Candle Making Arcadia

Introduction to Candle Making Arcadia

Candle Making Arcadia is an innovative business owned and operated by Tina, who has over 20 years of experience in the candle-making industry. Her primary mission is to help others discover their love of candle-making and support their unique creations. Through her business, she provides guidance, tutorials, resources, and supplies to help bring your vision to life.

Tina uses high-quality ingredients when creating her candles including 100% soy wax, organic wooden wicks, and phthalate-free fragrances oils. She also offers a wide variety of custom glassware so you can find the perfect one for your homemade creation.

What makes Candle Making Arcadia unique is that it doesn’t just offer products but also provides a community platform for like-minded people to connect. Apart from providing expert advice and helpful tutorials for candle making beginners, Tina also organizes dedicated events such as workshops and networking gatherings that allow artisans in the community to showcase their skills and work together to create something special! Overall, Candle Making Arcadia supports both artisanal creativity and social connections in a safe space for those passionate about learning new craft techniques.

The Process of Making a Candle at Candle Making Arcadia

Step 1: Design your candle. Think about the shape, size, and type of container you would like to use. Consider adding additional elements to make your candle unique, such as bundling together multiple candles or adorning it with decorations.

Step 2: Choose your ingredients for making a wickless wax or soy wax blend. Select the quantities of each element in order to create the desired texture of your candle. If creating a scented blend, combine essential oil and fragrance oil at a ratio best suited for burning candles.

Step 3: Mix and melt the ingredients according to instructions on packaging of wax blend in a double boiler on low heat until all ingredients are fully combined and melted. Be aware that this could take some time depending on the size of batch being made (approximately 30 minutes).

Step 4: Create color and scent by adding approved dye chips, pigments or pre-measured colorants for a consistent shade as well as approved fragrance oils if desired for scent (less than 10% fragrance load). Stir mixture until ingredients are evenly distributed throughout.

Step 5: Immediately pour melted wax blend into prepared containers at appropriate temperature (generally between 145-155 degrees Fahrenheit), filling the space slightly less than ¼ inch from the container’s edge. Allow each container to sit undisturbed overnight so it can cool down slowly without cracking its surface due to extreme differences in temperatures.

Step 6: Once cooled, trim wick according to specifications suggested by manufacturer and lightly press down any areas where it might have settled unevenly during cooling process.

Step 7: Adorn candle with decorations if desired–such as ribbons, charms, sequins etc., seal any adhesive elements firmly onto surface then tie off ends with an eye-catching ribbon around boarder of container or traditionally hang from handle if present on candle’s design (avoid complicating profile too much with excessive decoration as it may become difficult to light.)
Step 8 : Finally package up your newly made candles for sale or gift giving! Enjoy your creation!

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Range of Candles Offered at Candle Making Arcadia

Candle Making Arcadia offers a wide selection of high quality candles for all occasions. The signature collection encompasses a variety of scents, colors, and styles including long-lasting jar candles, cake-style votives, and unique lamps. Special collections incorporate special ingredients such as wildflower petals or fairy dust while seasonal candles make a perfect gift during birthdays or holidays.

The one-of-a kind pieces consist of hand-crafted works of art created by experienced candle makers. These pieces take time and skill to craft and come in an array of shapes, sizes, and designs to add beauty to any space. Customers can find classic pillars, luminaries with subtle detailing, and moody tapers that show off juicy shades and sparkly glitter accents. These works of art capture the fragrances found at Candle Making Arcadia with either one main scent or blends like amber and sandalwood or lavender and patchouli. Whether looking for something simple or grand, customers will find plenty to explore within this diverse range of candles!

DIY Candle Crafting at Candle Making Arcadia

Candle Making Arcadia is a one-stop shop for crafting and creating luxurious handcrafted candles. With an onsite manufacturing center and a wide selection of quality waxes, fragrances, containers, and decoration items handmade by experienced candle makers, arcadia invites you to create your own custom candle that reflects your personal style.

The workshops at Candle Making Arcadia offer step-by-step guidance on pouring wax, scenting with essential oils and fragrance oils, choosing the right wick size, and finishing touches like wick positioning or applying decoration labels or addons like beeswax. The aim is to identify the customer’s individual needs as well as their preferences in order to craft them a unique centerpiece/decorative item/gift they can truly call their own.

The staff at Candle Making Arcadia also welcome private events like birthday parties or team building functions. The staff will provide all the necessary materials, advice on steps such as working with paraffin waxes and resin waxes that better hold the scent, how the final product should look like when finished etc., and even help with selecting a beautiful container from arcadia’s extensive collection. The participants get to take home their very own crafted candle creation at the end of each session!

Benefits of Shopping at Candle Making Arcadia

Shopping at Candle Making Arcadia offers many benefits to customers. One of the most appealing features is its cost-savings, as it offers competitive prices on all products. In addition, Candle Making Arcadia specializes in providing quality goods, with each candle being handcrafted with only natural ingredients and well-made materials. There is also an element of customization available so customers can create their own unique candles, giving them a piece of art that they can enjoy in the home or gift to someone else. Finally, Candle Making Arcadia provides luxury offerings such as customizable packaging and scents that make their candle selections timeless and distinctive.

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Ways to Connect with Candle Making Arcadia

Candle Making Arcadia offers a number of ways for customers to connect with them and learn more about their products and services. They have several social media accounts”Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest”that they use to post updates on new products and promotions, as well as helpful tips on candle making and aromatherapy. Additionally, they have an online store where customers can browse the company’s extensive selection of candles, waxes, scents, and accessories.

In addition to their online presence, Candle Making Arcadia also offers a monthly newsletter that contains seasonal recipes, informative articles on essential oils and herbs commonly used in candle making, as well as special discounts on selected items. They also pour all of their creativity into promotional services like creating scented soy wax melts for special events or designing custom labels for corporate gifting.

Events Hosted at Candle Making Arcadia

At Candle Making Arcadia, a wide variety of events are hosted throughout the year. One popular event is candle making workshops that allow both adults and children alike to make unique designs with crafting materials such as wax, wicks, and dyes. In these workshops, people can learn the basics of how to properly make and scent their own candles. Furthermore, they will be shown specialty techniques such as dyeing wax with natural ingredients or creating multi-color pillar candles.

For those who want to create something more extravagant than a simple candle, there are also classes for corporate events where customized centerpieces or favors for special occasions like birthdays or weddings can be created. People can team up with friends or colleagues to develop interesting wick designs or clay sculptures on top of each other’s creations. Finally, indulgent gift packages including custom scents plus labels designed by the participants themselves are available for purchase at the end of every class.


At Candle Making Arcadia, we are committed to providing beautiful and quality products that will help our customers create their own unique candle creations. Our goal is to make the wax, wicks, fragrance, dyes, and other supplies convenient and affordable without compromising on craftsmanship or customer service. We strive to ensure that all of our customers receive an excellent experience with every purchase they make and leave satisfied every time. With our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we guarantee that you have found exactly what your looking for here at Candle Making Arcadia!

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