Candle Making Lancashire

Introduction to Candle Making Lancashire

Lancashire is a county rich in history and heritage. Its traditions and culture have shaped the face of candle making across the United Kingdom and Europe. From its humble beginnings in the early industrial revolution to its modern resurgence, Lancashire is steeped in the art of flame manipulation and wax creation.

The traditional techniques used for candle making remain largely unchanged from those used by our ancestors, with much of the knowledge handed down through generations within the candle-making communities. This fusion of community knowledge and external influences has seen Lancashire become an important trendsetter for pioneering design.

A key indicator of this cultural identity can be found in archives dedicated to rural England which show how integral candle-making workshops were to village life through the 19th century onwards. With tools passed down from generation to generation, craftspeople across Lancashire trailblaze ancient technologies. From twin wick molding, dipping, shaping and rolling candles ” all are now woven into a rich tapestry of skills that make up this unique industry right at the heart of England’s northwest corner.

The Candle Making Process in Lancashire

The candle making process in Lancashire begins with the selection of wax, which is then melted and molded into a shape. Once the desired shape is achieved, the wax is then tinted with a variety of colors to create eye-catching designs. Essential oils and fragrances are combined to add scent of any kind according to customer preferences. Wicks are then added next, using either a cotton or wood core, depending on the type of candle being produced. According to each customer’s request, various accessories may be used to finish off the candle such as metal frames or wick dippers. Finally, after inspecting the finished product for blemishes or other flaws, the candle will be packaged up and shipped out to customers all over Lancashire.

Popular Products Made in Lancashire

Lancashire is well known for its crafty quality candle makers, who have been churning out candles in a vast range of sizes, shapes and colours for decades. Popular brands such as Waxhouse Candles, Yorkshire Candles and Candle Comfort are all based in Lancashire with signature designs that make them stand out from the crowd.

Tall pillar candles are a common sight around wholesalers and retailers in Lancashire with even some smaller brands coming through offering beautiful variations in colour, shape or scent. These often come in seasonal fragrances such as cinnamon and nutmeg for the colder months or fruity citrus such as lime or grapefruit for spring. Votive and tealight mini candles can be seen everywhere too with ornate holders to create an ambience setting perfect for dinner parties or romantic evenings.

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There are also more specialised handmade petite and floating candles available, many of which can be custom ordered to include personal messages. These are often purchased as gifts to commemorate important occasions or as favour ideas at weddings receptions. Overall, Lancashire is full of talented candle makers crafting superior quality products that are enjoyed across the United Kingdom.

Lancashire’s Expertise in Candles

Lancashire is known for its commitment to expert craftsmanship, especially when it comes to candle making. For hundreds of years people in Lancashire have produced some of the finest candles in the country, and their dedication to high-quality design ensures that customers are always satisfied with their handiwork.

One notable Lancashire candlemaker is Wickless Candles, whose attention to detail and wide selection of scented and unscented candles has earned them dozens of success stories from customers all over the world. They are also certified for their use of eco-friendly materials and processes, ensuring that every product is produced responsibly.

Local artisans like Matt Harrison and Son Jnr offer classes on candlemaking techniques at their factory in nearby Rossendale Valley. Furthermore, since 2008, Lancashire artists have taken part in Candlefest the North West’s largest celebration of candle making culture each year. During Candlefest works such as ambient wax sculptures are displayed alongside photographs taken by local photographers which document the unique craftsmanship behind candle making in Lancashire.

Candle Making Activities in Lancashire

Candle making activities in Lancashire are plentiful and vibrant. There are many workshops that take place across the county, which allow people to learn the techniques of candle-making through hands-on courses. These courses can range from one day taster sessions to several week-long classes, depending on the skill level of the participant.

For those looking for open studios, there are places like The Candle Bar in Manchester, where visitors can book experience packages and be introduced to various ways of making candles, such as using soy wax or using a professional double boiler system. Working with experienced makers and chandlers, guests will learn how to create different types of scented candles from scratch – from experimenting with different fragrances and moulds to decanting and wicking their own creations.

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Other unique experiences include Candle Making at Oldhame Castle near Blackburn, where visitors can take part in cultural exchanges with experts from around the world as they make their own candle creations; “Taste & Make” at Warther Chocolate Factory in Thornton Cleveleys allows your family to learn about traditional soy wax candle-making techniques; and festive workshops by Tealightful Events in Lytham St Annes invite participants to handcraft personalised scented candles.

Whatever type of experience you’re looking for when it comes to Candles Making in Lancashire, there is something available for all ages and abilities!

Benefits of Buying Candles from Lancashire

Buying and gifting candles from Lancashire comes with many benefits. The ingredients used in Lancashire candles are locally sourced and of the highest quality, allowing for environmentally friendly production processes. Additionally, candle makers in the area specialize in unique blends of essential oils and fragrances, which can be found nowhere else in the world. If you’re looking for something special, many companies create rare and limited edition candles that no one else will have – perfect for a unique gift or display piece. Furthermore, knowing you’re supporting local business by buying these candles is an added bonus! No matter what kind of candle you’re looking for, buying them from Lancashire is sure to offer both an exceptional experience and product.


Candle making has a long and rich history in Lancashire, England. Local artisans have been upholding the tradition of hand-made candle making for generations, continuing to use traditional techniques and local materials. The traditional craft of Lancashire candle makers is held in high regard and is widely recognised as one of the best candle making processes in the world. Utilising only the finest locally sourced materials, the artisans expertly craft each and every candle with a commitment to excellence that has been handed down through the ages. While things may have changed over time, what hasn’t changed is Lancashires commitment to quality, evidenced by its proud and dedicated candle makers of today who strive to honour their family’s legacy.

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