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Making your own candles can be both fun and rewarding. And with the right tools, supplies, and knowledge, you can create professional-quality candles in the comfort of your own home. One common tool used for candle making is a glue dot roller. A glue dot roller contains small adhesive dots that easily and quickly adhere to a variety of surfaces. This makes them ideal for adhering wicks, labels, and other decorations to your candle containers. In today’s article, we’ll uncover the versatility of these glue dot rollers for candle making and review some of the best glue dots currently on the market.

Versatility is one major advantage that makes glue dots great for candle making projects. Glue dots come in various sizes, shapes, and weights which allow you to customize the look and feel of each project while also providing increased durability when compared to traditional glues or hot glue guns. Additionally, because they are designed to easily cling to most surfaces without creating any messes or leaving behind residue like traditional glues might do, they make it easy to complete intricate design work on projects ranging from wax seals on tins or boxes to finishing touches for mason jars or votive cups.

When selecting your glue dot rollers for candle making projects, there are several things you want to consider before committing to purchase. The main factor is the size and weight rating”look at what kind of surface you’ll be attaching each adhesive dot too as this will determine how much stickiness it needs in order to remain secure after application. Furthermore, check out reviews online regarding quality control as there have been reports by consumers of poor stickiness or lack of adhesion amongst some brands so reputability should be taken into account when deciding on your purchase. Lastly, it would also be useful to read up on customer experience with regards to their satisfaction after using particular brands; not all products may suit every style preference so take extra caution before committing!

What Do Glue Dots Do?

Glue dots are a versatile adhesive product that can be used to secure and attach a variety of materials together. In the context of candle making, these dots provide a strong bond that won’t break or come loose over time, though they usually require more effort than a liquid adhesive when applying. Glue dots may be used in place of hot glue to hold wicks in place, keeping them securely attached to the bottom of the candle container. They’re also well-suited for permanently adhering items like decorations or embellishments to the outside of candles, such as labels or glitter designs. Glue dots offer a quick and easy way to position and adhere objects without worrying if it will hold long-term.

Glue Dots

Glue Dots are a great choice when it comes to making candles. Not only do they bond securely and quickly, but they also provide excellent adhesive strength for both hard and soft surfaces. With the ability to create strong bonds suitable for items like an ornamental shell or a wax decoration, Glue Dots can be used in a variety of candle making applications. What sets Glue Dots apart from other adhesives available is that the dots are non-foaming which means there’s no mess involved ” no wet, stringy-gooey substance that could potentially ruin your candle design. Since Glue Dots stick immediately on contact, they won’t transfer any of their adhesive onto neighboring pieces of wax work or decorations so you can keep your candle designs neat and organized without fear of having them stick to unwanted places! Furthermore, Glue Dots allow you to assemble complex components rapidly with confidence so you can spend less time fixing mistakes or imperfections and more time admiring your finished product. So, the next time you need an adhesive that allows you to confidently connect delicate elements while providing a secure hold, make sure to turn to Glue Dots ” your wish is our command!

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Different Glue Dot Options for Candle Making

For candle makers, there are a wide variety of professional-grade glue dots that can provide strong and durable hold on pieces of wick, as well as help create intricate candle designs. Glue dots come in different types, ranging from permanent to removable.

The most popular glue dots for candle making are the double-sided permanent glue dots, which are easy to use and provide an almost instant bond between the materials being glued together. These high-strength secure adhesive spots also resist moisture which helps protect candles from excessive heat exposure.

Removable Glue Dots are ideal for temporary applications where re-positioning may be required. These allow you to stick materials then easily peel them off without residue or damage to the material surface after cooling. They retain their strength even when heated slowly up to 350 degrees Celsius.

Foam padding Glue Dots are usually used by candle makers when creating layered designs or adding wax chips or embeddents into candles. These bonded foam features pressure sensitive adhesives on both sides and have excellent bond strength even in cold temperatures or wet environments. This type of adhesive is also resistant to burning, so it adds another layer of protection for candles that will be used for long periods of time.

For those looking for a safe option, there’s Hot Melt Glue in stick form that sticks instantly and dries quickly with just a few seconds of exposure to direct heat. It is commonly used in place of windings on large jars and other containers where traditional binders won’t work because of the shape or size restrictions of the container itself. Hot melt glue provides strong grips at high temperatures as well as robust adhesion that lasts indefinitely over a wide range of temperatures commonly found in both indoor and outdoor settings (over 130 degrees Celsius).

What to Look for When Buying Glue Dots for Candle Making

When buying glue dots for candle making, there are a few factors to consider. First, the type of glue dot you need should match the surface(s) you will be attaching. If your surfaces are abrasive and/or curved, then find a quality durable adhesive that can handle these surfaces. Second, if your project is large or delicate, look for a glue dot designed specifically for those applications. Third, select an appropriate size and strength adhesive that meets your desired end-result. Fourth, pay attention to long-term results and permanence; if you want your candles to last through multiple burnings and removals, then an ultra “permanent type of glue dot is ideal due to it’s resistance to moisture and heat. Lastly, research the product’s safety qualities; some glues may not be safe for candle use due to their chemical composition. Spend time researching each adhesive brand’s pros and cons before deciding on one that’s right for you.

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How to Apply and Use Glue Dots for Candle Making

Glue dots, also known as hot glue dots, are a valuable addition to your candle making supplies. They are easy to use and can lend both structure and decorative design to your finished product. Here’s how you can get the most out of this versatile material:

Applying Glue Dots: Applying glue dots is fairly straightforward. Start with a clean candle-making surface, then use a pair of fine tweezers to remove the desired dot from its sheet. Place the dot exactly where it needs to be placed on your vessel or wick carefully. Apply heat to the glue dot (using an appropriate tool such as a heat gun) for approximately 4-6 seconds if necessary for securing extra heavy items or if you have chosen to create an adhesive bond between two surfaces. Once secure and cool, repeat process with remaining items as required for your designs.

Uses for Glue Dots: The possibilities are endless; glue dots may be used to fasten items like charms, flowers, seashells and more onto candles. They can also help secure wicks in place while they dry after stringing them through containers before filling with wax or encasing with resin. Peel and stick type permanent adhesive dots can be used instead of tacks or nails when affixing wooden wicks into place in molds such as tealight capsules or shot containers. Finally, they may even come in handy when displaying products at craft fairs by providing an adhesive back so that your cards remain firmly attached against any display board sold at these types of events!


As candle making becomes increasingly popular, so does the use of Glue Dots in the candle-making process. Glue Dots can be used toattach wicks to containers, add color and texture to candles, create sophisticated candle holders and decorate them with embellishments. The glue dots are also ideal for gluing wax paper (or parchment paper) over molten wax ” essential for helping to prevent spills during pouring.

Using Glue Dots for Candle Making provides a secure bond and is considerably easier than using traditional metal fastening clips which can be time-consuming and difficult to work with. Furthermore, because Glue Dots are heat safe, there’s no need to worry about the adhesive melting or losing its strength when exposed to high temperatures produced by the melted wax. In order for you achieve successful results with glue dots for your next candle making project, it is important that you select the right type of Glue Dot product that meets your specific needs ” i.e., depending on texture or size needed you may want to opt for Standard Strength Glue Dots, Super High Tack Glue Dots, Ultra Thin Glue Dots etc.

The end result will be worth the effort since successful candle making requires virtually zero mess and maximum adhesion – both of which can easily be achieved by utilizing the enhanced adhesive qualities of Glue Dot products. Armed with this knowledge when crafting your next candle making project you can rest assured that all components will remain securely in place resulting in higher quality candles than ever before!

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