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Candle making has been a source of art and light for generations in Ft Lauderdale! The art of candle making began as early as the 1800s when there was an influx of settlers in South Florida. People used beeswax, tallow, lard, whale oil and other animal products to craft candles for the purpose of lighting homes. This same style is still being used to this day by some candle makers in the area.

The Benefits of Candle Making

Candle making in Ft Lauderdale has been a popular craft for many years. People love the creativity and relaxation candle making brings. It’s an inexpensive way to make beautiful gifts for family and friends that will be cherished.

One of the best parts about making candles in Ft Lauderdale is being able to use local materials. From coconut shells, seashells, palm fronds, and dried fruit we can add a bit of local flair to our creations. Plus, we can use all natural fragrances derived from native Citrus fruits or even sea salt.

Many people find that creating scented candles gives them a chance to relax and connect with themselves while they create something unique and special. One Ft Lauderdale resident said: “I love going deep into my creative side when I make candles—there’s so much freedom involved! Plus I now have a great gift…”

Ft Lauderdale candle makers are often surprised by the creative outlets their art provides when it comes to expressing themselves or just being present in the moment, especially if that time spent crafting is shared with others. Whether it’s through talking about different ideas or connecting over favorite scents, it can be incredibly bonding experience as well as providing stress relief from day-to-day activities. Another local candle maker noted it was “a wonderful way to destress after a long day.”

When you’re done creating your perfect scent blend (or maybe one item for each family member), there’s still more fun to have! You can go around town handing out your gorgeous homemade candles as gifts for birthdays or baby showers – sure to leave an impression – or you can spread more enjoyment by gifting them during the holiday season or at community events such as music festivals or farmer’s markets throughout the year! Making candles also offers an opportunity to work with your community because it opens doors to selling locally made items yourself which allows consumers within the area access exclusive products – further proving how this craft continues building connections!

Candle Making Courses Near Me

The Supplies Needed

Stores Close To City:
Hobby Lobby: 2800 North Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305; (954) 563-0904
Michaels: 1501 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304; (954) 566-9979
Joans Craft & Fabric Store: 1400 E Sunrise Blvd #100, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304; (954) 564-8588

Supplies Needed for Candle Making Projects:
• Wax – Including paraffin wax and soy wax flakes.
• Wicks – Including pre-tabbed wicks and natural cotton wicks.
• Melting Pots or Double Boilers – For melting the wax.
• Thermometer – For accurately measuring the temperature of the wax when pouring into molds.
• Candle Molds– Come in a variety of shapes and sizes for many different candle types to choose from.
• Fragrance– Organic essential oils or manufactured fragrance oils. Can be used to add scent to candles.
• Colorant– Food coloring can be added to colored candles.
• Wick Stickers– Used to secure wick tabs in place in center of mold while the wax sets.
• Glue Dots– Aid incentering wicks at top of candle container molds while the wax sets up after pouring in molds or containers.

Getting Started

Ft Lauderdale is a great place for those interested in learning about candle making. The classes, workshops and events available give customers the opportunity to learn key skills and techniques in creating their own unique candles.

A few of the beginner-friendly candle making classes available include the Candle Making Basics Class, the Soy Wax Candle Making Class, and the Gel Wax Candle Making Workshop. These classes offer step-by-step instruction on how to make your own special candles, such as wax melts, pillars or tapers. In addition, attendees receive hands-on experience on filling molds and aging wax as they craft their own interesting variety of (scented/unscented) candles.

Attendees can also join an event like the Candle Making with Essential Oils Workshop or participate in a DIY workshop to explore various scents and components used in candle making. These events are specifically designed to help those interested create customized aromas like lavender hay, sweet orange ginger or cedar wood for their candles.

Candle Making Business Plan PPT

Whether you’re interested in starting your own candle business or just want to make some beautiful decorative pieces for your home, Ft Lauderdale offers plenty of classes, workshops and events to get started with candle making!

Different Types of Candle Making

Specialized candles can be made in Ft Lauderdale just like anywhere else. Ideas and designs for these types of candles might include dipping candles, container candles, floating candles, taper candles, scented soy candles, wine bottle candles, chandelier-style multi-wick candles, aroma therapy candles with essential oils, beeswax birthday cakes, shaped novelty candles and specialty wax figures of animals or fruit. People can also explore advanced methods to decorate their finished products such as frosting/faux dripping ink tanks, crackling fluid effects using special waxes and paint effects using specially formulated pigments and glitter. With the right training and supplies, candle makers in Ft Lauderdale can have fun coming up with creative ideas for specialized candle making. They can get access to specialized equipment such as tealight molds or container molds or even order kits that allow them to try out different ideas without getting overwhelmed with too many supplies.


If you’re interested in learning more about candle making and uncovering the incredible crafts that can come out of it, join the candle making community in Ft Lauderdale. Take part in classes, events, and other activities with like-minded individuals, exploring the art of candle making together. So why don’t you come see what all the buzz is about? Join us in Ft Lauderdale to experience the amazing craft of candle making firsthand!

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