Making Metal Candle Holders


Making metal candle holders can be a great hobby that brings an artistic flare to your home. Not only is it good for interior décor, but it also allows you to create unique items of your own design. Plus, you get the benefit of doing a craft that has been around for centuries.

This type of crafting involves welding and other metal work techniques. Safety is always important with this kind of project, so be sure to wear proper protective equipment such as glasses, gloves, and clothing when working with sharp tools and hot metal.

You will need some basic tools like a blowtorch, welder and grinding wheel along with some supplies like steel rod and rods for welding. Be sure to find all the necessary materials before starting any projects. To make one of these holders, start by cutting the steel rod into manageable pieces and then forming them into your desired shapes. Then connect the edges with the welder or blowtorch until everything comes together in just the right way.

Be creative when making your designs – use textured rods or decorative finishes to really stand out! Finally, ensure that all fixtures are seated properly so the candle holder is strong and stable. Once complete, you’ll have accomplished a fun project that looks great in any space!

Gather Supplies and Tools

To make metal candle holders, you’ll need a few supplies and tools. Choose the type of metal you want to use. This can be copper, aluminum, stainless steel, or brass. You will also want to collect the necessary tools like a hammer or mallet, pliers and wire cutters, drill and taps with drill bits, sheetmetal shears and nibbling tool. Besides the materials and tools you will use for your project, protective gear is also essential to protect yourself from sharp edges and from possible eye damage due to sparks that may fly off when drilling or cutting metal. Make sure you have clear glasses with clear lens for more precise cuts and measurements. Once you have your supplies gathered, it’s time to look for a space where the process can take place —a workshop is ideal if available. The area should have proper ventilation since there are likely fumes given off during soldering or any grinding work that can be done on your metals pieces.

Explore Different Designs

Making metal candle holders can be a fascinating and rewarding experience. Many novice craftspeople find it exciting to work with different metals and shapes to create something truly unique and of their own design. Consider doing research on the web or historical websites to find unique shapes, designs, and other locations that offer pieces that may not have been thought of previously. You can purchase readymade items from specialty craft stores as well, if you’re looking for some inspiration. Of course, you could look around your local town or city for interesting collections in antique stores or perhaps even through flea markets. Don’t forget those weird hardware shops either; they might have oddly shaped metals that you could use for a totally different type of candleholder. Additionally, metals commonly used for candleholders include copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, silver, gold and palladium. Finally, don’t underestimate the beauty of glass holders as well since by combining both glasses and metals you can make stunning works of art with candles!

Working with Metal

Metal candle holders can be a unique, eye-catching addition to any home decor. Making candle holders out of metal requires an understanding of the various cutting, bending, and forming processes.

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Before starting, it is important to know what type of metal and tools you need. Some metals are easier to work with than others so it is important to choose carefully. Tools commonly used include saws (like band saws or jigsaws), hammers, and pliers. It may also be helpful to have a mallet handy for tapping and shaping the metal into its desired form.

Once all the appropriate tools have been assembled, taking proper safety precautions is key before beginning the process. Make sure that all sharp edges or rough surfaces are covered with protective clothing or goggles; earplugs may also be necessary if working with power tools like saws.

Then it’s time to start! Begin by measuring and cutting the metal into individual pieces using a saw or shears depending on hardness of material. If needed, observe which grain of metal will look better when bent – this can affect the finished product significantly. Ensure that each piece is measured precisely in order to create uniform shapes throughout the entire project. Bend the metal according to preference – some metals will require heating before they are malleable enough for bending with hand tools like pliers – and then join pieces together by brazing; if this isn’t possible welding technologies like gas welding should be considered instead.

Upon completion of assembly, use files and sandpapers to smooth out irregularities along both inner and outer surfaces as well as tap rivets where necessary in order to avoid potential accidents from occurring due to loose parts or sharp edges.. After taking care of these details your candle holder should now be ready for use!

Finishing the Candle Holders

Sanding: Sanding is an important step when finishing metal candle holders. It removes any sharp edges and smoothens the surface of the metal. It is also important to remove any dirt, grease or oil that may have stuck to the metal during the manufacturing process. Different types of sandpaper are available and should be selected depending on the material being sanded (e.g., steel, aluminum). A coarse grit should be used initially, with finer grits added as needed until the desired degree of smoothness is achieved.

Polishing: After sanding, you can use polishing compounds or buffing wheels to bring out a glossy shine in your metal candle holder. The choice of polishing compound depends on the type of metal – brass requires different compounds than steel, for example. Apply a small amount of your chosen compound to a cloth and then buff it into your metal item until you achieve a satisfactory level of shine.

Coloring: To add color to your metal candle holders, you can use either chemical patina processes or non-toxic dyes designed specifically for metals like copper and brass. Patinas yield greenish tones while dyes can offer a variety of colors in both solids and fades. Test each option on a sample piece before applying it to your final project for best results.

Painting Techniques: The most popular painting techniques for metal candlesticks are powder coating and airbrushing. Powder coating involves using an electrostatic charge to “powder” colored paint particles onto the item where they melt together after heating in an oven or kiln chamber, resulting in an even layer that adheres well over time without needing top coats or sealants. Airbrushing offers good precision by allowing you to apply sprayed paint onto your pieces with specialized equipment that provides more direct control over colors and patterns than any other setting options

Creative Uses

Decorations: If you’re looking to add a touch of beauty and style to your home, metal candle holders are the perfect choice. Whether placed in a living room on an end table, or as a feature piece in the entryway – metal candle holders can really make a statement. To create an even more dramatic effect try grouping several different sizes and shapes together.

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Gift Ideas: Metal candle holders also make great gifts for friends and family. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles so there’s sure to be something that will suit everyone’s taste. For a unique gift idea, why not combine a metal candle holder with personalised candles? This would be ideal for birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions.

Holiday Decor: During the holiday season metal candle holders can liven up any space with their festive cheer. Place them strategically around your home on tables or shelves and they will look fantastic while being practical too! If used outdoors hung from a string of twinkle lights they could make an impressive festive display that catches the eye of passers-by. Alternatively, if you want them to blend into the environment more use them alongside existing decorations such as garlands or wreaths for a completed look.

Activities and Projects

Projects and activities involving metal candle holders can offer a variety of ways to learn and explore the art of metalwork. Metalwork contests, such as those held by metalsmith associations and other craft-related organizations, are a great way for talented metalsmiths to compete and show off their work. Craft nights and DIY lessons can introduce beginners to the basics of metalworking, including working with different metals, using tools, and fabricating pieces into something functional. For inspiration, people in the metalworking community often post photos of the custom candle holders they have made. Candle holders can come in many shapes and sizes and can range from ornate chandeliers to minimalist modern designs. They often incorporate interesting techniques such as soldering, folding, chasing, etching or filing which all involve creative skill. Ultimately there is no limit to what one can create when it comes to making a lovely candle holder out of metal!


Congratulations! You have learned how to make your very own metal candle holders. With a few simple tools and a bit of patience, you can create beautiful items for display or gifts for friends. By choosing the right type of metal and carefully crafting each piece, you can make stunning pieces that will surely impress.

When making metal candle holders, it is important to use the correct type of sheet metal for your specific project. Aluminum and copper are commonly used as they are both lightweight and durable but brass can also be used if desired. After selecting your preferred material, measure and cut the sheet into the desired shape using a saw or scissors. Once cut, use electric files to smooth off any sharp edges before continuing with fabrication. Use rivets or screws to join all elements together and finally attach a base if needed.

When painting your finished product, remember to follow safety instructions listed on the of the materials you are using. Additionally, apply several coats to ensure adequate protection against rusting over time. To finish off your projects always consider adding decorative details like beads or jewelers wax to add flair and uniqueness.

With these tips in mind and some practice you will become an expert at creating gorgeous metal candle holders for any occasion! Whether used as decoration pieces or as gifts, these homemade artworks will make lasting memories for those who receive them from you!

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