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Candle making has become increasingly popular in Lancaster Pa and the surrounding areas, primarily due to its unique ability to bring a sense of warmth, light and ambiance into any room. Locally made candles are truly something special, as they add an extra layer of speciality that cannot typically be found with mass-produced store-bought products. By purchasing locally crafted candles from Lancaster Pa, customers have a greater level of confidence knowing that each one is carefully crafted using exceptional quality materials. They also benefit from knowing that when they buy local, their money is not only going towards supporting the local economy – but also directly to the individual artisan itself. What’s more is that shopping for locally made candles comes with an array of unique flavors and scents – be it essential oils or specialty waxes – all these great factors make purchasing locally crafted candles a must in Lancaster Pa.

Popular Materials for Making Candles in Lancaster


• Paraffin – The most common and the least expensive type of wax used for candle making, it comes in many shapes, forms, and colors.

• Soy – Has a longer burning time and produces a more soft light than paraffin candles. It’s also biodegradable.

• Beeswax – Rather expensive but is considered the superior wax with great aroma release and no synthetic additives or fragrances needed to improve the scent.


• Liquid dyes – These come in liquid form and are easy to work with as they can be poured directly onto the wax when melted or blended together prior to heating it.

• Block dyes- Derived from oils like coconut, palm, or mineral oil, these are dissolved into melted wax once heated.

Fragrance oils that work nicely in candle making can be used both while melting the wax or can even be added afterwards by applying them directly onto the surface of lit candles. A few examples of popular fragrance oils well suited for candle making include lavender essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, orange essential oil, etc

Common optional equipment for budget-friendly candle making requires an inexpensive candle mold for pouring melted wax to create a specific size of candles desired without having to cut down larger pre-made pieces of wax purchased from stores.

A good quality fragrance is key in achieving desired scents among luxurious handmade candles — Some popular floral choices include rose, jasmine, lilac; some woody choices including cedar wood & sandalwood; fruity scents like apple blossom or pear; while various other options range from buttercream vanilla or bubble gum candy scents to aromatherapy types like lemongrass or tea tree essential oils — myrrh resin being one favorite note often seen in holiday candles.

Selecting wicks appropriate for different types of waxes is critical as improper sizes selected can lead to candles that burn improperly (tunneling) or simply won’t stay lit at all . Different sizes are available made from cotton thread wrapped around paper cores with assorted widths available depending on containers used & quantity of wax melted per pour. It’s important to select suitable size according to manufacturer’s recommendations , however oftentimes experimenting is necessary with identified sizes closest fitting rather than sticking strictly by those measurements given sometimes differently sized wicks end up working better than what it initially thought would fit best

Candle Making Techniques: In general ,candle making involves heating up wax until it reaches its melting point (around 165°F) combined with fragrances & dyes before it’s poured into pre prepared molds/containers where adequate length wick has been placed beforehand . Scoop desired amount smelt (generally between 3lbs – 5lbs per batch) then add any additional extra ingredients mentioned above if using & stir / blended together thoroughly ensuring everything has been evenly mixed together well . Before adding wick & pouring into molds make sure container have been adequately cleaned out & that you have premade a tab trough which bottoms will sit on top as handle during cooling process . Lastly pour melted blend into prepped containers leaving enough room for slight expansion of mixture thereafter gets set aside let cool over night

Reston Town Center Candle Making

Making Candles in Lancaster

Step 1: Start by gathering all the materials needed to make a candle, including wax, container/mold (if making a container candle), wicking, double boiler, essential oils or fragrance oils, coloring chips, and a thermometer.

Step 2: Measure the correct amount of wax for the size of your chosen container or mold. If using an extremely large mold then you may want to use two double boilers. Place the wax in your double boiler and begin heating it up until it reaches a temperature of about 160-180°F (71-82˚C). If you’re going to add colored chips to your candles then do so now and let them melt into the wax.

Step 3: Once the wax has reached temperature, add in any desired scenting ingredients. Essential oils are often used but fragrance oil is commonly used as well. Start by adding just 1/2 teaspoon per pound of wax and then increase from there until the desired scent level is reached. Carefully stir or agitate the mixture while adding fragrances as some fragrances are stronger than others and can evaporate quickly at high temperatures.

Step 4: While allowing your newly scented wax to cool down slightly (about 150-160°F), suspend your wick in place with a wick bar or tape at the top of whatever container you are using for your candle. It’s important that this step be done after adding fragrance oils as they could potentially disturb or loosen previously attached wicks during stirring earlier on.

Step 5: Once your wick is securely in place and your melted wax has cooled to below 160°F, slowly pour or ladle it into your container/mold around your pre-suspended wick ensuring there are few to no air bubbles present at this stage. If making multiple containers worth of candles simultaneously then be sure to pour them each individually one after another giving enough time for each one to cool before moving on to the next vessel!

Step 6: Allow your candles ample cooling time before attempting removal from their molds or containers; typically between 12-24 hours depending on room temperature/environmental factors, material of mold/vessel used etc… If need be lightly tap around sides of containers with gentle force if still having difficulty removing them later on!

Step 7: Finally light up & enjoy! Trim any excess wick length prior burning for safety purposes listed throughout candlemaking tutorials online (3⁄8” – 1⁄4” optimal burn length)

Candle Making Businesses in Lancaster

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania there are many local businesses that offer classes, supplies and services to help aspiring candle makers. It is possible to learn how to make candles in a variety of ways depending on the needs of each individual. Pa Dutch Candles is a family-owned business that has been producing exceptional quality candles since 1984. They offer classes which can range from beginner to advanced levels and focus on different techniques such as pouring wax, making scented candles, and using molds. LN Creations is another popular Lancaster candle making business that provides supplies such as essential oils, waxes, wick, jars and containers so that customers can make their own custom candles at home. Their experienced staff can also give advice on custom coloring machines and fragrances if you are looking to go beyond the basics. Finally, ACE Creative Expressions is a business specializing in soy wax candles made without the use of synthetics or dyes. They offer an array of workshops for any level candle maker and offer a variety of options for those wanting to get creative with their designs. These businesses make exploring the world of candle making in Lancaster enjoyable and rewarding!

Best Oils To Use In Candle Making

Local Candle Makers in Lancaster

Candle making is an incredibly popular craft in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and locals make many beautiful creations from candles. Whether you’re looking for scented candles, beeswax candles, pillars or votives, or even completely custom designs, Lancaster has something for everyone. Many of the local businesses create their own unique fragrances or provide religious symbolism on the labels of their products. If you’re looking to purchase a candle as a gift or even just to display a piece of home at your own house, there are several specialty shops that have been around for years that have built relationships with these artisans. By shopping locally, you can support these talented crafters while also getting to know them personally.

Behind each of the beautifully crafted candles created in Lancaster lies a passion and love for the craft itself and most candle makers in Lancaster will be more than happy to share why they enjoy it so much. Making candles involves a combination of artistry and science as well as understanding the technical operations that go into successful candle burning effects. Each step requires precision – from pouring wax mixtures into molds to finding the right vessel to fit specific dimensions – and requires enough concentration that it brings peace to many candle makers during their creative process. It’s not uncommon for owners to pour over 100 candles per day because both artistic expression and uniformity are essential for success. Candle makers look forward to sharing their stories behind each and every creation when connecting with other like-minded crafters in Lancaster.

Benefits of Purchasing or Making Candles in Lancaster

When it comes to choosing candles, Lancaster is home to an incredible array of local artisans and businesses who specialize in making high quality, handmade candles. Shopping locally for all goods, including candles, helps support local businesses and creates economic growth in the area.

Purchasing or making Lancaster candle art also reduces waste. Handmade candles are not mass-produced, meaning they are made with natural ingredients that are sourced responsibly. This helps reduce the impact on the environment while still providing a unique look and feel. Furthermore, many companies offering handcrafted candles use reusable containers or vessels for their products which can then be repurposed or recycled by customers long after the candle has gone out.

By creating unique pieces of art with local materials, customers will be able to enjoy their purchase for years – even after their candle has burned out – by displaying them as decorations around the home or using them in other creative ways. Not only is this enjoyable, but there’s something special about having a piece of art that is made from locally sourced materials that no two pieces are identical!


Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a great place to explore candle making culture. From local businesses that sell or produce handcrafted candle products, to individuals crafting candles in their own homes, the area has something for everyone. Going beyond mere product sales and exploring the creative process of making candles can lead to a unique experience and satisfying results. Whether it be making traditional beeswax tapers, dipping candles, or creating more complex works of art, Lancaster’s rich history has something for everyone curious about candle making techniques. To conclude our exploration of Lancaster’s rich candle making culture we would like to thank the local businesses and crafters who contributed to this project and encourage readers to further explore the various resources available by visiting their websites or stopping in for an ever-changing selection of unique items to choose from.

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