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Heat guns are an invaluable tool for candle making, as their high temperatures allow precise and efficient shaping of wax and other materials. By using a heat gun’s adjustable temperature settings, candle makers can fine-tune their shapes and sizes to create the perfect candle. In addition to working with wax, heat guns can also be used in combination with plastic, silicone, thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and other popular materials for creating a variety of candles. Heat guns offer many creative possibilities when it comes to creating custom candles; from shaped figurines to intricate sculptures and décor items. With the right temperature control settings and safety precautions, the combinations of materials used in various projects can bring a unique look that contributes to a more enriched experience in craft production.

Types of Heat Guns

There are two main types of heat guns that can be used for candle making. The first is a utility heat gun, which as the name entails, can be used in various applications. These have dual temperature settings, so they allow you to adjust the amount of heat applied to the candle-making project at hand to achieve the desired result. Utility heat guns are also more affordable than specialty tools and can be used for other diy projects as well.

The second type of heat gun which may be best for candle making is a culinary torch or crème brulee torch. This type of Heat Gun is specifically designed to reach higher temperatures (up to 2400F) with a narrower stream of air that gives better control over where the heated air is focused. Food grade torches also make it easier to apply heat without burning or melting your wax products – a definite plus when trying to make candles!

Selection Criteria

1. Temperature Range: A heat gun for candle making should have a wide temperature range so you can quickly and accurately adjust the heat applied to your candles. The higher the temperature range, the wider variety of waxes and molds you will be able to work with.

2. Number of Heat Settings: Choose a heat gun with multiple heat settings so you are able to properly adjust the temperature output for your project. Having different levels of heat enables you to be creative with your candles, whether you’re melting wax for dipping wicks, or slowly liquefying resin for pouring into a mold.

3. Speed Control: For advanced candle makers, look for a heat gun that includes speed control over how quickly the gun heats up and cools off from a constant temperature setting which is useful when working with fragile materials like bubble wrap and parchment paper which need very subtle adjustments in temperature during application.

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4. Nozzle Design: Make sure you choose a model that has an appropriate nozzle design with sufficient air circulation so as to not burn off any wick material as it’s being heated or burned away when lit once cooled.

5. Flexible Hose Attachment Point: If desired, look for models that have an optional flexible hose attachment point that can be used to make detailed curved designs while heating wax directly in candle molds without worrying about having to hold it in place manually. This feature allows you to angle or direct the air flow precisely where needed without forcing you to move your arm back and forth constantly like traditional hand-held guns do which reduces wrist weariness during long projects.

Heat Gun Reviews

When it comes to the best heat gun for candle making, there are several good ones out there. The Wagner Warm-Up Heat Gun is a popular option due to its lightweight design and adjustable temperature setting. This tool has multiple airflow settings that allow it to meet a variety of needs and heats up quickly, making it ideal for candle making, paint stripping, and more. The Black & Decker BDH2000L Heat Gun is another great option as it offers even more temperature settings than the Wagner and features comfort grip handles that make using it easier. It also has an extra long cord which makes using it even simpler. Finally, the Dewalt D26950K is the ultimate heat gun for candle makers who don’t want to worry about cords or air flow settings. It has precision control settings that make creating candles quick and easy without taking up your time messing around with adjustments and settings. So no matter what your needs are when choosing a heat gun for candle making there is something out there for everyone!

Usage Tips and Safety Considerations

When using a heat gun for candle making, the user should be aware of the safety risks associated with the use of any type of tool. Due to the potentially hazardous nature of hot air, protective gloves and eyewear must be worn at all times when using a heat gun. Additionally, users should ensure that the workspace is well-ventilated, both to prevent fumes from accumulating and also because a powerful heat gun can cause severe burns.

When selecting a heat gun for candle making, it’s important to choose one that meets your specific needs. Smaller crafts may only require a low temperature setting (e.g., 800-950°F) while larger projects may need the more powerful blasts you can achieve on higher settings (up to 1500°F). Additionally, if users plan to use their heat guns in multiple capacities or over large wax pools, they may wish to invest in a model with adjustable speed settings that can help create intricate details like rolled edges and dripped wax puddles.

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Users should always test every wax or dye before working with them as some dyes may change or darken color during heating processes due to reactions with natural oils in unrefined waxes. In addition to protecting themselves from burning hot air and dyes with protective clothing, users should keep up cleaning lessons while they craft by regularly wiping down surfaces and tools regularly so that colors don’t mix causing possible discoloration in finished candles. Furthermore, users should avoid rapid(dly) coolinga freshly melted wax as this can cause cracking and other undesirable malformations in their candles’ structure.


Heat guns are becoming increasingly popular for candle making due to their convenient, quick and easy use. Using a heat gun can help you get the perfect wax melt or create intricate swirls in your candles with minimal effort. The content heat of the gun allows you to easily form candles on sticks or molds. Heat guns are also safer than more traditional methods such as gas blowtorch as they don’t require an open flame and they won’t release toxic fumes.

When it comes to selecting a heat gun for candle making, the Wagner Spraytech 1220 is one of the best choices. It has two temperature settings from low to high, giving you more control over the speed of melting and working capabilities. It is also lightweight, easy to use and includes safety features such as an adjustable stand which keeps it away from surfaces and your skin. Other advantages include its affordable price point and 45-day warranty period in case something does go wrong. Finally, this product is proven to be proficient for candle making due it its many satisfied customer reviews on its Amazon page.

In conclusion, a heat gun is a great option when it comes to candle making due to its convenience and safety features that it offers compared to traditional methods. The Wagner Spraytech 1220 provides all of these benefits plus many extras such as dual temperature settings, adjustable stand and budget friendly price point plus good user reviews so makes an ideal choice when deciding what Heat Gun is best when investing in Candle Making equipment.

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