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Bangalore is home to a large number of candle making companies. This bustling city boasts a vibrant entrepreneurial culture, and candle makers are no exception to this rule. From traditional Indian designs to modern western varieties, candle makers in Bangalore serve up a wide array of high-quality wax creations for their customers. Many of these businesses have flourished since the advent of ecommerce, as it allows them to reach more customers around the world. Besides candle making, some companies also offer additional services such as aromatherapy massage and custom bespoke orders.

For those looking to start their own candle making business in Bangalore, many local fairs and expos feature various candle suppliers and professionals who are willing to share tips and advice about the process. In addition,there are many online resources available that provide answers to common questions about setting up a business andcandle-making techniques. Furthermore, there are several government-run training programs designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs get started with their own wax creations.

Overall, the variety of options available makes it easy for anyone interested in starting their own candle business in Bangalore. Whether they want traditional Indian works or something more modern, they can find unique designs and styles with ease! As one of India’s most vibrant cities, Bangalore provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to bring their businesses into the 21st century without forsaking regional flavor.

History of Candle Making in Bangalore

Candle making in the city of Bangalore can be traced back hundreds of years. There is evidence that residents of Bangalore have been producing candles as early as the 16th Century. During this period, traditional methods of producing wax from animal fat or vegetable oil was predominant. However, it was not until the Industrial Revolution that candle making companies in Bangalore began to make use of available paraffin wax and other oils for producing candles on a large scale. The 19th Century saw tremendous advances in technology, which made it easier and more efficient to produce candles using automated equipment.

The 20th century saw an increased demand for candles as they were used in religious ceremonies as well as during special occasions like weddings and anniversaries. It also brought with it a range of new materials and components which could be used for candle production, including various types of synthetic waxes and a variety of colored dyes. This allowed candle makers in Bangalore to create unique designs and finishings to their products, often creating intricate patterns or figures on their candles. Additionally, scented or aromatherapy candles became popular during this period.

Today, candle making companies in Bangalore continue to thrive, offering consumers a wide variety of options for candle needs – from traditional methods to automated equipment; from regular wax/paraffin-based products to varieties made from beeswax or soy; from regular white candles to colorful and scented ones; from tapers and votives to ornamental lights etc., there is pretty much something for everyone’s taste when it comes to buying quality handmade candles crafted by experienced artisans in Bangalore.

Local Artisans and Candle Making Businesses in Bangalore

Bangalore is home to many candle making companies and artisan businesses that specialize in making unique, high quality wax candles. Many of these companies produce unique scented and ornamental candles using locally sourced beeswax, paraffin wax, soy wax, coconut wax and other natural ingredients. Some of the more popular local candlemaking companies in Bangalore are Nature’s aromatic Candles, Wartree Handicrafts, Candlelight Scentz, Cookaznn Skincare, Aroma Creations and The Invisible Artist. Each company offers a range of product lines as well as design services tailored to customer needs or requests. Popular product lines include hand-poured aromatherapy candles made with fragrant essential oil blends, designer candles with intricate details from nature – such as leaves and flowers ” preserved within the candle itself, sculpted 3-dimensional works of art created from pure vegetable waxes, travel packs for easy gifting or personal use and specialty corporate branding solutions for corporate gifting and promotional purposes. In addition to providing a vast selection of decorative candles to suit any budget or occasion ” these businesses employ artisans who bring extra life and character to the products they produce while at the same time providing employment opportunities to local communities.

The Most Popular Candles in Bangalore and Their Signature Designs

Candle making companies in Bangalore make some of the most eye-catching and unique candles in India. Their signature designs are creative, captivating and often inspired by nature, mythology or architecture such as the iconic Silhouette Candles.

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Silhouette Candles feature elaborate sculptures that have been cleverly crafted with wax and come to life when lighted from inside. Most popular silhouettes include the city’s architectural wonders such as its iconic towers, temples, palaces and monuments. Other popular designs from Bangalore Candle Making Companies include mythical creatures and figures from Indian literature, flora and fauna themed pieces and other types of landscape paintings that capture the true beauty of Bangalore.

For those looking for intricate handcrafted candles, look no further than Bengaluru’s Dezmes Candles ” renowned for their hand-painted designs. These candle makers use high-quality wax to bring out exquisite details that can be customized with unique inscriptions or set aglow with flickering LED stars and tiny gems.

Dezmes Candles also features antique pottery window frames sourced locally in India which they customise into mesmerising candle holders. While you may find some stores focusing on natural noise-making objects e.g sandpapers flame effect, Dezmes Candles go beyond in creating functional art pieces with embedded melodies that are soothing to one’s soul. There is something truly special about these enchanting candles that have an everlasting quality about them – a timeless piece to decorate your home with long lasting memories!

Traditional Candle Making Craftsman in Bangalore

Bangalore is home to a number of businesses that specialize in making candles, particularly those crafted by traditional artisans. The local craftspeople have perfected the art of candle-making and made it their own. Many of these candle-makers have been in the business for generations, and they work with techniques and materials passed down from generation to generation.

The techniques used in traditional candle-crafting are quite unique, involving intricate designs hand painted onto each candle. The artists use beeswax or other wax materials, together with dyes, scents, and natural oils to create unique shapes, smells and colors for different types of candles. They also use tools like wicks, preservatives, molds, cutters and smooth surfaces to form the finished product. Their attention to detail and eye for beauty has resulted in truly beautiful works of art ” something that will bring special memories into any home or commercial space when lit up!

In recent years there has been an increased appreciation for artisanal crafts such as candle-making due to the rise of eco-friendly practices across India. People are more conscious about consuming items that are produced ethically and sustainably and value authentic Indian designs instead of generic products which you can find everywhere. As a result, handmade candles crafted with love by experienced Bangalore-based companies have become popular items in homes across India as well as abroad!

Benefits of Shopping Local

When it comes to finding quality candles, Bangalore is home to some of the best candle-making companies in the world. Shopping locally for these products has a number of advantages over going to an online retailer. Firstly, customers get to experience the highest level of customer service and product knowledge ” something that cannot always be expected from online retailers. You can also ask questions directly to the owners and employees of local companies, who will be more than willing to share insights into their craftsmanship. Furthermore, shopping local allows you the opportunity to inspect each product before purchasing it and even negotiate a better price if possible. This versatility isn’t always an option with online orders based on size or quantity purchased. Additionally, supporting Bangalore candle makers sustains the local economy by providing jobs as well as an added incentive for them to produce quality items for their consumers. When shopping for candles in Bangalore, locals have access to unique options that aren’t found elsewhere ” something of great value for those looking for one-of-a-kind works of art for their home décor needs. Finally, when buying from local candle makers in Bangalore, customers are guaranteed the freshest and safest goods on the market ” with no hidden ingredients or unexpected surprises coming straight from overseas merchants.

Candle Making Companies in Bangalore

The candle making scene in Bangalore is alive and thriving! From artisanal startups to bigger multi-national companies, an increasing number of businesses are cropping up in the city. A wide range of candles ” ranging from sophisticated scented waxes to traditional Diyas for festivities ” serve as tangible reminders of Bangalore’s inspiring entrepreneurial spirit. These candle makers have fascinating stories to tell about their incredible creations.

One such company is Beeswax, a global brand that crafts elegant and luxurious candles from the finest ingredients. They use only pure, natural beeswax combined with top-grade aromatherapy oils, creating a unique blend of aroma therapies and fragrance that’s sure to lift your mood and make any occasion special. The founders themselves have an interesting backstory about how they got into the business and use their past experiences to add a personal touch to each product they create!

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Another popular choice is Aroma Bake which specializes in homemade candles using food grade ingredients with no synthetic preservatives or additives. They source organic material from local farms and transform them into delightful creations that offer a unique aroma experience while also combatting air pollution caused by mundane paraffin wax candles. In addition to selling custom products, Aroma Bake runs workshops where participants learn about the artistry behind candle making through engaging activities led by experienced professionals.

For those seeking something more rustic, there’s Vishnu Traders whose range of Diyas evoke nostalgia by inviting customers down memory lane through their traditional designs; an ideal choice for new age practitioners of Hinduism celebrating special occasions with heightened spiritual vibes! All such one-of-a-kind candle making companies offer unique opportunities to explore the creativity tucked away within this ever growing metropolis!

Shopping Tips

When shopping local in Bangalore there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, be sure to check out online reviews and blogs of various candle making companies in the area. This can help you decide which one is a good fit for your needs. You should also consider the quality of craftsmanship and materials used, as well as the fragrances and scents they offer. Additionally, be on the lookout for sales and discounts before settling on one company or another. It is also important to ask questions about delivery times and costs so you know exactly what to expect when ordering from them. Finally, inquire about their return policy to make sure you are covered should anything go wrong with your purchase. With these simple tips, you can find the right Bangalore candle maker for your project in no time!

Supporting Local Candle Making Businesses in Bangalore

Bangalore, India is now home to a thriving candle making industry, thanks to a steady rise in demand for natural and organic candles. The growing economies of India, China, and the Middle East are driving more people to explore alternative lighting options. As such, a surge of new candle makers have been popping up around Bangalore who specialize in handmade wax candles made with natural ingredients. These boutique candle making companies are gaining traction from local customers eager to incorporate natural materials into their decorative lighting.

These brands have quickly become essential fixtures of the art and craft scene in Bangalore, with many hosting classes and workshops on the craft of candle-making and allowing potential buyers an inside look at how their products come together. Local art galleries have likewise caught on to the movement, giving these boutique companies valuable exposure by showcasing them alongside more established designers, furthering their reach into homes throughout the city.

Furthermore, local business owners are doing their part by offering bulk orders at discounted prices to make handmade candles accessibly within corporate events and company decorations. This promotion not only helps lift smaller businesses but also keeps them afloat during slow periods through increased sales during peak seasons ” such as Diwali or Christmas ” when demand for candles is highest. Even larger businesses have caught on to this trend by making sure that all events their businesses put on contain a designated “candle corner.” This is often comprised of traditional clay diyas and handcrafted wax constructions made locally in Bangalore. In addition to helping these small companies grow geographically outside city limits, it ensures customers get quality results despite a lack of resources typically found in larger corporations’ toolboxes.


The candle making scene in Bangalore is vibrant and full of innovation. Not only has the city welcomed an abundance of candle making companies, but they have also embraced a unique style that makes crafting candles an enjoyable and adventurous experience. From aromatherapy scents to sophisticated shapes and sizes, the choices are endless. As a result, becoming a part of the candle-making culture in Bangalore can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both experienced makers and newcomers alike. Not only will you gain access to some great products but you will also join a friendly community of creative artisans who share a common passion for candle making.

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