Candle Making Competition In School

Organizing a candle making competition in school is an increasingly popular idea for high schools and colleges. High schools like Woodman Internation from California have hosted candle-making competitions, in doing so have launched a more vibrant learning environment for their students to get creative and inspired.

The most recent candle-making competition was organized by Lone Star College System which is US’s largest institution of higher education. This innovative event invited 60 students to show off their candle-making skills in one night.

This would also encourage students to keep learning and exploring new subjects. A candle making competition can be a great way to interest students who may be more creative in arts while still helping them exercise their creativity, feel the sharpness of competition both on individual and team level, understand how to work under time pressure, and last but not least come up with innovative ideas that could distinguish them from others.

In consideration of the social distancing measures due to COVID-19 pandemic, numerous online candle making competitions have been carried out over the Web, such as Those Candles virtual challenge held by John Lewis in association with BBC Good Food, making it possible for anyone with access to Internet connection to join while staying at home without putting participants safety at risk.

Through such programs not only do participants get exposure for their craftmanship skills but they are also going to learn valuable experience about organisation of events online and utilising digital platforms efficiently.

To conclude, it could be said that hosting a candle making competition provides student with unique oppurtunities to gain insightful knowledge about market options where they might find success through showcasing their candles and increase understanding how art works in general as well as develop marketing strategies, those are all essential life skills that can serve them long after finishing school.

The Growing Popularity of Candle Making Competitions

With increasing interest in artistic hobbies, candle making competitions have become increasingly popular amongst school students. Recent studies from the National Association of Candles and Soapmakers reveal a 200 percent increase in candle making competitions being held at schools across the country. Schools are providing exciting opportunities for students to learn and explore a versatile craft.

Why Are Candle Making Competitions Popular With Students?

Candle makers of all ages have been enjoying this fun, creative activity for many years. Students love experimenting with different techniques when it comes to molding wax into various shapes and sizes. From traditional taper styles to designs inspired with natural fragrance oils, they can make a statements with their unique creations. Additionally, candle makers enjoy the satisfaction that comes with creating something beautiful out of something as simple as wax and wicks.

Advantages For Teachers

Conducting candle making competitions in the classroom offers several advantages for teachers as well as students. It gives teachers control over the whole operation, from the cost of materials to safety precautions while participating in an activity such as this keeps students engaged and stimulates creativity. Furthermore, entering a competition gives students the opportunity to apply what they have learned from their class projects to create something on their own and express themselves in a unique way.

What Do The Judges Look For?

The judging criteria for these kinds of competitions usually involve aspects such as scent, appearance and burn time; all within specific set parameters of course. Depending on how elaborate an entry is – colours used, themes explored – judges often look closely at these details too so entrants should look to impress by going above and beyond with their candles.

Inspirations for Participating in a Candle Making Competition

Every year, schools around the United States host candle making competitions as a way for students to flex their creative muscles and learn important skills in ways that are both fun and educational. Many participants have varying motivations when it comes to taking part in a candle making competition. In this section, we’ll explore some of these reasons and the inspirations that past competitors have had.

One student, who participated in her school’s candlemaking competition last year, did so primarily because she felt inspired by the challenge of piecing together a unique product out of ordinary materials. She viewed each new combination of scents and colors as an opportunity to create something entirely new and different than what other people were likely to put together. This enthusiasm drove her creative endeavors from start to finish, landing her with awards for best youth contestant overall.

The Benefits of Participating

By doing well in a candle making competition, not only do contestants get direct recognition as top performers in their age group, but they also receive many other benefits such as honing skills like problem solving, working with unique materials such as waxes and oils, and simply having fun working on their own projects. As the 2017 winner stated: “It was great being able to make what I envisioned come alive through my candles.

It was so much fun getting everything prepared for each challenge.” With every patch victory came the sense of accomplishment that comes from achieving something great.

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How Candles Provide Comfort

Participants may also possess personal motivations for participating in the competition which stem from their understanding of the therapeutic qualities that come from burning candles during relaxed activities or while engaging in quiet contemplation.

On deeper levels than just enjoyment or relaxation created by beautiful visual displays created by displaying candles around homes or workspaces, many feel strongly about how burning candles can bring a sense of comfort when lit during evening relaxation rituals or during times when inspiration is needed most.

Finally for those who enjoy lighting scented candles, there’s added benefit derived from inhaling aromas associated with preferred fragrances activating memories associated with pleasant events or experiences had previously throughout life’s journey thus providing comforting reminders against tough times or stress encountered during less fortunate periods such as final exams at college or right before difficult work presentations at office places.

Crafting Perfect Candles for Your School Competition

Candle making can be a fun way to express your creativity and impress your peers in any school event. If you’re participating in a candle making competition, you want to make sure that you create the best possible candles for your category. Here are some tips on making fabulous candles for your school competition.

Prepare Your Supplies

The first step is to prepare all the supplies that are needed in order to make your candle creations. This includes gathering all the essential waxes, wicks, colors, fragrances, molds or other forms, and tools such as an electric hot glue gun or double boiler. Once these supplies have been gathered and ready to go, it’s time to start molding those beautiful candles.

Choosing Wax Types

When choosing which type of wax should be used for the candle project, it’s important to think about what type will work best with the type of project being made. While beeswax is often preferred when crafting natural looking candles, different types of waxes have benefits and disadvantages depending on the desired look of the finished product.

For example, paraffin is perfect for making pillar-style candles as its low melting point prevents pillars from melting quickly once lit. On the other hand soy wax has a higher melting point than paraffin wax so it works well with larger fillable containers and votives while still producing clean burning results without creating wick clogs or soot rings around jars like other waxy substances can do.

Coloring and Scent Additions

Besides using different types of waxes one can create exciting colors and fragrances into their candles by utilizing both color blocks or liquid dyes. Simply adding a few drops of dye added to cooled melted wax can help produce vibrant colors that would suit any theme or simply invigorate current looks while adding just enough color accents into a process design scheme where none are visible on bare white wax alone.

Furthermore scent additions such as fragrance oils can provide a signature scent while helping boost certain aromas within botanical themed designs featuring herbs,flowers or fruits being used in each crafted piece for additional visual appeal creating delightful components that stand out from others projects at any given competition event.

Preparing for Your Candle Making Competition

There are many different resources to use when preparing for a candle making competition, from tutorials and videos to books and websites. Many of these materials can be tailored to your individual needs, allowing you to get the most out of them and giving you the best chance of succeeding in your candle making efforts.


Videos are the perfect resource for beginners as they offer step-by-step instructions on how to create candles. You can easily find tutorial videos online, such as through YouTube or craft sites such as Etsy or Michaels.

These videos offer detailed instructions on how to make different types of candles, such as pillars, votives, tapers, and gel candles. This is a great resource if you need some guidance on getting started or if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with trying to handle all the aspects of creating this type of work.


Books are also an excellent source for learning how to create candles – they provide much more detailed information than what’s found through videos or websites. There are many instructional books available that cover everything from materials needed, tools used, safety considerations and tips & tricks for achieving great results.

Some popular books include “Candle Making Basics” by Candi Jensen and “The Candle Maker’s Bible” by Gloria Price. Having access to a book specifically about candle making will make sure participants understand all the finer points when it comes to crafting candles before their competition begins.


Websites offering information on candle making can be invaluable in understanding the different techniques involved in creating beautiful candles for your competition entry. A quick search on Google or any other major search engine will bring up several articles discussing the basics as well as provide helpful tips & advice from experienced makers.

The Craft Passion website offers an extensive tutorial section complete with diagrams where users can learn more in-depth about different types of waxes available and watch short clip demonstrations that explain specific techniques such as embedding wicks properly into wax containers and dyeing blocks of paraffin wax correctly.

Benefits of Participating in a Candle Making Competition

Taking part in a candle making competition can be immensely rewarding for participants. Not only does it provide an opportunity to showcase one’s creative skills, but the experience also gives participants numerous other benefits. Financial incentives and benefits for winners are perhaps the most obvious and visible advantage.

Candle Making Supplies Mann Lake

Many of these competitions provide cash rewards or prizes like gift vouchers for the top finishers. This can be a great way to defray any costs incurred as part of the competition or simply supplement one’s earnings as a reward for hard work.

Participants can also gain invaluable insights into how to make successful candles, be it in terms of choosing quality wax and fragrance or designing attractive appearances for the finished product. An organized competition with judging criteria such as these will help aspiring candle-makers understand what areas require greater focus or effort in order to create both functional and aesthetically appealing candles.

Additionally, even non-winners can benefit from working alongside experienced candle makers, learning their tips and tricks first-hand on techniques such as moulding and crafting different shapes of wax candles.

Taking part in a candle making competition also creates a great incentive to motivate and improve oneself over time, allowing competitors to finesse their craftsmanship while also challenging them to come up with new ideas for design each time they enter familiar competitions. Being exposed to other similar artisans provides another source of inspiration too, which may help individuals excel over time while striving towards bettering themselves with each attempt.

Such competitions provide endless excitement, drive and fulfillment which runners up or past record holders may never feel if left alone without any competitor striving against them.

Tips for Winning a Candle Making Competition in Schools

Candle making competitions in schools can be a fun and rewarding experience. While you may not win every competition, there are certain measures you can take to give yourself the best chance of success. Below is a list of tips to consider when entering a candle making competition:

  • Research your competition – research any prior winners of the competition along with their strategies for success.
  • Choose the Right Wax – Consider the types of wax available and their characteristics before deciding on one to use.
  • Create an Eye-Catching Design – Utilize colors, intricate patterns, and unique shapes as much as possible to visually stand out from other creations.
  • Practice – practice at home and make sure your finished product looks as close to perfect as possible prior to submission.
  • Choose Appropriate Molds – pick molds that complement the desired design. Then spend time melting, pouring, and cleaning up each mold until done correctly.

In addition to these tips, past competitors suggest also studying the judging criteria prior to entering. Some categories judges look for when rating candles include fragrance intensity, overall appearance such as shape or detail of design pattern, burn performance such as length of time it takes for all remaining wax to melt off after being lit etc.

Knowing what specific traits seem important allows participants to focus on those elements in their designs. To successfully win a candle making competition in school focus on creating beautiful designs while sticking within time limitations set forth by the judges.

It’s worthwhile researching different techniques used for wick placement in candles too since they impact burn performance greatly. Past winners have utilized multiple methods depending on size and type chosen such as thin string wicks for smaller candles or double bamboo wicks for large sizes.

In addition they pay attention while burning experiments occur throughout production phase by discarding any that don’t work efficiently or safely release fragrance expected by judges. Lastly wax temperature should always remain constant during pouring process which ensures stability of finished item so take proper precautions needed accordingly with heaters used if necessary at any point throughout task completion.


The candle making competition in schools has become a popular event that has encouraged many students to sharpen their skills in different areas. Students have enjoyed the challenge of not just making candles, but also learning about the science and art behind candle making. Through this experience, they have gained a deeper understanding of how things work together and further honed their creative skills.

Competitions such as these provide students with an opportunity to express themselves on a level beyond academic assignments and tests. With the help of teacher guidance and collaboration with peers, they can express their personality and abilities in more meaningful ways while building confidence through competition. The students’ enthusiasm for working towards a common goal is evident during these events and it helps bring out the best in them.

The impact of organizing candle making competitions in school cannot be overstated. Through this event, not only do students learn more about science and art, but also about teamwork, dedication, friendship, problem-solving and communication skills.

All these qualities are integral for one’s success in future life endeavors. Plus, the results from such competitions should be celebrated among all participants regardless of whether or not they take home the top prize as all those who took part have put forth their best efforts into accomplishing something great.

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