Can Iso E Super Be Used In Candle Making


Iso E Super is an aromatic aldehyde developed by International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) for use as a fragrance and flavor additive. This nearly odorless aroma chemical has recently become a popular choice for candle makers because of its unique fragrance profile. Iso E Super imparts a subtle, woody, and sweet scent that can enhance existing scents in candles or create complex new smells. It is considered one of the most versatile some ingredients in aromatherapy, being used in all types of perfumes, candles, cosmetics, soaps, body care products, and more. Its use has led to many options for customizing the scent of any candle with both natural and synthetic fragrances. Moreover, Iso E Super is also known to have great tenacity – meaning the scent effect lasts longer than usual.

Origin and History

Iso E Super is an ingredient that has been used in perfumery for decades, but its use in candle-making has only emerged more recently. Created in 1973 by the International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) company, Iso E Super was initially developed as a synthetic mimic of ambergris aroma, which provides a sweet and spicy smell reminiscent of woods and spices.

In recent years, Iso E Super has been widely utilized as a “transparency” additive to engulf consumers into a space that exudes comfort, familiarity with an intense aromatic experience. This attribute has allowed many candle makers to layer scents together to create complex aromas in their handmade products.

The use of Iso E Super in candle making has witnessed steady growth since it was introduced first. Candle makers have experienced the intensity the ingredient brings to scented candles. Whether its candles filled with fresh springtime smells or ones containing deep wintery fragrances – any added whiff of Iso E Super can intensify these types of cozy aromas even more. The specific benefits behind this include increasing scent throw, amplifying top notes and prolonging fragrance duration.

Benefits of Using Iso E Super

Iso E Super is an extremely versatile and multipurpose component used in perfumery, making it a popular choice for candle makers as well. It has a gentle yet persistent woody aroma which blends delicately with other notes and aromas. Because it is such a mild note, it helps to enhance the overall scent of the composition without overpowering the other ingredients. Iso E Super also provides subtle and beautiful background notes to help anchor a fragrance for longer lasting experience. It helps to smooth any harsh notes in lower quality waxes and can even add softness to higher-end scented candles when blended with floral top notes and base notes. Additionally, Iso E Super also has excellent binding properties which improves the shelf life of the finished product by providing longer-lasting scents that can easily exceed 12 months. All of these benefits make Iso E Super an essential tool for developing sophisticated scented candles with unique complexity and depth.

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How Does Iso E Super Work

Iso E Super is a synthetically made ingredient that has been used in the perfume industry for many years. It is derived from Labdanum, which is an organic compound found in the labiate family of plants. When used in candle-making, Iso E Super works as a fixative that binds other ingredients together to create an overall longer-lasting scent.

The component of Iso E Super that makes it so effective in candles is its ability to evaporate very slowly. This allows it to help improve the diffusion of aromas and gives scents a more even distribution when burning. It also helps prevent “head notes” (fresher high notes) from dissipating too quickly and brings out more lingering middle and base tones as well. This can create a pleasant and memorable experience when smelling any wax product containing Iso E Super.

In addition, by keeping applied fragrances intact within their intended containers over time, this synthetic material helps reduce candle-makers’ reliance on often expensive natural scents such as essential or fragrance oils. For example, those manufacturing aromatic candles may find that using smaller amounts of Iso E Super has less of an effect on their budget compared to using large doses of other components—a useful fact for any company striving for maximum cost efficiency.

Types of Iso E Super Available

Yes, Iso E Super can be used in candle making. It is a synthetic aroma chemical manufactured by the German company IFF that creates a woody, amber-like aroma. Its chemical structure is very similar to essential oils of sweet grass and cedarwood, but with an even more powerful scent.

Iso E Super is available in many variations, each with its own particular scent profile and uses in candles. These variations include: Iso-Aromarome, EverAroma, Scent Of Aromatic Oils (SOAO), SoftJamParoma and Orphea perfume concentrate. Iso-Aromarome has notes of earthy woods and helps to create a masculine smell for men’s grade candles. EverAroma is best known for its subtle amber tones and works great as accents for car or man cave candles. SOAO provides natural notes of coconut oil and cardamom while SoftJamParoma offers floral scents like jasmine and grapefruit. Finally, Orphea perfume concentrate imparts a strong sandalwood scent to your candle creations and can also be used as a base note in perfumes or other fragrances.

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DIY Candles with Iso E Super

Yes, Iso E Super can be used in candle making. DIY candles with Iso E Super can be made from scratch, or by mixing other fragrance materials together. To make a simple scented candle with Iso E Super, follow these steps:

1. Melt the wax of your choice over a double boiler – beeswax and soy wax are two of the most popular types for homemade candles.

2. Add colorants if desired to give your candles a vibrant hue.

3. Add Iso E Super to the melted wax, stirring it in thoroughly until it has fully dissolved. Start by adding a small amount (around 1-2%) and increase as needed depending on how strong you want the scent of your candle to be.

4 Place your prepared wax into container molds and let cool until solidified before removing them and trimming the wicks as necessary.

5. Once candles have cooled completely, light them and enjoy!

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Yes, Iso E Super can be used in candle making. In fact, it’s one of the most popular materials for creating scented candles. The odor of this additive has been described as woody, ambergris and a bit sweaty but many different interpretations have been reported due to its unclassifiable nature. When introducing this material into your candle wax blend, remember that a small amount goes a long way since it is often very potent. It could be the perfect choice to make your own custom scent—just make sure not to exceed 0.5% of your total wax/​fragrance mix when you attempt it!

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Yes, Iso E Super can definitely be used in candle-making. This chemical scent additive is used to improve scents and — when used correctly — has amazing effects on the smell of candles. Not only does it add a pleasant, long-lasting scent that won’t overpower the primary scent of a candle, but it also absorbs multiple odors and imparts pleasant woody notes on its own. Iso E Super is easy to use, budget-friendly and adds an interesting twist to any wax blend. All these positive traits make this particular scent additive a must for any serious candle maker looking for unique and luxurious finished products.

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