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Candle making has long been a popular pastime for many, with candles serving as both a source of light and decoration in homes. While its popularity has only increased in recent years, the process has remained largely unchanged since it first became a practice” ensuring that you have all the necessary equipment, materials and additives on hand to produce quality pieces. One of the most important additives you’ll need for candle making success is vanilla.

Vanilla is a naturally-occurring essence used to flavor or scent many items such as candles. Its sweet, warm aroma is classic and versatile”making it an ideal choice for any type of candle or scent combination. It also works to enhance other fragrances and often provides a pleasant background note to many blends. On top of its great scent, researchers are beginning to point toward potential health benefits of using vanilla when making candles. When heated, essential oils such as vanilla can stimulate health-supporting properties such as improved circulation, stress relief and immunity support due to their unique molecules which never break down in heat. Therefore, adding high-quality vanilla (in either liquid or powdered form) to your candles could potentially bring some elevated wellness into your home. When looking for quality vanilla for your next candle project make sure you seek out food grade extracts with labels indicating list ingredients that are non-GMO and free from solvents such as ethyl alcohol or propylene glycols ” these tend to yield the best results while managing costs too!

Overview of Vanilla

Vanilla is a popular flavoring in a variety of foods and drinks, which can also be used to create rich and inviting aromas when used as candle scenting. Different types of vanillas present different flavor profiles suitable for various candle making applications.

Madagascar vanilla beans are widely regarded as the best quality, with strong broad flavors that possess floral and sweet tones. Tahitian vanilla beans have unique floral, fruity, cherry-like flavors with depth and richness. Indonesian vanilla beans offer bold notes and full-bodied flavor but are less expensive than Madagascar or Tahitian vanilla beans. Natural vanilla come from Madagascar, Tahiti and across Southeast Asia. These free from chemical fertilizers made from sustainably harvested sources offer a purer aromatic experience for candles.

Blending these natural vanillas offers additional range to choose from when making candles for different occasions or festive celebrations – for example a spicy blend of Madagascan, Indonesian and Mexican natural vanillas paired with a hint of spices like cardamom might be perfect for Christmas related candles! Blends enable one to work within one’s own personal budgets by adding the expensive varieties sparingly (such as Tahitian) while still being able to provide an exquisite aroma experience in their creations.

Benefits of Vanilla

Vanilla is essential for candle making as it adds a unique, sweet aroma to the finished product that can’t be replicated with any other scent. The warm, comforting smell of vanilla will fill the air of any room, using its sweet and inviting fragrance to help you relax and unwind. Vanilla is also known for having potential aromatherapy benefits such as improving mood and reducing stress. With vanilla in your candles, people are sure to find comfort in a soothing environment.

Not only does adding vanilla offer therapeutic benefits but it also strengthens the overall scent of the candle itself. Without it, some candles might not have a strong enough aroma if they rely on more subtle scents, such as jasmine or lavender. Vanilla can provide additional potency, ensuring that everyone who takes part in the experience receives a full sensory experience from your candle.

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Variations of Vanilla

When it comes to vanilla for candle making, there are several different variations one can choose from. For example, essential oils such as cranberry, tangerine, and cinnamon provide a unique scent and can be used in making candles. Furthermore, some essential oils such as lavender help to create scents that are more natural and gentle when compared to synthetic fragrances used in other types of candles.

In addition to the various essential oils available, another popular variation of vanilla used in candle-making is pure vanilla extract. This type of fragrance provides an intense aroma which is perfect for candles with a strong smell that last longer than ones made with synthetic fragrances. Sticking with the theme of sweet smelling vanillas, caramel flavoring is also often added to candles to bring out a rich and delicious scent.

These variations of vanillas can be combined with other scents or used alone depending on the desired effect. For instance, combining jasmine oil extract with coconut flavored vanilla can create a distinct tropical fragrance that’s perfect for curing or helichrysum sandalwood candles meant for aromatherapy purposes. Other options like rosemary oil are often favored in classic pillar candles like those sold in department stores and specialty boutiques alike due to its ability to combine earthy undertones with pleasant floral notes. Finally, beeswax (which by itself has an almost naturally sweet aroma reminiscent of honey) is also often paired with other less domineeringly sweet scents such as bergamot and nutmeg””combined they create a layered bouquet normally found in homemade votive or tart wax cubes tinkered by craft enthusiasts seeking something new or unique!

All these wonderful variations make vanilla one of the most versatile ingredients in candle making as it grants makers access to cobbling together custom mixtures likened unto any scent possibly imagined whilst sustaining integrity through even the most complex blends!

Comparison of Vanilla Types


• Cost: Madagascar vanilla beans are considered the most expensive type of vanilla in comparison to other types.
• Scent: Madagascar vanilla has a strong and rich flavor with a creamy, sweet taste.
• Smoke: When this type of vanilla is burned, it releases a warm and pleasant smell that lingers long after the flame has gone out.

• Cost: Tahitian vanilla beans are moderately priced in comparison to other types.
• Scent: Tahitian vanilla has a fruity aroma with floral undertones and notes of cherry, licorice, and green apple.
• Smoke: When burned, Tahitian vanilla produces an exquisite smoky aroma that can fill any room with an elegant and inviting scent.


• Cost: Indonesian vanilla beans have the lowest cost out of all four types of vanillas.
• Scent: Indonesian vanilla features a deep aroma with dark molasses undertones that’s slightly woody and robust in flavor.
• Smoke: The smoke released from Indonesian vanilla is more subtle than the other varieties yet still very aromatic when set ablaze in candles.

Natural Vanilla Extracts / Oils:
• Cost : Natural vanilla extracts or oils are generally priced similarly to Madagascar or Tahitian beans, although some artificial extractions might cheaper than real sources.
• Scent : SCent-wise they tend to be much sweeter than natural extracts because they often contain added sweeteners or even artificial fragrances that may change their initial properties upon burning them in candles.
• Smoke : Natural extract or oil based scents may produce an unusual smoky note when heated due to having thinner molecules which evaporate quickly giving off a different type of aroma on combustion compared to bean derived products which tend to emit heavier molecules for a better lasting scent trail as well as less unintended “smoke”.

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Using Vanilla in Candle Making

Sourcing Vanilla for Candle Making

When sourcing vanilla for candle making, it’s important to consider the type of scent that you wish to achieve. There are a few different types of vanilla available, including vanilla bean extract, vanilla absolute, and vanillin. Vanilla Bean Extract has a strong, sweet smell and is the most widely available when it comes to commercially sold candles. It is relatively inexpensive and widely used in many home made candles, as well as commercial brands. Vanilla absolute is highly concentrated and more expensive than Vanilla Bean Extract, but its intense flavor makes it an excellent choice for some candle makers. Finally, Vanillin is also widely available and tends to be less expensive than other forms of vanilla; however its scent is not as strong or sweet as the other two types of vanilla.

Storing Vanilla for Candle Making
When storing vanilla for use in making candles, it’s important to ensure that the containers are airtight and stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight or heat sources. This will keep your supplies fresh and ready to use whenever you need them! Additionally, if possible storing individual ingredients separately instead of mixing them together can help prevent any cross-contamination among different scents or flavors.

Using Different Types of Vanilla In Candle Making
When using different types of vanilla in candle making it’s important to be aware that each type has different strengths when it comes to adding aroma or scent to a finished product. If a stronger flavor is desired then the higher concentrations such as the Absolute form should be used; however this could result in added expense due to its costlier nature. When using less concentrated forms such as Vanillin or Bean Extract smaller quantities will typically yield better results where aroma and scent are concerned while at the same time helping keep costs down too! Some special techniques such as blending multiple scents together (e.g. cinnamon and cocoa with vanilla) can also create interesting combinations which can contribute toward unique candles with subtle yet well rounded aromas!


When it comes to choosing the best vanilla for candle making, you’ll want to look for a vanilla extract that is pure, potent, and all-natural. If your recipe calls for it, opt for a vanilla bean instead of an extract. Vanilla beans are more expensive but their flavor and aroma will come through most powerfully in your candles. Be sure to always read the label before purchasing any type of vanilla product. When used correctly and with the right ingredients, vanilla can make your candles truly unique and unforgettable. Whether you are looking to create something sweet or sophisticated, adding vanilla will add something special to your candles. You should explore different techniques and creative uses of vanilla in order to find the right balance so that you can achieve your desired outcome with each batch of candles you make.

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