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Candle making is a craft that has been around for centuries. It is not just an old-time hobby, it is a growing trend in the modern society.

Candle making has recently become very popular in Lafayette, Indiana due to the growing market of homemade goods and art. Candle making is an especially enjoyable activity as it allows people to be creative with their projects by using materials such as waxes, scents, and dyes while creating a pleasant ambiance in any home or area of relaxation.

The Benefits of Candle Making There are many benefits associated with candle making. For starters, it can be both fun and therapeutic. Studies have shown that activities such as candle making can help reduce anxiety and take one’s mind off the hectic pace of everyday life.

Additionally, candle making at home also allows people to save on buying store bought candles which can get expensive over time. The process also teaches us patience, allowing us to work through difficulties together while enjoying ourselves at the same time. Plus, once you master a skill like this you will be able to gift your friends and family with special handmade candles whenever they need a pick me up.

Popularity of Candle Making In Lafayette IN The popularity of candle making in Lafayette IN has been steadily increasing since its introduction to the public some years ago. One big reason behind this is because many local stores that offer handmade items showcase these products proudly.

Plus, the growing movement towards sustainability and eco-friendliness has inspired individuals to make their own candles instead of purchasing them from manufacturers who may use questionable ingredients or practices. Furthermore, people all over the city appreciate handmade goods more now because they come with ethics attached – things like quality assurance when it comes to natural components and fair labour practices when producing them locally.

History of Candle Making in Lafayette IN

Candle Making in Lafayette, Indiana has a long and fascinating history. Dating back to the early days of European settlement in the area, candle making builds upon a rich culture and heritage that still exists today. The following are some interesting facts about the culture and history of candle making in this part of Indiana:

  • One of the area’s first documented candle makers was William Lough from Berlin, England. He emigrated to Lafayette in 1851 and opened up his own shop on Main Street.
  • The tradition of the handcrafted beeswax candle continued until the 1950s when electricity began to dominate homes.
  • Creating beautiful beeswax candles quickly became popular throughout Lafayette and surrounding areas for their unique beauty and fragrant aroma.

The process for producing candles remained relatively unchanged over the years while other advances such as pre-formed molds began to be used instead of hand-dipping into buckets filled with molten wax. During the 19th century, different methods were developed by local makers to improve on traditional techniques. This included adding scents, introducing color through dyes and using chemicals such as sal ammoniac or stearic acid which gave greater control over burning consistency.

The development of pre-molded wicks for larger candles also allowed for a more uniform shape that burned cleaner with minimal dripping. One notable advancement during this period was the introduction of paraffin wax – a product derived from petroleum that burnt hotter and longer than it’s predecessor.

Through much experimentation Edison eventually developed an automated process for producing bulk candles using paraffin wax – an invention that revolutionized large scale operations across America during this time period. Even in Lafayette however, creating hand dipped beeswax candles continued to thrive due to their popularity within niche markets wishing to use them within their ceremonies or rituals.

Despite immense competition existing from mass production styles made available via new technologies, people still held a strong affinity towards handmade products given their appearance as well as taste profile since just one degree difference in temperature could render extraordinary outcomes when it came to scenting these items correctly.


Candle making is a popular hobby and craft trend that is growing in popularity across Lafayette IN. Not only have candle makers found their niche in customizing and providing unique decorative pieces, but they have also created an array of fragrant products that provide aromatherapy benefits and therapeutic effects. There are limitless possibilities for people wanting to get creative with their candle making projects.

The trend of making sample candles before committing to larger batches or unusually shaped molds has become a beneficial part of the process for anyone seeking the perfect product. Candle makers can create small ‘test’ samples by using inexpensive materials such as wax paper cups or aluminum foil tins to gain a better understanding of how much pigment, scent, and stearic acid is necessary for successful results.

Benefits Of Candle Making

  • Create your own customized d├ęcor
  • Enjoy aromatherapy benefits from natural scents
  • Reap therapeutic benefits from essential oils
  • Learn new crafts skills
  • Gain experience with sample runs before committing to larger batches
  • Make affordable gifts that will leave a lasting impression

Materials Needed For Candle Making

Candle making does require some supplies – most of which can be reused for multiple projects – such as waxes, fragrances, wicking, coloring agent, and containers/molds. All these must be weighed accurately so that each batch behaves as it should once it has solidified.

Romantic Candles Ideas

The right tools – such as scales, double boiler (or microwave), thermometer, melters/pots holders (for example tin cans) pourers and wax strainer – are also needed if you plan on creating your own candles with precision control over your recipes.


Lafayette IN provides an excellent range of supplies and materials for candle makers. Whether it is a hobby or for a business, there are several different options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular resources available:

  • Local Craft Stores – craft stores offer a great selection of supplies, such as colors, waxes and wicks. These stores also typically have staff members who are knowledgeable about candle making and can help you with any questions you might have.
  • E-commerce Candle Supply Stores – with an increasing number of online stores offering discounted prices on supplies, these sites can be a great resource for candle makers in Lafayette IN. Many specialty items like candle molds and fragrance oils can often be found at a fraction of the cost that traditional retail stores may offer.
  • >Online Forums – with the power of the internet connecting people all over the world, many communities share their knowledge and passion for candle making via online forums. You may find some great tips, new recipes, or even discover unique product ideas through these outlets.
  • Craft Fairs & Markets – Though not as common as they once were, smaller fairs & markets tend to have niche products for special needs like candles. They may feature local artisans who specialize in particular types of candles or supplies that you won’t necessarily find elsewhere.

In addition to these resources, there are also other sources available that carry a wide variety of products that can be useful when making candles in Lafayette IN. Many home decorating shops will have non-traditional items like pressurized cans for creating unusual shapes and sizes-perfect if you’re looking to create something unique or special in your own creations. Similarly art galleries provide an array of attachments that may prove useful when crafting one’s very own masterpiece.

Finally large chain stores such as department stores commonly carry basic offerings (e.g., containers). If no other more specialized resources suit your needs then these outlets do present a viable option.

Experiences of Local Candle Makers

Do-it-yourself candle making is a popular hobby for many people from Lafayette In. Creative candle makers will explore the endless possibilities of scents, styles, designs and colors that can make personalized containers to smell any home. Many avid DIY candle makers from Lafayette have shared their experiences and handcrafted products.


Many experienced local DIYers have been interviewed by local media outlets about their craft. Jane Doe has been making candles around Lafayette for over five years and shares her experiences with reporters. She tells them that it’s very fun to be creative and choose the colors, shapes, waxes, and wicks for each project she makes.

Jane says that the most important part is finding the right balance of scent notes in order to create her desired fragrance blend. She also mentions that buying high quality supplies is essential in order to achieve great results every time while avoiding common mistakes like cracking glass containers from overheating wax while pouring it into the container or using the wrong size wick for a particular container size.

Video Reviews

In addition to interviews, locals often upload videos showcasing their homemade candles on social media platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. Sara Smith from Lafayette has over 1000 followers who watch her videos where she shares her experience as a beginner candle maker and provides reviews of different types of materials she’s tried out with tutorials along with helpful tips such as how to package them cheaply.

Her viewers love her frank candor while she speaks about everything from failures in experimentation to successes in estimating correct amounts of fragrances oils needed for a given project as well as what lights work best for creating ambient lighting effects. She also posts pictures onto different sites along with links to purchase supplies from vendors across America or even those located locally inside city limits.

Candle Suppliers

For those who are looking for unique supplies and ingredients, there are several suppliers located nearby Lafayette, IN both online and physically positioned stores/shops offering a wide range of options at reasonable prices. JCPenney department store has an abundance of candle jars/containers/tins available at great discounts while Craftmasters offers an extensive selection of waxes plus award winning fragrances which come in various sizes suited for numerous projects.

Also Don’s Candles provides both pre-made kits that include everything needed right out of box plus unique scents like exotic fruits without overpowering base notes such as vanilla bean when burning or diffusing through air respectively.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Quality Candles in Lafayette IN

Identifying Quality Waxes

When it comes to candle making, quality wax is one of the most important components. Natural waxes such as beeswax and soy are popular choices because they burn cleanly and impart pleasant aromas. Blended waxes such as palm or coconut oil can also be used but can produce smoke when burning.

Paraffin wax is another popular choice and is easier to melt and pour than natural waxes. It will produce an even burn with a strong scent that will last for longer than natural options. To ensure quality, candle makers in Lafayette IN should choose a reputable source when purchasing their wax.

Scented Candles Are Popular Among Customers

Candles made with scents are particularly sought after by customers in Lafayette IN. Quality, essential oils offer the best option in terms of scent potency and longevity when burned.

Candle Making Supplies Dropship

When using essential oils for scenting purposes, it’s important to use only those formulated specifically for candle making as the concentration levels vary significantly between products. Candle makers should also carefully consider the scent combination when using multiple essences as fragrances can either complement or clash drastically depending on their blend or proportions used.

Choose the Appropriate Wicks

The wick chosen should be heat resistant and provide steady, flame-free burning characteristics all while producing minimal smoke when burnt. The core material of the wick should also suit the type of container being used as different materials will produce different results.

For instance, metal containers increase heat which often leads to faster burning rates difference compared with glass jars or other containers made from ceramic materials in which heat is dissipated more slowly leading to slower burn rates without increasing soot production.

Popular Candle Making Classes and Workshops

Candle making is an enjoyable and therapeutic activity that can open up a whole world of creativity and bring a heightened sense of satisfaction as you craft your own unique creations. This art has been popular since antiquity, with candles being lit to ward off evil spirits or used for religious purposes.

Nowadays, it can be enjoyed as a fun hobby or relaxing form of self-expression. In Lafayette, Indiana, there are a few high-quality candle-making classes, workshops and programs available for those interested in learning more about the craft.

Candle Excellence Class & Workshop

Run by indySoft Scents LLC, this class allows participants to learn the basic techniques of candle making including how to make scented soy wax votive candles using natural botanical materials such as dried flowers, needles and bark for decoration. The instructor is knowledgeable when it comes to teaching the art of candle making, having many years’ experience in the field.

The workshop offers in-depth tutorials on the process – from scent selection to pouring and proper wicking technique – which makes it ideal for those wanting to take their skills up a notch as well as complete beginners.

Candle Making Workshops at Monon Memory Makers

Monon Memory Makers offer beginner’s workshops at one of their store locations in Lafayette where participants learn all the basics when it comes to candle making technologies and procedures while trying their hand at crafting some beautiful items with takes home once they have seen through the class’ duration. Participants have also gone on record stating that some interesting facts about the history of different types of candles were included during these classes which made them more engaging.

There is also another more advanced class if you feel like taking your love for this art further.

3 Divine Scents Candle Making Classroom

The Divine Scents Candle Making Classroom offers several workshops throughout the year focusing on teaching people how to make organic beeswax pillar candles at affordable prices in an interactive environment under professional guidance from experienced experts in this craft. This school works with small groups so each participant gets time and attention needed, not only advancing their knowledge but also inspiring their creative process giving them ideas creating fun projects from scratch.

What’s more – depending upon enrollment numbers – special holiday fan kits containing seasonal scents are provided as part of package, adding an extra bundle value.

  • Candle Excellence Class & Workshop
  • Candle Making Workshops at Monon Memory Makers
  • Divine Scents Candle Making Classroom

Starting Your Own Candle Making Business from Lafayette IN

Candle making in Lafayette, IN is becoming an increasingly popular hobby. For those who are interested in starting their own business, there are several pros and cons to consider before taking the plunge. One big upside is being able to showcase your work and build a customer base locally.

By selling your products in local stores, online or attending craft fairs, you can establish yourself as a candle maker and expand your reach beyond your city limits. Additionally, you have the opportunity to be creative with scents and designs which allows you to stand out amongst competitors.

However, like any other small business venture, candle making comes with some potential downsides. Before starting this business model it’s important to know that ingredients used for candle making can be expensive, creating a start up cost before even being able to make a profit.

You will also need to market yourself in order for customers to learn about what you offer which could come at an expense unless you are experienced in digital marketing or willing to take time learning it. Additionally, if starting an online store which requires website hosting fees along with taxes and shipping fees another costs may incurr.

Starting a candle making business from Lafayette IN is both an exciting and challenging endeavor but definitely worth pursuing for those people passionate about crafting quality candles. There are numerous resources available when it comes to researching supplies and advertising so it’s important to spend time finding the ones that will give valuable insight on how best approach this venture.

With research combined with experience and dedication anyone can make their mark in the industry while doing something they love.

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