Candle Making Kit Lincraft

The Candle Making Kit Lincraft is an excellent choice for beginners interested in candle making.Everything you need is included in the kit: wax, wick, molds, dyes, and fragrances. With the complete step-by step instructions and templates, it takes the guesswork out of making your own candles.

You can customize your creations to match any décor, mood or season with scents and colors. The Candle Making Kit Lincraft includes all you need to start creating unique and beautiful handcrafted candles from home.

The Candle Making Kit Lincraft comes with useful tools for a successful candle-making experience.For anyone new to candle making, it includes helpful tips on how to choose materials and craft original designs. As well as a variety of molds that make producing custom shapes possible. Also included are wicks that easily fit into each mold letting you create different sizes and styles that would otherwise take too much effort without the starter kit’s tools available at hand.

The instructions included in the Candle Making Kit Lincraft make it easier than ever for beginners to produce their own stunning creations without having previous knowledge of proper candle crafting methods. You can control the amount of scent added by varying the type of fragrances used in order to suit every occasion.

If preferred, you can also add colors into your wax mixture which help further customize your candles according to specific tastes and preferences whilst also providing spectacular visual effects. Finally an array of special decorating tools such as ribbon allow for personalized touches once your masterpiece is finished off with extra details that stand out even more.

Advantages & Benefits of Candle Making Kit Lincraft

  • Candle Making Kit Lincraft makes it easier to create different types of candles.
  • It includes all the required materials and tools to ensure that all the steps are followed properly and perfectly.
  • From beginners to experienced, everyone can make custom candles with this kit and use their own ideas for decoration.

The Candle Making Kit Lincraft is the perfect solution for anyone looking to get into candle making. This kit has all the important parts and pieces needed for successful candle production; from wax, wicks, tools, tins and dyes. This comprehensive guide will give insight about how each component works together to create a unique candle. Whether you’re an amateur or pro, this candle-making system will keep you enthusiastic with new creations and ideas.

One of the most advantageous components of this kit is varied variety of materials included in one convenient package. Each box contains multiple dyes, essential oils, scents and wax to make every creation completely unique with endless colour combinations. Mixing different colours can produce wonderful effects that would be suitable for any occasion – parties, festive celebrations or gift sets – everything is on offer here. Also included are various additions such as glitters and crystals for even more eye-grabbing designs.

Furthermore, Candle Making Kit Lincraft allows users to express their creative flair through different shapes and sizes; round and oval containers in two distinct sizes provide room for creative juices to flow without lack of space. With three different lengths of wick ranging from short to tall also included in the box, there is assured notion that whatever size container used; your desired outcome will be achieved perfectly creating a masterpiece with unbeatable quality.

Finally, once wax has been melted down creating a delightful combination of colours it is time think about decorations. As previously mentioned glitter & beads can be used however accompanying tin boxes also come with an array lids that vary diametrically between each other which allow users to enhance their candles even further by adding some luxe touches such as ribbons or lace which will be sure impress friends and family alike.

Components & Materials of Candle Making Kit Lincraft

The Candle Making Kit Lincraft provides all the components and materials needed for making beautiful candles. It includes a special candle wax in two different colors, two wicks, 6-7 dragees as well as colored thread and an instruction book to help get started. The candle wax in this kit is perfect for anyone wanting to try out candle making.

It is made from natural soybeans so no nasty toxins or chemicals and it releases a pleasant scent when burning. The wick is made of bamboo or wood which helps create an even and long-lasting flame while the dragees add a unique touch of decoration. The instruction book helps newbies learn how to measure, mix, pour and assemble the candles properly which will result in a high quality product that will look great in any room.

The kit also contains special accessories such as colored thread which helps give the candles another layer of texture and color. This can be used either on its own or alongside the dragees for added depth and dimension.

Beeswax Candle Making Kits

The kit also comes with an instructional guide containing step-by-step instructions to make basic candles as well as troubleshooting tips for more difficult projects. So regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional, this kit has something to offer everybody.

Additionally, the Candle Making Kit Lincraft also includes other helpful items such as scissors which are essential when cutting wicks and measuring wax with precision. Additionally, mold release spray enables users to drop wax cleanly onto the surface reducing mess in your workspace.

Finally, some additional safety items such as oven mitts are provided with each purchase that allow wearers greater protection against accidental burns from heated supplies. All these accessories help make the process of creating beautiful candles simpler than ever before.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Use Candle Making Kit Lincraft

Paragraph 1 Candle making kits are an excellent way to get started crafting a beautiful and unique range of candle designs. The Candle Making Kit Lincraft is an excellent starter package, containing all the necessary materials needed to make four beautiful candles in an assortment of colors.

With this kit, you’ll love creating your own personalized candles that will light up any room they’re placed in. To use this kit, simply follow the easy step-by-step instructions below:

  • Gather the included tools and supplies.
  • Melt down the included wax and pour it into the silicone moulds.
  • Add desired fragrance oils into the melted wax.
  • Place dye chips above melting surface while wax is still liquid.
  • Leave them to cool completely before removing from moulds.

Paragraph 2 In order to ensure a successful candle design with your Candle Making Kit Lincraft, it is important to get familiar with the various tools that come with it. A double boiler is necessary for melting down Dow F511 wax crystals, which form single-pour votive candles.

The kit also comes with wick pins that can help hold wicks in place during pouring, as well as scent sticks and steamproof dye chips so you can easily incorporate fragrance and color into your candles.

Additionally, Silicon “teacup” moulds provide detailed shapes and sizes for votives or container candles. All of these essentials come in handy when attempting to create different styles of self-made scented candles.

Paragraph 3 The process of actually making your very own candle designs with the Candle Making Kit Lincraft is relatively straightforward but rewarding nonetheless. Initially, gather all essential items included in kit before beginning work on your project. Melt down wax beads over a double boiler before evenly pouring them inside prepared moulds one at a time.

Add intricate tinges of colour by inserting dye chips during the melting process. For desirable aromas and fragrances, feel free to add drops or squirts of desired oil scents into liquids as necessary before proceeding onto next step: letting liquid cool down for some time until fully set. Finally after pour has cooled completely and slowly separated from edges – remove candle from mold – enjoy.

Creative Candle Making Ideas & Recipes

The Candle Making Kit from Lincraft is a wonderful way to create your own custom candles at home. This kit comes with all the necessary supplies and tools you need so you can start right away. The kit includes soy wax, fragrance oils, dye chips, heating equipment, wicks, and other accessories. The wicks come pre-poured so they are ready to be lit – no messy pouring yourself.

There are plenty of creative candle making ideas included in this kit. With over 50 recipes such as spiced cider votives, Halloween tea light Luminaries, and summer scents such as lavender or peppermint you can make exactly what type of candle best reflects your style and personality.

As well as the fragrances provided, there is also information on how to infuse plants/herbs into wax with a step-by-step guide included in the package. As using plants/herbs can take longer, having an easy-to-follow guide makes it much easier to have complete control over the finished product that you’ll be proud to show off around friends and family.

The kit also contains essential safety information about working with hot wax; particularly when adding essential oil and colourant additions. This covers basic safety tips ranging from wearing protective eye wear to ensuring nothing more flammable than the melting equipment itself is near candles in production; something especially relevant for younger children who may wish to help or join in making these delightful homemade treats too.

Every step of the process has been considered by Lincraft making sure that not only do their customers have awesome results but do this safely; passing on knowledge and tradition just like candle makers did for centuries before us.

Finally all of the simplistic yet beautiful packaging makes this a great gift idea for a friend or family member who loves crafty projects or even simply a candle lover whom wants to make unique gifts without breaking the bank.

Advanced Candle Making Tips & Tricks

The Candle Making Kit from Lincraft is a great option for anyone looking to take their candle making skills to the next level. This kit includes various wicks, waxes, molds, scents and dyes allowing you to take on more complicated projects.

The included instructions are an excellent starting point but sometimes you need extra guidance when it comes to more advanced techniques. Below are some advanced candle making tips & tricks that will help you complete your most challenging candle crafting projects.

Clear Wax Candle Making

One of the most important elements when it comes to advanced candle making is proper wick selection. Selecting the right length and type of wick can make or break a project.

You should always look at the manufacturer’s suggestions as well as consider factors such as the type of wax, the size of your container and any fragrance oils or colorants you plan on using. In addition, make sure that the wick itself is securely fastened in order to avoid scorching or over-burn problems.

In addition to choosing the right candle wicks, it’s essential to measure out all ingredients properly for optimal burning performance and scent throw. First, determine how much of each product your project requires by accounting for amount used vs desired results.

You should also adjust your measurements depending on any additives you use like colorants or fragrance oils which can affect overall burn time or intensity of scent throw. Then, be sure your measurements are accurate by using digital scales during this process for best results.

Finally, try experimenting with different layering techniques during your advanced candle making projects. Consider either using two separate waxes combined – one with strong scent capacity and one with longer burn time – or multiple wax layers with different dyes for an interesting effect in finished candles. Both methods will lend unique results that can help capture attention among friends and family who appreciate handmade candles like those made with the Candle Making Kit from Lincraft.

Customer Reviews & Feedback on Candle Making Kit Lincraft

The Lincraft Candle Making Kit has become a popular item for those wanting to make their own candles from the comfort of their homes. With an abundance of tools and instructions, it allows users to make a variety of candles with ease and confidence.

Easy-to-Follow Instructions

One thing that customers appreciate about this kit is its comprehensive instructions. Along with detailed steps on how to use the included tools and supplies, the instruction booklet includes safety guidelines for working with candle wax and other materials. Customers have had success following along as they craft their candles, even if they have no experience in candle making. The instructions are easy-to-follow and allow for a wide degree of creativity when selecting scents, dyes and molds.

Variety of Items Included in Kit

The Lincraft Candle Making Kit also comes with a great selection of supplies that enable users to get creative when crafting. These include wicks, wax, molds, fragrances, dye blocks and melting pots for holding wax or heating molds prior to pouring paperclips and wick sticks used for securing the wick into the bottom of containers or jars before pouring. All these items encourage aspiring crafters to let their imaginations run wild as they make beautiful handcrafted candles from scratch.

Affordable DIY Solution

Finally, customers appreciate the affordability of this Candle Making Kit from Lincraft. For the initial outlay customers can easily customize their own agenda with a wide range of types without spending vast amounts that would normally be associated with such an endeavour from scratch – including hefty cake decorating fees.

Customers especially like that not only can they save money by crafting their own homemade candles, but also feel proud knowing that each one was made by them alone from start to finish.


Overall, I found the Candle Making Kit Lincraft to be a worthwhile and enjoyable purchase. Throughout my experience, I was able to understand the basics of candle making and tailor each candle to my liking. By working with the individual components provided in the kit, I was able to make four unique candles: Lavender & Vanilla, Cucumber & Mint, Cinnamon and Pineapple.

The kit comes well stocked with various tools and supplies, including wax strips in eight colours and scents, wicks in five sizes, wax pouring jugs and dyes. What I liked best about the kit is that it also includes an instructional manual where I could learn the specifics on how to make candles as well as troubleshooting tips for different problems that may come up during wax preparation and pouring.

Therefore, it allows people of all levels of knowledge about candle making to use this product safely and effectively.

I had so much fun experimenting with different scent combinations in order to create interesting fragrances for my candles and spent several days pouring practice candles until I got them perfect. In addition, being able to customize each of my candles with unique decorative touches such as bows or stickers allowed me to express my creativity.

My final thoughts on using Candle Making Kit Lincraft are positive because not only am I now more confident in making homemade candles but also have improved items around my home offering a pleasant scent all over every room.

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