Best Wax Melters For Candle Making


Candle making is a great way to express yourself and create beautiful, scented works of art at home. It’s also a wonderful way to bring a warm and inviting ambiance into any room. To make the most of your candle crafting experience, you will need the appropriate tools, including wax melters. Wax melters are used to melt down wax beads or blocks in order to create liquid wax for making candles. With their accurate temperature control features and automatic timers, these devices can help you create superior quality candles quickly and easily.

The main benefit of using wax melters for candle making is efficiency. Rather than having to melt wax on the stove or drip melted wax from a double boiler, a wax melter does all the work for you automatically. With these devices, it’s easy to achieve an even and consistent melt with accurately measured temperatures so that every candle is perfectly formed each time. Additionally, some models come equipped with safety monitoring functions such as anti-tip shutoffs that ensure safe operations at all times. Finally, because they are designed specifically for candle makers they provide greater flexibility when customizing scent levels or other elements of your creation.

Different Types of Wax Melters

One of the most popular types of wax melters for candle making is an electric hot plate melter. This type of melter has a heating element that keeps the wax melted at a safe and consistent temperature. The electric hot plate melter is available in various wattages, so it can accommodate different sizes of candles – from tiny votives to large jar candles.

A double boiler wax melter is another type of electric wax melting pot available for candle makers. In a double-boiler system, the bottom pan contains water that is heated, which then transfers its heat to the top pan where the wax is placed. With its insulated walls, this type of setup ensures even heating for better control over pouring temperatures.

A popular tool used by hobbyists and professional businesses alike is an electric kettle-style wax melter. These automatic kettles feature a thermostatically controlled base that maintains an even heat while melting and pouring both paraffin and soy waxes safely and easily via one spout.

Some candle makers prefer to use non-electric versions, such as a stovetop double boiler or wax melting pot. This type of melting system typically consists of one or two enameled steel pans connected to each other with a handle on top and can be heated with either gas or electricity depending on what you have available in your home kitchen or workshop area.

Finally, candle makers may also choose to melt their wax using crockpots or slow cookers specifically designated for crafting projects. Slow cookers are often used because they allow you to have more control over even distribution of heat for efficient pouring temperatures when making container candles in particular ” but many opt for this tool due to its portability and convenience.

Choosing the Right Wax Melter

When it comes to wax melters, there are many different types available. Depending on your needs, you can choose a double melted tank with a temperature control, an open kettle warmer, or an adjustable heated wax molds with removable inserts. Each type of wax melter has its own advantages and disadvantages, so understanding the difference between each can help you to find the right one for candle making.

Double melted tank melters provide excellent heat distribution across the surface of the wax. This style also allows for temperature control over the entire melt cycle, which is particularly helpful for blocks of hard wax or batches of specialty wax. However, it may require some up-front investment as tanks can range from around $50 up to several hundred dollars depending on size and features.

Open kettle warmers provide more extended melting time than other styles and more evenly distributed heat across the entire batch. They’re best suited for larger amounts of small to medium sized pieces because they can fit a lot of material at once and take some time to cool down before reuse. The downside is that every melting cycle affects your wick condition because wax pools around them during use; therefore, this option isn’t ideal for refined fragrances or complex scents.

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Finally, adjustable heated wax molds with removable inserts are popular among hobbyists due to their convenience and value-based prices tag ranging from $20 ” 50 dollars. These work great if you’re looking for smaller batches without sacrificing much in terms of texture or quality since all surfaces remain separated until after solidification happens. Unfortunately though depending on your mold choice these can be prone to temperature fluctuations as well as easily tarnishing due to poor air circulation ” however there are third party accessories available that help counter both these issues too!

Tips For Safely Using a Wax Melter

When using a wax melter for candle making, it is important to follow certain guidelines in order to ensure the safety of yourself and anyone else who might be nearby. Start by selecting the right size of wax melter for your project ” you want one that is big enough to hold all your wax but small enough so that it doesn’t become overly hot when used. When turning on your wax melter make sure that it is placed somewhere away from drafts, flammable materials, pets or small children. It is also important to use appropriate heat-resistant tools and protection when handling the hot wax. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before operating any wax melter as they provide essential information regarding proper usage, maintenance and storage. Additionally, in order to avoid a build up of combustible particles in the air, it is advisable to regularly clean wax melters after use. Finally, once complete with your project switch off the device properly in order to prevent any fires starting whilst you are away from your workspace.

Review of The Best Wax Melters

When it comes to candle making, having the right wax melter is essential for a high quality finish. This comprehensive review looks at the top wax melters available and breaks down their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision about what kind of wax melter is best for your needs.

One of the most popular wax melters on the market today is the double boiler-style electric wax melter. This option can help you keep your candle-making projects organized as it includes a handy melting pot, an insulating cover over that pot, and a spout which allows you to pour the melted wax into different molds or containers in one easy step. The advantage of this style of wax melter is that it provides a steady, warm environment in which to melt your wax safely and efficiently. The downside to this type of wax melter, however, is that it can be bulky and take up quite a bit of counter space.

Another popular choice for candle-making enthusiasts is a microwaveable wax melter. These are designed to fit inside standard microwaves; simply place whatever amount of wax desired inside the container, heat according to directions, then pour out using the included spout or other accessories like measuring cups or pipettes. The main benefit of using a microwaveable wax melting container is its size: By using standard microwaves, this option can save tons of counter space by taking up very little room on your kitchen counters when compared to double boiler models. On the flip side though, microwaveable wamers are not always able to attain hot enough temperatures needed for melting some types/brands of paraffin or beeswax – meaning they may not work with all types of candles.

Finally, while more time consuming than either of the previously mentioned options, direct heat applied from things like induction cooktops or gas stoves are also great options when looking for equipment to melt larger volumes of candling at once (e specially if these other methods cannot reach hot enough temperatures). When using direct heat sources though”make sure any flames are on low settings and avoid getting any water near them as even drops placed onto red hot heating plates can cause explosions!

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DIY Projects with Wax Melters

Making candles is a great hobby and one of the most fun DIY projects to get creative with. Wax melters are essential for this activity and can be used to melt a wide range of waxes, including soy, paraffin, beeswax, and even gel wax. In addition to using them for candle-making, wax melters are also great tools that can be used in other DIY projects. Here are a few ideas:

1. Make Your Own Lip Balm – Melting down natural waxes such as beeswax into lip balm recipes adds sweetness without causing damage to your lips because it is not petroleum based.

2. Create Soy Candles – Soy candle-making is the perfect project for any beginner since the process is inexpensive but still produces high-quality candles. All you need is some soy wax flakes, essential oils of your choice, and a double boiler or an electric wax melter!

3. Make Your Own Soap Bars – Beeswax can be used to make soap bars and items with a thicker consistency come out better when melted over low heat ina wax melter before being added to other ingredients like shea butter or essential oils.
4. Construct Wickless Candle Jars – You can construct your own wickless candle jars at home with coconut oil and another liquid oil such as mineral oil melted together in a dual heating system with a wax melter while also adding fragrance oils or dyes according to taste!
5. Produce Wax Tarts – Wax tarts are scented pieces of solid perfume wax which can be poured into molds once melted using a small electric or stove top melter and then added to decorative tins or cups as air fresheners.
6. Personalize Candle Holders – A clear glass container filled with colorful layers of shining melted beeswax make amazing personalized candle holders! To create them, melt different colors of beeswax in an electric melter & layer them inside the container one after another until they cool off completely & harden up again!


Q: What is the best type of wax melter for candle making?

A: The best type of wax melter for candle making will depend on factors such as, how much wax you would like to melt at once, what types of products you plan to make, and your budget. There are a variety of different types of wax melters available, including electric double-boilers, induction cookers, pouring pots, and open-flame vessels.

Q: Which type of wax is best for candle making?

A: Paraffin wax is the most popular choice when it comes to making candles. It melts quickly and evenly but can also be difficult to work with unless you have the right equipment. Other types of wax include soy wax and beeswax which have unique properties such as being more eco-friendly or having a softer burn time. Choosing the right wax will depend on your individual needs and preference when it comes to candle making.


Using wax melters for candle-making is a great way to make the process easier, faster and less messy. Wax melters can be used both professionally and at home; they provide accurate temperature control and require fewer resources than traditional wax melting methods. They allow you to melt large batches of wax quickly and evenly in as little as 15 minutes, while also offering safer handling and cleanup. Wax melters offer convenience, reliability, cost savings and consistent results compared to other methods, making them an ideal choice for those looking to make their own candles.

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