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Candle making has been a culturally significant activity in Hong Kong for centuries as it is seen to bring light, peace and comfort. Generally, traditional styles of Hong Kong candle-making involve dipping wicks into hot wax multiple times before allowing them to cool until hardened. A wide variety of materials are used in the craft; from tree sap extracted from different local trees, a special type of beeswax sourced from the Pearl River Delta, herbs native to the region and other natural ingredients.

Modern techniques have also evolved over time, along with an influx of different kinds of raw materials sourced and imported from around the world. Many contemporary methods are based on advances in science as well as advances in technology, though many creators still take time to admire and draw inspiration from more ancient forms such as those found carved in temples or documentations chronicled by travelers over the years.

Candle-making is deeply embedded into popular culture throughout Hong Kong and can be viewed in multiple public celebrations such as Chinese New Year or Easter. While it has become increasingly modernized, traditional approaches to candle-making still remain an important part of popular culture today – a reminder that these folk crafts were not born out of industrial practices but rather out of human creativity and ingenuity.


Candle making in Hong Kong has a long and illustrious history. In ancient times, candles were created from sticks of incense lit from the same flame. They were generally used for both spiritual and practical purposes. In the religious context of Taoism and Buddhism, candles played an important role during temple ceremonies and in honoring ancestor rites.

During the Ming Dynasty (1368″1644), cotton wicks soaked in oil or beeswax were crafted into handmade candles that became increasingly popular for use both in temples and households. After being introduced to different chemical compounds such as lard and paraffin wax, candle makers began producing tallow and wax-burning candlesticks during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912).

The Industrial Revolution opened up new possibilities in candle making when factories began to manufacture thousands of candles daily with improved designs, sizes and colors using animal waxes such as beeswax, spermaceti, lard or beef tallow. By mid 19th century these mass produced items had become everyday staples across Hong Kong.

In modern times, technology has enabled candlemakers to produce all sorts of attractive candles – from floating to scented versions – many of them with accompanying holders designed not just for practical purpose but also decorative effect in homes, hotels or public venues. This development has served to ensure Hong Kong’s candle making industry stays firmly on the map in today’s commercially driven world.

Traditional Candle-Making Techniques

Tools: One of the most important tools used in traditional candle-making in Hong Kong are wicks. This wicker material is woven with raw fibres like cotton or hemp. It is then soaked in a secret mixture of melted wax and other resins, which create an unstable combustion layer over the combustible fibre that ignites when exposed to heat. In addition, scissor-like tools called snuffers are also used for trimming and cutting wicks.

Materials: A variety of materials are employed during traditional candle-making in Hong Kong. The most iconic choice is beeswax, which has been harvested from beehives in the region ever since ancient times. Another popular choice is oilseed powder extracted from rape flowers, which can be coloured by adding natural pigments forproducing appealing results. Other than these two, some paraffin wax; tallow extract; essence plants like rosemary and lavender; as well as herbs and vegetable oils such as grape seed oil are all usedfor different types of candles.

How Much Is Wax For Candle Making?

Methods: Traditionally, candle-making processes involve both slow burning and fast honing techniques by expert craftsmen to produce quality candles with excellent lighting intensity and duration lasting all night. Firstly, these craftsmen would weave together multiple strands of the aforementioned wicker material depending on the desired size of the candlestick before dipping it into a bath of melted wax mixed with respective elements mentioned above (such asbeewax). After that, they would slowly hone it before finishing it off with specific dyes or decorations to make each model one-of-a-kind not found anywhere else!

Significance: Candle making was an essential part of life in traditional Hong Kong communities for many centuries for activities such as providing light during evenings and performancesto ward off evil spirits. Although modern technology has replaced many older ways of living, these skilled craftsmen have kept their culture alive by passing down their craftsmanship through multiple generations like apprenticeships – keeping this esteemed practice alive even in current times due to their passion in setting up workshops where anyone can learn about its importance .

Where to Buy Supplies

Candle making is becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong, as more and more crafters look to explore a variety of candle-making techniques. Fortunately, there are plenty of retail stores from which to purchase candle-making supplies in the city. For those looking for the ultimate selection, an artisan bazaar is the best option. Starting off with shops, craft stores like Michaels offer all the basic materials necessary to make most types of candles that are easy to use and less costly. There are many specialty shops throughout Hong Kong catering specifically to candle makers, whether they be store found on street level or located in malls specializing in crafting supplies; here shoppers can find more unique and advanced materials like shapes, molds, aromas and colored waxes. Online retail outlets also provide great access to both general and unique items offering their own convenience. Additionally there are artisan bazaars that rotate vendors selling specialized supplies. This allows shoppers a chance to meet different artisans each time allowing them unlimited access to tips about candle making as well as detailed descriptions of performance for each item available for sale giving buyers control over their projects.

Showcasing Local Artisans

Candle Making in Hong Kong spans an entire range of historical and contemporary styles. From the traditional crafts of ancient Chinese candle makers to the modern plastic moulders of the 21st century, the variety allows for creativity that has grown and evolved over time. To appreciate this craftsmanship, we share with you a collection of stories from some of the leading local artisans specialising in making different types of candles in Hong Kong.

Each story highlights an individual artist’s unique methods, materials and motivations behind their intricate creations. Through them you’ll gain an insight into the artistry involved in some of these hand-crafted works of art; from dipping large pillars to pouring intricate votives, these artisans have perfected their technique and developed unique styles that suit the dynamic demand trends within this industry. With techniques such as carving, dipping, rolling and pressing they transform simple wax into beautiful candle holders with distinct characteristics. You’ll also find out how these pieces are then adorned with deep vibrant colours or sparkles, inspiring aromas and delicate natural scents as well as application of various other creative elements such as shells and stickers for a truly one-of-a-kind creation perfect for any occasion or mood.

Alongside showcasing their work, we will also tell you about where these artists source their more sustainable materials from – paperwicks melted using oil extracted from peanuts or beeswax harvested locally by suppliers registered with a sustainability program – to give readers a better understanding of what goes into creating each unique candle piece. We hope this will inspire further appreciation not only for the craftsmanship but also for how helping protect our environment is part and parcel of creating these everlasting keepsakes.

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Learning How to Make Candles

Candle Making Hong Kong is a great way to learn the art of candle-making in this beautiful part of the world. In recent years, making candles has become increasingly popular and there are now more resources available than ever before.

Getting started with candle making in Hong Kong is easy and convenient, as there are numerous classes, courses, workshops, and online tutorials available. Candle-making classes offered by local instructors have become particularly prevalent, providing an opportunity to learn key principles and techniques from experienced practitioners in a hands-on fashion. Class sizes typically range from 2 to 8 students, allowing for the most individualized attention possible. Workshops, meanwhile, give participants access to specialized equipment that may not normally be available or suitable for home production of candles.

For those looking to learn how to make candles from their own home computer or device, there are also countless online resources available including websites featuring step-by-step tutorials with photographs or videos plus reviews from experienced makers of what worked well (or didn’t) for them. There are even apps designed specifically for interactive candle making at home too!

In addition to all these wonderful learning options, there are many shops located across Hong Kong where you can purchase supplies such as waxes, wicks and scents needed for making your own homemade candles. This means anyone interested in getting into the fun and creative hobby of do-it-yourself candle making can start easily and get up to speed quickly! So take a look around and find the best options to suit your own needs when beginning a journey into candle making in Hong Kong today!

Safety Tips

When making candles in Hong Kong, it is important to exercise caution and be mindful of safety. Always use a heat source that won’t ignite flammable items (ex. Open flames). Make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area. This will help minimize smoke and fumes caused by the melting wax. When heating wax, temperature should never exceed 102°C (216°F) to avoid an explosion or fire hazard. Be sure to keep unused wick away from heated wax, as this can cause the threads on the cotton core to ignite and create sparks. Ensure that burning candles do not come into contact with flammable materials such as curtains or paper to prevent a flame outbreak or thermal mishaps. Lastly, always make sure your children are supervised near any candle-making activities and take care when handling hot wax and melting solutions since they can cause skin burns if spilt on exposed skin.


Candle making is a great hobby to pick up in Hong Kong. It’s calm, therapeutic, and involves a process that’s simple enough to learn but still challenging enough to keep you engaged. To start candle making in the city, you need the appropriate materials and tools; you can find these easily from specialty stores as well as online merchants. You should also look up tutorials for tips and advice on preparing a fragrant wax blend, creating your own wick holders, forming heated containers, and aligning everything together. With some patience and imagination, candle making could become a hobby you not only enjoy doing but something that can give entertaining results.

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