Making Bsam Candles

Making Bsam Candles – Crafting Candles Like a Pro

Candles are timeless decorations that make a statement in any room. It isn’t just about the illumination, but about the ambience and feeling it instills in those who view it. What better way to give a unique feel than to make your own unique Bsam candles? Here’s how to do it like a pro!

What You Need to Get Started

  • Candle wicking

  • Molds
  • Beeswax
  • Essential oils or fragrance oils
  • Dyes (optional)
  • Double boiler
  • Metal scoop
  • Measuring cup
  • Glue gun

Getting Ready to Make Bsam Candle

  • To ensure your candle is reliable and able to withstand burning for a long time, you should use a double boiler to melt the beeswax.
  • Start by adding the beeswax into the double boiler and set the heat on low to medium.
  • Heat and stir the beeswax regularly with a metal scoop to prevent burning and to allow thorough melting under a controlled environment.
  • After the beeswax has melted and the liquid is transparent, turn off the heat. You should then let the beeswax cool down to the desired temperature.

Adding Fragrance & Coloring

  • Once the beeswax has cooled to the required temperature, you can add the essential or fragrance oil of your choice.
  • Pour a measured amount of the oil into the beeswax and stir it with a metal scoop to ensure proper blending. Depending on the scent, you may need to add more oil until you are satisfied. However, too much of the oil can cause the candle to be weak and unable to produce any scent.
  • If you would like to dye your candle, add a few drops of dye into the beeswax and mix until you achieve the desired color.

Assembly & Pouring

  • Insert the wick into the wick holder and insert the holder into the chosen mold.
  • The wick should extend from the bottom of the mold and have some length sticking out from the top so that it is easier to light.

  • For best results, secure the wick in place with a glue gun.
  • Pour the beeswax into the mold, up to the desired level.
  • Let the candle sit overnight in a cool, dry place.

Finishing Up

  • Once the candle is completely cool and hardened, you can remove it from the mold.
  • Cut the wick to the desired length.
  • Enjoy your unique Bsam candles!

You can bring your own sense of style and creativity to the table with your Bsam candles by using unique colors and fragrances or by adding decorative touches such as glitter or rhinestones. You can now show off your amazing DIY candles to family and friends, and you have your own signature look.

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