Best Hot Plates For Candle Making


Candle making is a form of art that has been enjoyed by many people for centuries. It allows you to get creative and make beautiful, unique candles to decorate your home, give as gifts or simply use to create an ambiance in any space. Plus, it’s surprisingly easy to get started. But choosing the right equipment can make all the difference when it comes to how successful your candle making projects will be. That’s why having the best hot plate for candle making is essential.

The best hot plate for candle making ensures that wax melts properly and smoothly while adding fragrance, dye and other optional ingredients like beeswax beeds or dried herbs. The best hot plates also ensure even heat distribution so that the wax is not over-heated or burned, which can compromise its quality and longevity. Furthermore, finding the right hot plate size for your project will determine how quickly and easily you can melt wax for different batches of candles. Whether you’re just starting out or have been crafting beautiful candles for years, having a good hot plate can improve your efficiency in candle making significantly – saving time, money and effort with every single one of your creations!

What is a Hot Plate and How Does it Help in Candle Making?

A hot plate is a portable cooking device typically used in the kitchen. In the context of candle making, however, a hot plate offers an extremely useful and versatile means of mixing, melting and blending waxes, scents and various other additives. It can provide uniform temperatures over long periods of time when compared to a double boiler or microwave, ensuring your candles look their best while protecting all the ingredients. Additionally, waxes melted on a hot plate are easier to pour into molds due to the even temperature it provides. Using a thermometer can help maintain the ideal temperature for each individual recipe you’re working on. As an added bonus many different sizes that offer even greater convenience when it comes to crafting your creations!

Comparison of Different Types of Hot Plates for Candle Making

Wax Melters: Wax Melters are a popular choice for candle makers who require large batches of wax to be melted swiftly and in a larger volume. Many Wax Melters come with temperature settings that allow you to adjust the temperature when melting your wax. Some models also let you control the rate at which the wax melts, so you can get more precise results for specific projects. There is usually plenty of space on the hot plate to lay out your candles and wick first before pouring them.

Electric Hot Plates: Electric Hot Plates are a great option that offer convenience and affordability when it comes to candle making. These versatile devices typically have adjustable temperature settings to help smooth out your process and ensure accurate melted results. Additionally, some electric hot plates are designed with extra features such as auto-shut off, timer functions and even digital LCD displays.

Candle Warmers: Candle Warmers have become increasingly popular thanks to their adjustable warming heat and convenience when it comes to melting waxes or oils that might not fit onto an electric hot plate easily. They often come with two heating elements”one that operates at low temperatures while the other reaches higher temps”which can be useful when delicate ingredients like beeswax needs to be handled with care. Some models come with removable pans that make it easier to transfer ingredients in bulk without having to worry about spillage or messes on the surrounding area.

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Induction Hot Plates: Induction Hot Plates are favored amongst professional candle makers as they provide instant heat, allowing them fast access and easy use of precise temperatures while melting waxes and oils, they’re also capable of melting both solid chunks as well as liquids if needed. Plus, because induction systems do not emit heat into their environment, they’re considered safer for use since no additional outside sources need be set up for additional heating components along the way. Plus many of them come with digital displays so you can keep track of which temperature your materials are being heated at easily throughout each job you take on!

Our Top 5 Picks for Best Hot Plates for Candle Making

1. MaxiMatic Elite cuisine Electric Hot Plate ” This professional hot plate has an adjustable temperature range of low to high, allowing you to easily control the exact temperature required for your candle-making process. It is complete with an adjustable timer and automatic shut off feature and is housed in stainless steel for a sleek finish and durability.

2. CUSIMAX Hot Plate Magnetic Stirring ” This electric hot plate features a magnetic stirring function, which helps achieve uniform temperatures at all points on the plate, making it ideal for mood-sensitive wax or mixes that require the same temperature throughout their melting & melting stages. It also has an adjustable wattage range and an LED display to easily monitor any adjustments being made.

3. Nutrichef Cast Iron Reversible Griddle ” This two-sided hot plate doubles as both an induction cooktop as well as a traditional griddle, giving you maximum versatility to create candles with any type of wax, be it soy or paraffin. Its reversible design is built with heavy-duty cast iron plates that are resistant to heat distortion and warping, keeping your workspace safe and stress free.

4. Cuisinart Electric Single Burner ” The advanced single burner design of this electric hot plate ensures easy portability from one workspace to another without losing its optimal performance in temperature maintenance or wax consistency during the candle making process. Its space saving design leaves room for other important supplies making work easier in both large and small areas.

5. Chefman Electric Range Double Burner ” With its two burners offering full range controls from low simmering temperatures up to ultra high heats combined with its durable stainless steel construction makes this double burner hot plate ideal for larger scale projects when it comes to candle making. This versatile unit requires no difficult wiring or plumbing installation – just plug it into any outlet and you’re ready to go!

What to Consider When Buying a Hot Plate for Candle Making

When looking for the best hot plate for candle making, it is important to consider a few things. Firstly, the size is important depending on how many candles you are going to be making at one time; something too small can be inefficient and could take longer to heat up. Secondly, the temperature range of the hot plate should also be considered when making candles. It must have a wide enough range to accommodate melting waxes with varying melting points. Thirdly, timers and controls are useful features that can help automate or speed up your work process. Finally, having an LED display makes it easier to keep track of temperature readings which is beneficial in keeping consistent results throughout multiple batches. These factors will help ensure you get the right hot plate for your candle making needs.

Safe Practices and Maintenance Tips for Candle Making Hot Plates

When candle making, it is often necessary to use a hot plate. To ensure the safety of both yourself and your materials, it is important to take proper care of your hot plate. Here are some safe practices and maintenance tips for candle making hot plates:

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1. Make sure that your hot plate and electrical connections are in good condition. If there are any signs of wear or tear on the cord, or damage to the casing, replace them immediately.

2. Always use an extension lead if necessary as running cords from power sockets can pose a hazard in itself.

3. Ensure that your work area is well ventilated as working with waxes may produce fumes and/or smoke when heated on the hot plate.

4. Monitor your items closely as leaving them unattended could result in them reaching too high a temperature and damaging either themselves, or the surface you’re working on.

5. Always unplug and allow the hot plate to cool completely before cleaning it, as cleaning a still-hot item can cause further damage or even burns if done incorrectly.

6. Clean spills off the surface of your hotplate quickly so they don’t become ingrained in its surface; dampen a cloth with soap and warm water and gently wipe down after each use, avoiding abrasive cleaners which may scratch the surface or leave residue behind afterwards.

Alternatives to Hot Plates for Candle Making

One of the most popular alternatives to hot plates for candle making are microwaveable molds. These are designed to make perfect-sized candles in minutes ” all it takes is a few tablespoons of wax, some wick and colorant, and an oven mitt or two. Since they don’t require a hot plate, they can be used anywhere with a microwave ” so you don’t have to worry about having access to an outlet. Additionally, these molds are often sold with built-in guides and bases, which makes them especially easy to use. Plus, cleanup time is minimal; all you need do is pop the finished candles out of the mold and you’re ready to go!

Another great alternative to hot plates for candle making are silicone molds. These molds come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of options for your creations. Plus, as long as you have an appropriate pot/pan large enough for your mold size and wax type ” plus safety gear such as oven mitts or gloves to ensure safe handling of both heated materials and hot wax ” this method can work just as well without requiring the use of a hot plate. In addition, since silicone doesn’t react with heat the way other metals do, these molds offer greater control over temperature management during candle production. To finish up quickly, simply allow the finished product(s) to cool before popping them out carefully.


When it comes to selecting the best hot plate for candle making, it is important to consider the size and power of the hot plate you need. The higher the wattage and heating element size, the greater the heat up time. Larger hot plates will be better able to handle larger containers and wicks during extended periods of use. Additionally, choosing a hot plate that has temperature control settings will allow for precision in melting wax when creating candles. Therefore, taking into account these factors can help ensure you select an appropriate tool for all your candle-making needs.

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