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Candle Making Bar Dallas was started with a simple mission: to bring mindfulness and relaxation through the art of candle making. With this in mind, we have created a space where customers can come together and be creative under the guidance of our experienced instructors. At Candle Making Bar Dallas, we like to think of ourselves as part apothecary and part art studio; mixing natural ingredients to craft beautiful creations that uplift and nourish the senses. We believe in mindful creativity: not just creating candles for its aesthetics, but for finding peace in the process. Our unique selection of raw waxes, essential oils, accessories and jars allow our customers to be creative with their forms, sizes and scents. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you along each step of the way so that your art is both purposeful and beautiful.

Overview of Candle Making Classes

Candle making is a centuries-old craft and continues to be popular today. People from all walks of life enjoy creating scented candles in their spare time, either for themselves or as gifts for friends and family. Candle Making Bar Dallas offers exciting classes where participants learn the basics of candle making while having fun and meeting new people. Popular projects often include scented votives, layered pillar candles, classic tapers, and special novelty designs like chunky pillars or custom colors & shapes. In addition to learning the right technique, students are also able to experiment with unique scent blends and colors. Using high-quality ingredients provided by the Candle Making Bar Dallas, participants can create beautiful long-burning candles that smell amazing!

Unique Candle Making Experiences

At Candle Making Bar Dallas, we offer a unique candle making experiences to help you create personalized candles that are as special and individualized as you are! Our experienced staff will guide you through a fun and easy process of selecting your scent, pouring liquid wax into the mold of your choice and then finally decorating the top of your candle. They will also help advise you on size and type selections for the perfect personalized experience. At Candle Making Bar Dallas we keep everyone safe with minimal contact from our staff and supplies placed six feet apart from all other customers. We encourage our customers to bring their own ideas, photos or mementos to help personalize their candle further. After we finish making your personalized candle, you get to customize it further with glass art beads, jewelry or ribbons to make it completely original and remarkable. You can even order several different sizes in increments as small as 1 oz for sample purposes! From traditional tapers to themed jars, come join us at Candle Making Bar Dallas for an inspiring time that results in one-of-a-kind creations that can last forever.

How Is Candle Wax Made

On-Site Shop

Candle Making Bar Dallas offers a wide selection of products to help you make your own amazing candles. In the On-Site Shop, you may find waxes such as soy wax and paraffin wax, wicks in sizes ranging from 6” to 24”, fragrances in various categories (fruity, floral, food, etc.), different colors of dye flakes, containers such as glass jars and tins. You can also find clamshell molds for easy removal of your candle after cooling.

In addition to containers and wicks, supplies include pre-tabbed wicks and melt-and-pour blocks for those looking for an easier way to make candles. For safety purposes, there are heat guns and thermometers available so you can monitor the hot wax temperature precisely. To give your candles some extra personality, decorative items such as labels or ribbon may be found at the shop too!


At the Candle Making Bar Dallas, customers have nothing but good things to say. Many have commented on how friendly and helpful the staff is, and they all remarked how knowledgeable the baristas are. Some spoke of how easy it was to understand each step of the process, from gathering materials to creating their own unique candle creations. One customer talked about taking a break after their shopping spree for materials, treating themselves to one of the signature craft cocktails at the bar. Other customers applauded the passionate owner for investing in such an innovative concept—one where people can come together and make something memorable with their hands. Not only did everyone find it to be a fun activity, but they concluded that it made for great bonding time with friends or family members. Overall, customers were thrilled with their visit and recommend giving this experience a try!

Upcoming Events

The Candle Making Bar Dallas is hosting upcoming events with exclusive interviews with the team members. These interviews will give the customers an inside look into the craft and creative process behind the production of their unique and specialty candles. The team at Candle Making Bar Dallas works diligently to bring together a combination of style, aesthetic, and subtle scents to create a one-of-a-kind candle just for you. Through these exclusive interviews, customers can learn more about how the team brings together different elements to form a harmonious blend that is as beautiful to look at as it is pleasant to smell. Additionally, these interviews can also let customers know about any new products or special sales that may be coming soon!

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Contact Information

Welcome to Candle Making Bar Dallas, the best place to craft your own unique candle! Our goal is to make candle-making a delightful experience. We offer an extensive selection of high-quality waxes, scents, and accessories that give you the opportunity to design beautiful and fragrant candles.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

At Candle Making Bar Dallas, we are committed to providing customers with a convenient and informative shopping experience. To help answer some of your questions about our services or products, we have put together this list of frequently asked questions:

Q: What types of materials do you provide for candle making?
A: We offer waxes in soy, coconut/palm blends, beeswax, paraffin waxes and other specialty waxes like gel wax. Additionally we offer a selection of natural fragrance oils derived from essential oils and synthetic scent oils made without phthalates or other harsh chemicals. Our exclusive selection includes the popular Clarity ingredient which helps reduce smoke while burning. We also supply wicks, containers, dyes and other decorative elements such as glitter, herbs or dried flowers.

Q: Do I need to register before visiting your workshop?
A: Registration is not required but it’s recommended as it allows us to better serve your needs when you arrive for your session by having supplies already available for you. However same-day walk-ins are possible on most days if there’s availability. You can ask us about availability when booking an appointment or checking in upon arrival at the workshop.

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