Making Crystals Candle Holder


Making crystals candle holder is a fun and creative way to add a unique decorative touch to any room in your home. These holders are typically made from various crystals such as quartz, jasper, agate, amethyst, and other semi-precious stones. They can come in various shapes and sizes, as well as various colors, enabling you to find the perfect design for your space. Whether you enjoy a modern/contemporary look or a more traditional look, these candle holders will easily blend in with any decor. You may even choose to create a custom piece by assembling different crystal shapes and sizes. These candle holders also make great gifts that are sure to be appreciated.

Gather the Supplies

In order to make a crystals candle holder, you need certain supplies. It’s best to purchase these supplies from a local craft store, as they often have a wide variety of products suitable for this type of project. Alternatively, many of the materials can be found online and ordered. The required supplies include glass jars or containers (preferably clear), crystal beads or stones, candle wax (in any color desired), wick tabs, wicking material, glue gun, and hot glue sticks.

Prep the Materials

Prep the materials for making a crystals candle holder requires several steps. Begin by selecting a clean, dry piece of wood and sanding it both before and after painting with a fine-grit sandpaper. This will make the finished surface smooth to the touch once dried. Once that is done, lightly rub the piece down with a tack cloth to remove all of the dust created from sanding. Next, use a paint brush or spray paint to coat the wood with two or three even layers of paint. Allow each layer to fully dry before applying the next. Finish up prepping by adding an additional layer of clear coat sealant as this will help preserve your design in the future.

Assemble the Candle Holder

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

Gather a glass container, hot glue gun, and wire to make the candle holder.

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Step 2: Cut the Wire

The wire should be cut into two 10-inch pieces. Bend each piece in half so that they are both 5 inches long. This will give it an arch shape.

Step 3: Connect the Wire Together

Attach one end of each piece of wire to itself using a glue gun. Make sure they overlap and create an arch shape again. You should now have two arched wires that are stuck together at one end (see image).

Step 4: Attach to the Glass Container
Use the hot glue gun to attach the arches of wired onto each other side of the glass container (see image). Press firmly for about 30 seconds until it sets in place.

Step 5: Add Candle

Insert your chosen candle into the top of the glass container where the wire is attached (see image).

Customizing The Candle Holder

Making homemade crystal candle holders can be a fun and unique DIY project that adds personality to your home. To customize Candle Holders, consider adding in semi-precious stones. These can not only provide extra sparkle and color, but also have some healing qualities when used in holistic therapy. For example, a piece of rose quartz could add an element of love and peace, or a lapis lazuli stone for wisdom, truth, and knowledge. Charms can also be added to the holder for a more whimsical look – try using charms with animals or natural elements like flowers as part of the design. Alternatively, you could opt to attach pendants or dangles that represent a special meaning or important memory like a country flag representing your family heritage.

Finishing Touches

Sealing the candle holder: depending on the glue and sealant you used, sealing should take about 5-10 minutes. You can tell when the seal is complete when the glue or sealant is dry to the touch.

Polishing: When polishing your crystal candle holder, make sure to do so gently. Start by using a small amount of polish with a soft cloth. Spend several minutes buffing out any scratches or residues until you’re happy with the shine. Continue polishing until there are no more smudges, smears, or residue on your crystals (this may take 10-15 minutes).

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Benefits of Making It Yourself

Making a crystal candle holder is a great way to use your creativity to produce something beautiful and unique. Crafting your own candle holder allows you to fully express yourself in how you choose to design and decorate the piece. Doing a creative activity provides unlimited potential for great satisfaction and the feeling of accomplishment when the finished product is complete.

Spending time on creative activities encourages a sense of mindfulness, providing an escape from everyday life and giving focus to something positive and rewarding. Crafting can also help with productivity; it encourages concentration, helping you to stay focused while alleviating stress and providing a great break form any daily tasks or worries. It’s also been suggested that creative activities can improve mental health and general wellbeing, giving your mind clarity and space to breathe, resulting in increased self-esteem.


At this point, your homemade crystal candle holder is ready to be displayed in your home. To learn more about crystals, candle holders, and crafting in general, it may be helpful to visit some websites that provide detailed information on those topics. Here are two recommended websites:

1) The Crystal Council’s online guide contains information on the history and significance of different crystals and how they can be used for healing.

2) Candlelight Crafts is a website dedicated to all things related to candles and candle making including tutorials, videos, tips and ideas.

3) For general crafting tutorials, advice and project ideas you can check out DIY Network which provides useful resources for do-it-yourself craft enthusiasts.

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