Beginner Gel Candle Making Kit


Have you ever had an idea that excites you, something that you would love to make but don’t know where to start? A Beginner Gel Candle Making Kit could be your answer. It’s geared towards a novice crafter and provides everything needed to craft beautiful, fragrant candles.

Getting Started – Explain what it contains

This Beginner Gel Candle Making Kit comes with 12 colorful gel candle tins, 7 scents of concentrated gel wax, 7 wicks with metal basalplates and 7 warning labels. The detailed step-by-step start-up guide will walk you through each step of the candle making process ” from preparing the wax to having your first completed candle. With this kit, anyone can learn how to make gorgeous, ornamental candles for gifts or home décor! Besides being oh-so-lovely, these handcrafted candles last long since gel candles burn slower than standard paraffin ones.

Final Words – End on an inspirational note
Your candles will be the envy of family and friends alike when they see the creations that you have made using these wonderful ingredients and the helpful guide! So why not try this amazing kit out today and let your imagination soar!

Benefits of Making Gel Candles

One of the main benefits of making gel candles is that they are an all-natural way to add a pleasant scent to your home without burning potentially toxic synthetic fragrances and chemicals. Gel candles allow you to enjoy approved essential oils and natural extracts, such as cinnamon, lavender, peppermint, citrus, and many more. When you burn all-natural gel candles, you can rest assured knowing that no toxins or artificial fragrances are being dispersed into your home or workspace.

In addition to the health benefits of burning all-natural gel candles, they also produce a longer burn time than traditional wax candles. Wax candles only have a limited burning duration due to their ingredients whereas with gel candles; you may get up to twice the burn time compared to wax depending on the specific candle produced. Also, since the wick is usually situated at the bottom of the candle for best results in safety with respect to children or pets; this also helps keep costs down over time instead of needing frequent replacement purchases of wax products.

Lastly, Beginner Gel Candle Making Kit will provide individuals an easy route into becoming creative and crafty while producing items which could assist others in both creativity and mental health wellbeing benefits – i.e.; clarity & calmness while creating beautiful creations to bring joy and peace into your family’s lives

Different Types of Beginner Gel Candle Making Kits

A beginner gel candle making kit is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to make their own beautiful gel candles with ease. A starter kit typically includes plenty of supplies and tools to create basic or even more advanced projects. Depending on the type of kit, it may range from simple votives or tapers to intricate layered designs with quirky shapes. Many kits also feature scent oils, wicks, waxes, molds, and much more so that you can let your creativity run wild in designing truly unique candles.

Various types of beginner kits are available that each offer something special. For example, many kits have specialized themes such as large candles designed for impressive tabletops displays or fun novelty shapes that make great gifts for birthdays and other occasions. Other kits come with a variety of scents like lavender and jasmine to ensure an indulgent experience when burning them. In addition, pre-measured wax splattering kits allow users to get creative by adding swirled layers of color into the final design.

Supplies Included in a Beginner Gel Candle Making Kit

Most beginner gel candle making kits will come with all the supplies needed to get started. A typical kit will include:

-Gel wax pellets: These are the base material used to make your candles and come in a variety of colors, transparent and opaque.

Kids Candle Making Kit With Melter

-Double boiler: A double boiler is necessary to safely melt the gel wax pellets without burning them.

-Container for molding: You can choose from a variety of containers such as glass jars, tins, or molds to create your candles. You’ll need a heatproof container that can withstand high temperatures.

-Thermometer: To ensure the best results, you’ll need to use a thermometer to keep track of the temperature of the melted gel wax so it has enough time to fuse together and form into shape.

-Fragrance or essential oils: Fragrance or essential oils add scent to your candles ” choose from a wide selection of fragrances or go fragrance-free if preferred.

-Wick fixer: This is an optional item but very helpful for wick holders that require extra support during set up. Using this allows you to have more control over how fast your candle melts and also helps give each candle an even burn rate.

Some sources for these items include Amazon (links), Hobby Lobby (link) and Michaels (link).

Steps for Making a Gel Candle

1. Begin by gathering all the materials required, including:
-Gel wax: A special type of wax specifically designed for gel candles, as opposed to other types of wax such as soy or paraffin.
-Gel container: There are many different types of containers that are available, from tins to glasses. Choose one that will look great with your candle design!
-Candle Wick & Sustainers: Make sure to choose a wick that is sized appropriately for the container you have chosen and then attach the sustainer on top. It helps keep the wick in place during burning once the gel wax has been heated and poured.
-Fragrance & Colorants: Adding these gives your gel candle an amazing scent and/or color! You can also use just one or the other or neither. You may opt not to use fragrance oils if you prefer an unscented candle.
-Funnel & Squeeze Bottle (optional): These are optional but handy tools that make pouring the liquid gel easier and neater.
-Ladle or Pitcher (optional): This makes transferring the hot liquid wax easier and reduces any spills that may occur if using a funnel or squeeze bottle.

2. Heat the Gel Wax Slowly: The melting point temperature of gel wax varies depending on what type it is; in general it’s lower than regular paraffin wax so it should be heated slowly in order to avoid any cracking or yellowing during use. Place your wax into a suitable container then either microwave it for short periods at a time (checking regularly) or use a double boiler method for more even heating over longer period of times.
-Alternative Technique // Tip ” Consider tempering the Gel Wax before working with it particularly when coloring your gel candles ” this will help achieve even more vibrant & consistent colors when set and burns within each candle made!

3. Prepare Container & Wick(s): Push the wick through your preselected wick sustainer then anchor into bottom of container using glue dots, melted wax, clay, etc…Make sure you leave enough space between each sustainer if using multiple wicks per container so they don’t touch each other while burning.

4. Pour Heated Gel Wax Into Container: Before doing this however, add your selected ingredients such as fragrance oil(s) colorant(s), glitter etc…to ensure all materials disperse evenly throughout the entire batch should you decide not to mix them separately before pouring instead directly into each individual vessel/container! Using a ladle, pitcher or any suitable container carefully pour desired amount/depth/degree into jar/glass/tin making sure wick stays upright in center until fully cooled and set – then trim away excess forming lines from webbing effect indicating level reached prior to cool down has occurred!

5 .Enjoy Your Beautiful Creation!: Allow cooling time varies according to size of jar used etc., for safety reasons wait at least 24 hours post setting before attempting usage by gently lighting candle’s wick making sure it is secure against glass wall beforehand preventing accidental extinguishing upon first try causing leaking debris subsequent clean up maintenance chore!! Congratulations on making a new beautiful Gel Candle!.

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Safety Tips for Making Gel Candles

Safety is of the utmost importance when making gel candles. To ensure your safety, it is important to follow a few key safety tips:

1. When melting the candle wax, always use a double boiler system or an electric melting pot. Avoid using direct heat sources such as stoves and hot plates as these can cause wax to combust or form dangerous fumes.

2. Take all necessary precautions when dealing with fire and open flames while burning gel candles. It is recommended to keep flammable items away from lit candles, ensuring that they are kept away from furniture, drapery, paper or wooden surfaces to avoid contact with fire or wax splashes.

3. Keep all vessel glasses used in making gel candles away from children’s reach and always cover them with lids to prevent any potential danger. Respectful handling of the glass vessels at ALL times is necessary due to their potential risk for breaking during usage and storage.

4. Handle with caution additional embellishments such as ribbons and decorations used to decorate the gel candles since these can present a choking hazard for small children and animals should they be commingled with the wax before it sets in place.

5. Make sure that you are aware of your surroundings when burning gel candles in general so you can quickly blow it out if needed as an emergency response measure (e.g., sparks happening near flammable materials). Lastly, always extinguish your candle when leaving the room that it resides in – never leave a candle burning unattended!

Where to Buy a Beginner Gel Candle Making Kit

The perfect way to get started in gel candle-making is by purchasing a beginner gel candle making kit. These kits contain all the necessary components to help you craft beautiful, unique and intricate gel candles. You can find them in craft supply stores, online shops, or other retail outlets.

Getting started is as easy as finding the right kit for you! Here are a few of our favorite places to purchase a beginner’s gel candle making kit:

• Michaels Crafts – Michaels offers their Beginner’s Candle Making Kit with everything you need from wax to wicks and scents. Check their site or your local store for discount codes!

• Joann ” Joann offers a similar range of beginner-friendly kits with all the pieces you need to make several candles in different sizes and fragrances. Use their coupons and discounts when shopping around!

• CreateforLess Store ” The CreateforLess store has an amazing selection of different size candle supplies that will have you creating professional quality candles at home! Get 10% off your order with promo code “candles2010”.

• Online Supplies – For an even bigger selection on items like fragrance oils, molds, and accessories; searching online stores such as wholesalesoycandles and candleboutique can provide great results and competitive prices. Plus if you sign up for their loyalty programs; you could stand to save even more money!


This Beginner Gel Candle Making Kit is a great way to get started with your candle making journey. This kit provides everything you need to make beautiful candles in the comfort of your own home. With this kit, you will receive step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow tutorials so that you can learn how to make your own, customized candles. By having this kit, all you need is an imagination and some practice, and you will have gorgeous gel candles that can light up any room or space. So take the first step towards being a master of candle-making by getting this beginner gel candle making kit today.

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