Candle Making Jars Wholesale Australia

Introduction to Candle Making Jars Wholesale Australia

Wholesale candle making jars are becoming increasingly popular in Australia and for good reason. Not only do they come in a range of sizes, shapes and designs, but they represent an attractive and cost effective way to produce your own personalized handmade candles. The wide range of wholesale candle making jars available ensures you can find exactly the right one for your project. With so many options available understanding which type of jar will produce the best result for your desired end product is essential.

When selecting the perfect wholesale candle making jar for your project it is important to consider a few things such as the type of wax or mixture being used as well as other features. In some cases the use of a glass, metal or aluminum jar may be necessary depending on what mix you have selected. It’s also worth considering the compatibility with wicks and wax maximum fill line; this ensures that everything works perfectly together and there’s no chance of any burning incidents due to overflow or poor wicking selection.

Different decorative finishes are also available that offer extra appeal when selling candles. From unique colored lids, paints and labels, there’s something to match any motif or design you have in mind. Colored jars are gaining popularity as they add another layer of depth to these pieces-and a greater sense of cohesion and balance within your overall design aesthetic.

Lastly, feel sure that when buying from Australia-based companies-such as Candle Making Jars Wholesale-you will be getting quality products at an affordable price point without sacrificing quality or safety standards during production. This allows craftspeople to utilize their skills with peace of mind knowing their work is safe and produced using sustainable materials that won’t need replacing very soon after purchase.

How to Find Quality Candle Making Jars

When shopping for candle making jars, it’s important to determine size, shape, colour, and quality. The size of jar you need will depend on how much wax is needed to fill the container and how big the candle will be when lit. As far as shapes go, the most popular candle making jars are round, square, or hexagon shaped with a wide mouth opening for easy pouring. A wide selection of colours can also be found in wholesale Australia. Choose hues that fit your decor or unique needs such as metallics or pastels that bring a festive touch to your candles. Lastly, make sure to assess quality by checking for cracks or chips in the glass before purchasing any wholesale items Australia-wide. Pay close attention to weight of the jars too as this is a good indication of overall construction and durability ensuring you have quality pieces each time.

Popular Brands for Candle Making Jars

Greensborough Candle Supplies: Greensborough Candle Supplies offers a wide variety of wholesale candle making jars. Some popular products include their 260ml Straight Sided Jar range, their 330ml Dublin Jar Range and the 230ml Hexagon jar. All of these jars are made from quality glass which is lead-free and UV protected. The company is well known for its attention to detail in product design and customer service. Additionally, as one of the leading cosmetic suppliers in Australia, it guarantees swift delivery and safe packaging for each order.

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ES Candlesupply: ES Candlesupply have an extensive range of wholesale candle making jars created by experienced in-house designers. Their specialty includes unique designer styles, such as the contemporary 340ml Boston Coin Jar or the 190ml Victorian Tureen Jar. They also offer a selection of colored, scented and plain oil waxes for use with all types of candles. Furthermore, ES Candlesupply provides after sales support and fast courier delivery Australia-wide.

External Candles: External Candles supplies premium fragranced candles and accessories to customers across Australia. Their collections include wax melts, wicks, wick holders and more with both reed diffusers and candle making jars available in a variety of sizes. Their high-end selection predominantly features 330ml Straight sided Jars with wooden lids, as well as cylinder Mason jarsand exclusive Silver Bullets — vegan friendly tins containers designed specifically to house luxury aromatherapy products.

Candle Manufacturer Australia: Candle Manufacturers provide professional grade products for manufacturering candles at home. They stock a number of shapes, sizes and colors ranging from classic 50ml votives to 2 litre bulk jugs — perfect for larger batch projects or commercial uses like salons and spas. All components supplied are made from premium materials ensuring long lasting strength quality; ensuring products never compromise under heat or weight presssurechanges in wax during cooling cycles remain unpredictable outside controlled conditions found within factory floors

Where to Get the Best Deals

Finding the best deals on candle making jars in Australia is no small feat. To start, it helps to be knowledgeable about the different types of jars available and the prices you should expect to pay for them. Researching suppliers is also essential in order to identify vendors that offer good prices and quality products.

Once potential suppliers are identified, contact them and ask for a quote detailing any discounts, shipping charges, and delivery timescales. It may also be worth asking suppliers if they can provide samples or mockups of their product lines so customers can see for themselves what is being offered.

It’s also important to be aware of any relevant industry standards – access resources such as the Australian Glass Packaging Manufacturers Association which promote best practices regarding electric glassware and packaging products. Allergens and hazardous materials should not be present in any product according to these guidelines. Keeping up with current trends can help differentiate your product offering from competitors too – being aware of new types of finishing styles or colors may give your candle making jar collection an edge over other suppliers’.

Finally, ask questions about payment terms (if you’re uncertain about anything) prior to placing an order any ensure that production schedules are discussed prior to confirming an agreement with a supplier. By understanding these steps and strategies in advance, customers will be better-equipped when attempting to source high-quality candle making jars at low wholesale prices in Australia.

Candle Making Jar Maintenance and Storage

Candle making jars require careful maintenance and storage to ensure that they remain in pristine condition. Proper cleaning and storage is a must! Here are some tips for ensuring that your candle making jars remain in excellent condition:

• Regularly clean the outside of the candle making jars with warm soapy water. Dish soap or even shampoo is a good option for regular cleaning.

• If fragrance oil has discolored the jar, use rubbing alcohol on a cloth to wipe off any residue. It may take multiple wipes with different cloths to get it all off without scratching or damaging your glassware.

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• Wax savers should always be used when pouring wax into the jars; not only do they prevent overpouring, but they also help keep your jar clean as you change out your wicks and other supplies regularly.

• Store unused candle making jars away from direct sunlight and away from extreme temperatures ” neither strong heat nor cold will do them any favors! You can store them in sealed plastic bags if you wish.

• Make sure the lids fit securely on each jar before storing; loose lids can lead to condensation buildup inside the jar, potentially causing damage to them over time.

Creative Ideas for Decorating Candle Making Jars

Painting Candle Making Jars: The simplest way to decorate candle making jars is by painting them. Oil paints and acrylics each work well on glass candle jars, with each offering distinct advantages in terms of colour vibrancy, texture and application. Applying several thin coats of paint, using a delicate brush or small roller will ensure the best results when creating an even coverage on the jar. For a unique twist on a classic look, why not try using glitter spray or glue to add some sparkle to your beautiful jars?

Decorating with Glue and Hot Glue: Try forming intricate patterns with hot glue onto your jar ” from spectacular swirls, pretty petals and more! Using basic craft glue (such as PVA-based glue) can be used to apply fabric, paper and other embellishments for extra decoration. Simply cut motif shapes out of scrapbook paper, fabric pieces or strips of ribbon; then apply a healthy layer of glue to both the back of the embellishment and inside the jar ” press down firmly for even coverage.

Adding Accents: To dress up your projects further you can use beads or sequins for extra effects! Secure beads around the rim of your glass jars with metal pliers or thread chord through the holes. You can also use decorative wire accents to wrap around jars ” this works well when paired with feathers, small leaves and pieces of driftwood.


If you’re interested in buying candle making jars wholesale in Australia, there are a few key takeaways to keep in mind. Firstly, it’s important to do your research and always read the product descriptions and labels carefully. There is a wide range of different candle making jars available, ranging in material, size, design, and capacity for different uses. Secondly, when shopping for candle making jars, it helps to understand the safety requirements and regulations for using them, as well as to find out if there are any local restrictions on their use. Finally, take your time to shop around for the best deals and prices available from wholesalers in Australia. This will allow you to make sure that you are getting a great value for your money. With careful planning and research into the different options available for buying wholesale candle making jars in Australia, your project should be off to an excellent start!

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