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Candle making companies in Kenya have been producing a wide array of candle making techniques and styles for over 50 years. One of the popular techniques and styles used is carving candles which require skill in shaping and the ability to experiment with intricate designs. This type of candle making includes creating models like jackals, animals, birds, vegetables or flowers by expertly chiseling wax. Candles can also be made embedded in sculptures of various materials such as ceramics and melted chocolate.

Scented wax is another popular style employed by companies in Kenya that produces candles with a pleasant aroma for decoration or therapeutic purposes. Companies use specialty ingredients like herb extracts and essential oils to create fragrances that may feature botanical or citrus aromas. Many wax vendors use advanced scented wax formulations with quality additives like paraffin and stearic acid to create colored scents that have lasting power with pleasant smells.

Kenya has a long history of producing an array of stunning candles through creative candle making techniques and styles. Whether it’s carved candles enhanced with intricate designs or fragrant scented wax, these candle-making companies are creating some truly breathtaking products for consumers around the world to enjoy!

History of Candle Making in Kenya

Candle making is a tradition that can be traced back many centuries in Kenya. In the past, Kenyan people have made use of beeswax and fat to make candles, which they used as home lighting sources at night. This practice was particularly prevalent among the pastoralist communities who herded cattle across the plains. The wax and fat remain popular materials for making candles in parts of Kenya today.

To make traditional candles, one needs special homemade tools. For instance, Kenyan women traditionally create hand-crafted wick holders called “khi” out of branches and twigs fastened together with cowhide strips or small cords. They also produce long-handled spoons for scooping and pouring hot wax over the wick, hoes to stir the wax mixture, and cooling boards or trays shaped from clay, to provide a natural air conditioning effect when the molten wax is poured onto it.

The design possibilities for homemade Kenyan candles are endless; common designs include abstract shapes inspired by wildlife like giraffes and elephants or intricate geometric designs interspersed with regional symbols such as Enxet (tulip) or Chaga (butterfly). Colourful patterns using dyes from plants or brightly coloured molds can also be used to further enhance candle presentation. Despite various inventions improving lighting sufficiently in most places, there are still certain rural areas in Kenya where local artisans continue to use traditional techniques due to limited access to electricity.

Supporting Candle Wicks Cancle Making

Today there is an increasing number of modern candle making companies established in Kenya that specialize in producing more commercialized versions as well as other different types of lighting products such as lamps and lanterns. Some businesses also export their products both regionally and internationally, allowing Kenyans access opportunities beyond their borders while giving individuals around the world access to unique Kenyan crafted items including handmade vintage style candles.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Candles from Kenyan Companies?

The beauty and craftsmanship of candles made in Kenya make them an attractive option for both decorative use and bath and body pampering. The handmade nature of the candles gives them an edge over store-bought options, as they are created with greater reverence to the environment than mass-produced brands. Natural waxes like beeswax, soy wax or coconut wax are used to make Kenyan candles, which are typically biodegradable and renewable resources. Many purchases from Kenyan candle making companies come with additional natural ingredients such as essential oils, flower petals, herbs or spices for additional wellness or relaxation benefits that would not be possible if buying from a store. Alongside being environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing, Kenyan candle makers often add locally sourced scents like tea tree oil or jasmine into their creations. This provides unique regional aroma that does not contain any synthetic fragrances. Supporting small businesses in Kenya by purchasing these beautiful handmade products is a wonderful way to help sustain their future candle making businesses while engaging directly with local artisans who practice sustainable techniques – keeping time honored traditions alive!

Best Candle Making Companies in Kenya

A few of the candle making companies in Kenya have been making an impact by providing training and employment to locals. This has been beneficial for the Kenyan economy, leading to increased economic growth. For instance, Candela Kenya is one of the leading candle makers in Kenya. Not only do they create handmade candles made from local ingredients, but they also offer training courses and workshops to their workers so that they can make high-quality candles. By investing in the training and development of their staff, they are developing much-needed skills to those who may otherwise not be able to find employment elsewhere. As a result, this company is leveraging the talents of locals in a way which provides valuable employment opportunities and fosters economic growth in Kenya. Another noteworthy candle making company is Wanabidii candles. Stemming from an African heritage desire for community solidarity and support, this organisation values sustainability through offering jobs for young people within every region where their candles are sold. Through creating roles such as farmers, candle makers, sales representatives and admin personnel, Wanabidii is a dynamic enterprise driven by an ethos of local entrepreneurship and social responsibility. This commitment has generated significant benefits over time for many communities throughout Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa regions via job creation and skills transfer initiatives that aim towards improving lives in its wake.

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Tips for Choosing a Kenyan Candle Making Company

When choosing a Kenyan candle making company, it is important to consider the level of customer service you will receive. Depending on the type of products and services offered, you may need routine advice or support from professionals at your chosen candle maker. Therefore, make sure that the company in question offers reliable customer service. Ask about their contact details as well as how quickly they can respond to customer inquiries. Additionally, ask if there are any additional fees for their customer support services such as phone calls or emails. It is crucial that you pick a company capable of providing reliable help and advice when needed and prompt resolution to any queries or concerns that may arise during the production process and after sales service. Also consider reviews from previous customers who have previously worked with the same candle making companies in order to gauge their satisfaction levels.


Supporting candlemaking companies in Kenya is essential to developing the local economy and improving the standard of living of its citizens. Companies that specialize in making candles and other related products contribute to job creation, poverty alleviation and economic growth. Furthermore, these businesses also enable small scale entrepreneurs to engage in sustainable economic activities and provide a source of income for many Kenyans living below the poverty line. With one of Kenya’s primary exports being candles, local candle makers can provide the nation with an avenue of income that it otherwise wouldn’t have through global trading alone. Supporting candlemaking companies in Kenya is not just a nice gesture; it has a far reaching effect especially on individuals who are disadvantaged by traditional ways of employment.

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