Candle Making Company In Bangalore

Company History and Milestones

The Candle Making Company in Bangalore began in the late 1800s, when a small family-run business started to create hand-crafted candles from natural beeswax. Initially selling their products to local markets and artisans, the company soon earned a loyal customer base that helped it grow into a larger operation. In the 1920s, with increased demand for candles across India, the company opened their first large-scale workshop in Bangalore. Throughout the 1940s and 50s the company continued to expand and innovate its product range, introducing unique scents and designs that proved popular with customers across India.

In the 1970s, following India’s independence, the Candle Making Company experienced exponential growth as more people sought out handmade products over factory-made items. Over time they developed an online presence to keep up with demand, becoming one of the most successful candle companies in India.

In recent years the Candle Making Company has gone on to become an international success, exporting natural beeswax candles all over the world. The company is now renowned not only for its quality products but also its commitment to sustainability; incorporating natural methods of production and zero waste into every step of their process. This dedication has been rewarded with several awards from industry experts recognising their achievements in environmental impact. Today, this family-run business continues to take pride in providing exceptional quality handcrafted candles for any occasion at home or abroad!


Product Demonstrations – The Candle Making Company in Bangalore provides product demonstrations to customers in order to teach them about candle-making techniques and the use of their various products. Customers can attend hands-on classes, workshops and seminars to learn about the craft of candle-making. During these demonstrations, customers can gain invaluable insight on how to create unique candles for their own home or business.

Customer Service – The Candle Making Company in Bangalore offers exceptional customer service from start to finish. They employ a team of candle-making experts who are always available to answer any questions or concerns customers may have. Additionally, they provide attractive discounts and special promotions throughout the year as an added incentive for customers.

Customer Appreciation Events -The Candle Making Company in Bangalore takes customer appreciation seriously and continuously looks for ways to demonstrate their appreciation. The company organizes exclusive events such as wine and cheese socials, appreciation sales and contests. These events give customers special incentives while also showing their gratitude for the continued support they receive from their loyal customers.

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Specials and Promotions

The Candle Making Company in Bangalore offers a range of special promotions and offers. Customers can save big with their bulk-buy discounts, free shipping on larger orders, and discounts for regular customers. They also offer seasonal specials such as summer specials, Christmas deals, New Year’s specials, and Diwali discounts which can help customers get great savings throughout the year. In addition to these promotions, they also offer custom customization services so that customers can personalize their candles exactly as they desire. Lastly, they are always running fun competitions and giveaways that allow customers to win exciting prizes!

Social Media Presence and Engagement

The Candle Making Company in Bangalore is taking full advantage of the power of social media to engage with their customers. The company has adopted a multi-faceted approach to social media, with active accounts on all major platforms. Through attractive visuals and clever copy, they have been actively promoting their products and services on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

The team has crafted content that resonates with their audience, focusing not just on product information but also offering lifestyle tips and advice that tie in with their candles. They regularly run competitions and host giveaways on Instagram, giving followers an incentive to engage and increasing brand loyalty.

On top of this, the Candle Making Company use their profiles as a platform for customer support. By addressing comments promptly and welcoming feedback from their audience, they are building trust and demonstrating their commitment to excellent customer service.

Environmental Aspects

The Candle Making Company in Bangalore is committed to sustainability and has implemented several environmentally-friendly practices. These include using natural ingredients that are ethically sourced, relying on renewable energy, and making packaging from recycled material. The company also focuses on reducing emissions by limiting the amount of electricity used in building lighting and supplies. Additionally, the production of candles is done with zero waste to ensure maximum efficiency. The Candle Making Company is also serious about maintaining a safe work environment by implementing safety policies, offering service and training programs, and conducting regular safety checks. Finally, they believe in giving back to their community by creating job opportunities for local people and donating a portion of their income to charitable causes.

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DIY Projects

The DIY projects that the Candle Making Company in Bangalore can offer are vast and can offer some truly creative experiences. Ideas include making beautiful hand-dipped candles, carving your own design into wax to make a custom candle holder, or creating unique shapes with re-shaped and melted wax. Other ideas include creating colorful wax bowls for fruits and nuts, or even making accents for furniture with designs created from hot wax. Learning how to make unique shapes out of molds is also a great way to explore and be truly creative with candle-making. People can find instructions online or books that show these methods of creation. With these projects, the possibilities are endless!

Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a great way to generate excitement and reward customers for their loyalty. Here at the Candle Making Company in Bangalore, we offer periodic contests and giveaways that provide exciting opportunities for customers to get something extra-special just for being part of our community.

To enter our contests and giveaways you must first fill out the required information on the entry form in full. In addition to providing your name and contact information, questions such as why you love candles from the Candle Making Company will be asked as well. After completing the entry form, you may submit photos or videos demonstrating why you love our candles.

You can find specific details about upcoming contests and giveaways on our website or by contacting one of our stores directly. You can also check our social media accounts often, where we will post reminders whenever a new contest or giveaway is available. Winners will be chosen on a variety of criteria but may include things like most creative design ideas or best homemade candle photo or video submissions.

We have a lot of fun with these contests and giveaways and are eager to see what our loyal customers come up with! We look forward to seeing your entries so that we can award some lucky winners with exciting gifts!

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