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Candle making is the process of producing decorative and fragrant candles from wax, wicks and other ingredients. The process can be modified depending on the type and style of candle desired; it involves melting, pouring and scenting of wax in various holders or containers to create either classic taper or molded candles. As a craft, candle making requires skill as well as some basic knowledge about the materials used in making them.

The first step in the candle making process is to gather all of the necessary supplies: a mold or holder for the candle, wicking, wax (normally paraffin and beeswax) and any scents or colors to customize the product. Once these items are acquired, bee’s wax or paraffin will need to be melted. The melted wax should then be poured into molds at a specific temperate that is recommended by experts in the craft. If any colorings are used then this should also be added during this stage. After allowing the molten wax to cool and solidify, decorations can be added such as shells or engravings.

Next, specialized burners must prime each piece of wick with enough wax so it stays upright when lit – this task requires care and patience because bigger candles may have several strands which have to be adjusted accurately before lighting them up later on.

Once complete, candles can finally have their scents infused in them upon request through preparation oils – with each oil having different properties intended for unique uses; here potpourri oils are utlilized due to its versatility thus they turn out smelling wonderful! Lastly, candles need to be extinguished after burning since although they burn gradually plus safely there remains risk if left unattended for too long once the entire central core has been consumed by flame including its immediate surroundings; for safety reasons special trimmers are used for proper measurement control over how much gets burned at once without disruption or damage incurred throughout its use so it can last longer than expected!

Where Candle Making Originated in Bellingham

Candle making in Bellingham is believed to have originated during the 1800s. By that time, it was a booming industry in the city due to its abundance of easy-to-access natural resources that could be used for candle manufacturing. The region’s lush evergreen forests provided ample supplies of tallow, which is rendered from beef or sheep fat and was used to make candles. Additionally, Bellingham had an abundance of wax from local bees and materials like cotton, linen, and hemp were abundant in the area. The popularity of candle making only increased as more settlers moved into Bellingham over the years; by the 1930s, it had become its own cottage industry, with many families in the city earning their livelihoods through their knowledge and skill at candle making. Today, there are still several local vendors producing handmade candles of all shapes and sizes available for purchase around Bellingham.

Events for Candle Making in Bellingham

If you’re interested in learning the art of candle making in Bellingham, there are plenty of events and classes available to help you get started. Wayward Arts is a popular meetup group that offers Candle Making Workshops at the Whatcom Community College each month. During these workshops, participants will have a chance to learn techniques on how to make various types of candles such as beeswax or soy wax varieties, scented candles and aromatherapy blends. The participants will leave with their own personalized candle creations. In addition to this meetup group, there are also local stores like Leland Candle Shop that host private candle making parties where participants can enjoy refreshments while making beautiful candles. Furthermore, if you’re looking for more instruction on how to make different types of wax candles, Jerry’s Soap & Candle Company offer several classes for those looking for tips and tricks from experienced professionals. There’s no better way to discover everything about candle making in Bellingham than attending any one of these great events!

Reasons for Making Candles in Bellingham

One of the most compelling reasons for making candles in Bellingham is that it is a great way to relax and reduce stress. Making candles is a creative activity that can often give a person a sense of accomplishment while they craft their own piece to be proud of. In addition, the process of melting wax and tinting it with delightful scents such as fresh lavender or sweet vanilla inspires focus and concentration, creating an calming outlook for people. Furthermore, candle making does not require any special types of equipment or materials, so people can make them anytime, anywhere. By using local items found at farmer’s markets or stores in Bellingham, creators can ensure that their candles are made using natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. For the conscious customer, eco-friendly and sustainable materials are easily found in Bellingham due to its dedication to green practices. Plus, those who make their own candles get to enjoy the pleasant aromas produced throughout their home during the process! So why not give candle making a go if you’re in Bellingham?

Fragrance Oil For Candle Making

How to Create Your Own Candles in Bellingham

Creating beautiful, aromatic candles can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Located in the cozy town of Bellingham, WA, there are many places you can learn how to make your own candles. From craft stores and local workshops to online tutorials and personal classes, every aspiring candle maker has access to a multitude of resources available to help bring their vision into reality.

Firstly, craft stores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby will carry a large selection of specialty candle making supplies including wicks, waxes, fragrances, molds and dyes necessary for creating appealing designs. They also offer starter kits which include all the materials needed to complete a basic project. Additionally, these stores often host seminars or sample nights that are free or for an inexpensive fee where aspiring candle makers can get hands-on experience and ask questions by experts in the field.

Multiple local workshops have started springing up throughout Bellingham that both teach the basics of candle making as well as more advanced techniques like block print postures or water marbling wax at beginner friendly prices. To find these classes patrons can check out websites such as Eventbrite or meetup group pages which advertise many popular groups including “Candle Making for Beginners” hosted by Emrys Candles on the fourth Sunday of each month or “Waxing Poetic with Passion Candles” led by Fandom Flames each Saturday afternoon at Silver Spa Organic Boutique downtown.

Further information on learning how to make candles at home is available online through YouTube tutorials, blogs written by experienced candle makers or webpages hosting tips from various professionals related to pouring wax correctly and how to properly care for production pieces after they are made in order to maximize their longevity. Plus all ingredients necessary for crafting candles can be conveniently purchased via internet sources like Amazon purchase with shipping straight to your door!

Best Shops for Candle Making Supplies in Bellingham

Bellingham is home to several great shops that have all the supplies you need for candle making. From molds and waxes, to dyes and scents, you’ll find everything you need. Adams Candles has been one of the leading suppliers in Bellingham since 1979 and carries a vast selection of traditional and contemporary candle making supplies. They offer classes for beginners as well as more advanced workshops for experienced makers at their store location on H Street. Another favorite is Sharon’s Candle Shoppe which offers all kinds of supplies like wicks, containers, scented oils, and decorations for an array of creative projects. For those looking for a wider range of colors and fragrances, The Candle House on Railroad Avenue is a great spot to find the perfect combination of colors and smells. If you’re looking for organic options or beeswax blends then you must visit Bumble Bee Candle Company on Williams Street where they carry plenty of natural ingredients in beautiful colors. Whether you’re new to candle making or an experienced maker wanting to expand your collection, these local shops will provide everything needed to create beautiful projects!

Examples of Famous Candle Makers in Bellingham

Bellingham has a rich candle making history and there are several famous past and present candle makers located in town. For decades, Blaine Candle Co. has been a trusted source for high quality candles both locally and throughout the northwest US. Founded in 1985 by Rob Barath, Blaine Candle Co. specializes in handcrafted, custom-made fragrant soy wax candles with an emphasis on natural scents from essential oils. They have become renowned for their aesthetic designs which often feature natural motifs, such as botanical illustrations, pinecones, and tree branches.

Candle Making In

Another well-known Bellingham candle maker is Lisa’s Fragrant Garden. Owned and operated by the mother-daughter duo of Gail and Lisa Purdom, this family business has been crafting beautiful candles since 1999 using all natural materials harvested right here in Bellingham like beeswax and honeycomb incorporating timeless techniques to pour and shape each one-of-a-kind piece. Their luxury soy wax candles come in various sizes accented with powerful aromas from essential oils such as cedarwood, bergamot, rosewood, and lemongrass. The duo also sell room sprays and diffusers to spread the soothing scent of their crafted creations throughout your home or office space.

Finally, Wildflowers Candles created by shop owner Kelley Lombardi is another popular choice among locals when looking for unique yet fragrant handmade creations featuring natural ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil blend waxes with fresh scents like lavender mint, sage & orange blossom or even cocoa butter truffle & sea salt! This small batch team uses sustainable practices making sure that their materials are locally sourced costing best environmental impact possible while providing sumptuous ambiance with every burn!

Courses Related to Candle Making in Bellingham

There are many courses that cover the basics of candle making in Bellingham. These courses teach students the foundation of candle making, from selecting the right wax and fragrance to mastering pouring and decorating techniques. Many offer a hands-on approach and present information on design trends, industry innovations, health and safety regulations and packaging presentation. Students will be able to experiment with different fragrances, wicks, containers and colors as they create their own custom candles. In addition to learning how to properly melt and pour wax, students can learn about the chemistry of scented candles or take courses on how to package their products for sale. They also learn about different kinds of waxes such as soy or paraffin wax, antique blends and specialty blends that feature unique colors. Courses include lessons in common candle problems such as tunneling or frosting, burn testing and troubleshooting tips. Experienced instructors help guide students through each step of the process so they can confidently start creating their own unique handmade candles.

Secrets to Making Candles in Bellingham Successfully

Creating candles in Bellingham is a fun and rewarding skill that anyone can learn with the right tips. Here are some secrets to making successful candles in Bellingham:

1. Use wax with good melting qualities: Choosing a high quality wax is essential for creating well-crafted and long lasting candles in Bellingham. Quality will also determine how quickly the wax melts and whether or not it emits toxic fumes when burned.

2. Invest in high quality candlemaking supplies: When investing into your craft, don’t skimp on candlemaking supplies like wick, dyes, fragrances, molds, and safety equipment. Quality supplies help you yield better results when creating candles.

3. Follow directions on wax labels: Wax labels might include specific pouring temperatures, boiling points, usage rate recommendations and other details you need to know before using a particular type of wax for candlemaking. This information will be helpful when crafting safe and appealing products.

4. Practice proper safety measures: Keep children away from hot wax, wear eye protection when pouring liquid wax, blow out candles when finished burning them — all of these are important ways to practice proper safety measures while making candles in Bellingham.


Bellingham, Washington boasts a vibrant and thriving candle-making scene. Not only are the local candle makers creating beautiful, aromatic works of art, they are also bringing together likeminded communities to discover and celebrate the ancient art form. Through instructional classes and demonstrations, enthusiasts of all ages have had the opportunity to explore the craft for themselves. There’s no doubt that Bellingham’s candle-making culture is an integral part of its history—and happily, it is continuing to grow and expand in unique ways! With so much creativity and passion going into each handmade product, this amazing community can take pride in their effort to keep what was once lost as an important part of local culture alive in today’s world.

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