they can get up to speed on all aspects relating to successful candle production.

Materials & Supplies: Many candle making schools provide participants with basic supplies such as wax, wicks, dyes, vessels etc., allowing everyone to make a variety of unique creations while also giving avoid the hassle of having to purchase ingredients separately. Additionally, schools may have exclusive access to certain materials that can be used for projects or discounts on other supplies such as fragrance oils or special embellishments.

Business Resources & Knowledge: For those attending class looking to turn their passion for candle-making into a viable business endeavor, specialized workshops/courses cover topics such as setting pricing structure, marketing strategies specifically tailored for the craft industry (social media presence etc.), branding design essentials (logos & packaging), legal requirements (business registration & taxes) etc., providing a complete base knowledge needed for any budding entrepreneur.

Whether you’re looking towards turning your love of candles into a career choice or just trying your hand at something creative – candle making training in Coimbatore is definitely something worth trying out.

What to Expect From Candle Making Training In Coimbatore

Candle making training in Coimbatore is an excellent program that teaches the ins and outs of how to craft quality candles. designed for students of all ages, the program is comprehensive and provides valuable experiences to those looking to learn a new hobby or profession. During candle making training, you will learn a diverse variety of skills that are necessary for successful candle-making.

Materials You’ll Learn With Training

One skill taught in this type of class is learning what different types of materials are necessary for candle-making. The materials involved in crafting candles can range from paraffin wax, wicks, scents, coloring agents, earthenware containers, and molds. Mastering the art of understanding the many materials used is pivotal to successful candle-making.

Symmetry In Candle Making

Symmetry plays an important role when it comes to crafting proper candles. Ensuring that they are properly shaped and remain upright while burning is no easy task. During the course you will learn techniques such as tapping wax residues properly on parchment paper or timing your pours perfectly in order to create symmetrical results every time as well as preventing air bubbles from occurring on your product.

Adding Artistic Style To Candles

In addition to using various methods for creating symmetrical results for each candle produced during classes, you will also explore ways to add artistic style to each piece produced. This includes dispensing various amounts and colors of wax which helps form stripes, shapes and symbols; adding glitter or herbs into the mixture; or even attaching items within the melted wax before hardening such as ornamental beads or clay figures.

All these techniques help add artistic flair which makes each piece unique.

Top Locations To Get Candle Making Training In Coimbatore

Coimbatore is known for its vibrant culture and traditional customs. Making of candles is an important aspect of Coimbatore’s culture and has been passed down from generations. Hence, it makes sense to impart the knowledge of candle making to the next generation, so that it can be preserved and appreciated in the years to come.

Many local businesses offer candle making training programs at reasonable costs, but finding quality training is still quite a challenge. If you are looking for quality learning, here are some places in Coimbatore which should definitely consider for your candle making classes:

The ‘Nirmala Arts & Crafts Centre

The Nirmala Arts & Crafts Centre offers professional arts and crafts courses which includes tutorial sessions on candle-making. They have friendly staff who are trained and certified by experts, and will happily guide you throughout your journey into candle-making.

Their teachers conduct one-on-one classes which help students build a good understanding of the nuances involved in wax work artistry. In addition to this, they also help with devising creative candle ideas as well as responding to any queries you may have during your course.

What Is The Best Candle Making Starter Kit?

ABAMAR Certification

ABAMAR stands for ‘Advanced Courses in Art and Design’ Certification and is dedicated to providing high quality courses related to visual arts at very reasonable prices. They offer their services in various parts of India including Coimbatore and offer certification courses in Candle Making among other subjects such as Painting & Mixed Media Artwork etc.

Duration of their courses depend on how much time students would like to invest into studying Candle Making but typically range around 4-6 weeks with one class per week (2 hours each day).

The Cinnabar Academy

The Cinnabar Academy emphasizes on empowering students into creative freedom so that they make handcrafted products according to their unique visions and style. This body offers amateur workshop sessions as well as few other full-time modules such as Advanced Hand crafted Candle Making where trainees learn new techniques, participate in group activities, take up projects etc during their duration here.

Classroom setup is comfortable with all basic amenities being taken care off while modern chairs suitable for long duration sessions help maintain posture ergonomically helping them focus longer during lessons without getting tired. All beginner level starter supplies are already provided by Cinnabar Academy ensuring hassle free learning atmosphere.

Cost and Duration of Candle Making Training In Coimbatore

Candle making is an art form that has been around for centuries and is enjoyed by crafts people and hobbyists alike. Those who want to learn the basics of candle making can enroll in a comprehensive candle making training course in Coimbatore. To make an informed decision, prospective students should consider the cost, duration, and features associated with each program. In this article, we provide a comparison of fees and lengths of different candle making training programs available in Coimbatore.


  • The Heritage Arts Candle Making Training Program for Beginners – INR 15,000
  • Aum Candle Making Classes – INR 10,000
  • Creative Kala Candle Making Workshops – INR 20,000


  • The Heritage Arts Candle Making Training Program for Beginners – 2 months.
  • Aum Candle Making Classes – 1 month.
  • Creative Kala Candle Making Workshops – 4 weeks.


  • The Heritage Arts Candle Making Training Program for Beginners includes 12 sessions covering basics such as types of candles, melting waxes and colour blending. Students are also given hands-on experience in moulding techniques and wick selection. They can also gain insight into selling products online too.
  • Aum Candle Making Classes offers basic instruction on homemaking candles using beeswax, soy wax and other natural materials. They also offer classes focusing on advanced techniques such as etching candles or producing complicated patterns like spiral folds.
  • Creative Kala Candle Making Workshop instructors join participants in creating unique designs with sandcast moulds from raw materials along with add-ons such as fragrance oils or colouring agents into melted wax blends. This workshop gives access to equipment consultations to set up a workshop at home or collaborate with others professionally.

Qualifications Required For Candle Making Training In Coimbatore

Candle making in Coimbatore has become a popular hobby and profession for those interested in learning creative craftsmanship. Candles are traditionally used to provide light and ambiance when electricity is not available, as well as to set the mood of any given space. Therefore, individuals who wish to pursue candle making training in Coimbatore must meet certain qualifications.

The first requirement for candle making training in Coimbatore is that one must have access to the necessary materials and equipment needed for the process. This typically includes wax, wicks, molds, and other essential supplies. However, some classes may also require access to specialized tools or other items that can range from a soldering iron to wax melters. Those interested should check the course curriculum carefully before enrolling.

In addition to materials and equipment, having a delicate eye and great attention to detail also allows for success when it comes to candle making training in Coimbatore. Creating beautiful candles requires knowledge of the principles of design composition and an appreciation of balance and proportion – ensuring everything looks harmonious rather than too busy or haphazardly placed.

Finally, excellent problem-solving skills are instrumental when it comes to resolving any issues that arise during the candlemaking process such as difficulty with molds or broken wicks. Additionally, individuals enrolled in candle making courses should be able to come up with creative solutions on their own – which often involves trial and error coupled with unorthodox experimentation.

Ultimately then, this combination of prerequisite requirements ensures that those attending candlemaking classes will gain valuable insight into crafting beautiful pieces through disciplined practice.

Types of Courses Offered In Candle Making Training In Coimbatore

Of the candle making courses available in Coimbatore, India, there are three types: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The beginner course is taught over a period of four to eight weeks and covers topics such as basics of sculpting candles from wax, adding colors and scents, and working with wicks.

Beginner Course

The beginner course introduces students to the basics of working with wax. It includes instructions on how to make simple shapes like stars or flowers. It also covers the basics of choosing different weights of wax for specific projects and how to work with dyes and scents. Finally, it provides an overview of working with wicks and different types of molds for creating larger sculptures. Additionally, it teaches students safety protocols when working with melted wax and open flames.

Big W Candle Making Kit

Intermediate Course

The intermediate course helps those who have completed the beginner course continue to build their skillset. It focuses more on mastering the methods learned in the first section while introducing new techniques such as making layered votives or tapers as well as learning calligraphy for personalized labels and gift tags. Additionally, it helps provide an understanding of aesthetics; guiding students in arranging pieces in sets for displaying multiple candles together.

Advanced Course

The advanced course picks up where the others left off by teaching intricate techniques. Projects included in this program are typically much more difficult than those taught in previous courses such as carving hollow taper candles that cascade downwards instead of bulging outwards like typical tapers or forming vases or cylinders through adept manipulation of cooled waxes.

In addition, participants learn specialized finishing methods through various wax finishes that add texture without compromising color integrity or structural rigidity; such as appliques, stamping imprints or drips designs – all aimed at artificial aging processes meant to give each piece its own unique character not unlike antiques sourced from auctions around town. }.

The Benefits of Taking Candle Making Training In Coimbatore

As the second largest city in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant economy. It is a place where many individuals seek to hone their craft and develop existing skills.

One craft that has become increasingly popular in recent times is candle making. For those interested in taking this skill to a professional level, Candle Making Training in Coimbatore offers a unique opportunity to gain skills, knowledge and experience that could open up new career pathways.

The art of candle making involves an intricate understanding of wax types, dyeing techniques, essential oil usage and the utilization of aromatic fragrances. This means practitioners must have detailed knowledge of each material used so they can craft complex designs with integrity. By taking part in training courses such as Candle Making Training in Coimbatore, aspiring professionals are able to get an immersive experience which can boost the quality of their product range significantly.

Apart from clearly defined technical competencies gained during coursework, significant progress can be made towards developing industry connections with both suppliers and potential customers of candle making products. This kind of networking puts individuals at an advantage when it comes to setting up new operations or maintaining them for long-term success while also introducing them to other artists who may provide guidance throughout the journey.

Moreover, since these workshops are hands-on, participants get a chance to apply what was taught without any pressure or expectations leading contributors to build strong foundational skillsets before starting operations right away if needed.

All things considered, taking part in Candle Making Training In Coimbatore provides many exciting benefits such as honing creative talent, gaining practical knowledge from industry experts and connecting with other budding entrepreneurs which makes it well worth a participant’s time and effort. For those who have ambitions goals related to creating marketable options by crafting custom candles; this type of training allows them greater control over how they design their products for improved customer satisfaction every single time.


Candle making is an incredibly rewarding and creative activity, and it is no wonder that the hobby is growing in popularity. Taking a candle making training course in Coimbatore will help you learn everything there is to know about this enjoyable craft. You’ll gain valuable tips, techniques and advice from experienced professionals who have years of practical experience in this field. With the knowledge gained, you can start creating your own unique candles with confidence.

For those looking to get started, purchasing the appropriate candle making supplies is an important first step. An experienced instructor will be able to provide you with information on what materials you need for your project and where to purchase them.

In addition, they can teach you about various design techniques that can be used to create different effects with your candle creations. Attending a class like this can also give you insight into common mistakes made by new candle makers so that you can avoid them as you progress.

Furthermore, taking a candle making class gives individuals access to experts who can answer any questions that come up during the process. You will be able to troubleshoot any issues while learning how best to use the various tools available and explore different ideas related to projects you want to try out in the future.

Ultimately, taking a candle making training course in Coimbatore is a great way not only to hone your craft but also further develop your creativity potential.

Finally some helpful advice for anyone starting out: Always remember that patience and practice are key when it comes to making candles of high quality – safety should always be of paramount importance when using hot wax or other equipment such as melting pots or wicks. Do plenty of research beforehand so that your work looks professional from start finish, and don’t forget – have fun while doing it.

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