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Candle making in London Fields is a truly unique experience. With centuries of history combining a wide range of creative skills, it offers visitors the chance to connect with a craft passed down through generations. From their charming shops and boutiques to the vibrant marketplaces, visitors can discover a world of wax-making, wick-trimming, and fragrant oils. Whether you are looking for eco-friendly vegan soy candles or indulging in traditional beeswax creations, you will find something special here. You can explore innovative designs from local artisans or craft your own pieces from scratch with guidance from experienced makers. What’s more, London Fields provides a safe space to experiment as you learn the joys of candle making and explore its power as an art form.

History of Candle Making

Candle making has been a tradition practiced in London Fields for centuries. Highly refined techniques of wick placement, control of wax flow and fragrance have been honed by generations of candle-makers in the area. Hand-dipped beeswax candles were particularly popular among locals, while ethnic styles such as seven-knob slates, chambersticks and wall sconces often found their way onto shelves during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Today’s candle makers still rely on many of these original processes using soy, paraffin or beeswax to craft beautiful products. And with any luck you may be able to take home a little bottle of fragrant British lavender oil or rosemary and eucalyptus blends from a local shop. For those interested in learning more about the city’s traditional practices there are workshops dedicated to all things wax and wick run throughout the year by master artisans seeking to pass on their knowledge and craftsmanship.

Benefits of Candle Making

Candle Making London Fields is a great way to bring people together and can contribute significantly to the wellbeing of the community in London Fields. By taking part in candle making classes, participants are able to establish meaningful connections, learn valuable skills and create beautiful pieces all at the same time.

Candle making itself is a very calming activity that has been proven to help reduce stress, lower heart rate and provide an overall sense of calm. Furthermore for those living in London Fields, participation in such activities offer moments of distraction from everyday life providing an opportunity for self-reflection.

Candles made from wax also provide economic benefits for participating individuals as they become creative entrepreneurs who can turn their newfound skill into profit. This teaches people a strong work ethic and encourages investment in artistic endeavors. Additionally creators can work with natural ingredients found locally thus contributing to environmental sustainability.

Collectively candle making can promote social cohesion by bringing those of different backgrounds within London Fields together while teaching valuable skills and promoting mindful practices that can boost wellness in the community.

Purchase Options

Candle Making London Fields offers a range of exciting candle making courses and workshops in the heart of East London. From one day sessions to full on weekend retreats, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on your level. Whether you’re just starting out or have some experience in the craft, Candle Making London fields has something for everyone.

Buy Candle Making Kit Online

If you’re looking to get started with candle making but don’t know where to start, there are a couple of options available to source materials and equipment. For those living locally, there are numerous local stores and businesses that can help individuals easily acquire what they need from tin cans and wicks, through to tins, moulds and fragrances. Some stores that provide supplies within a close proximity include: The Garden & Hobby Shop located on Cambridge Heath Road providing eco-friendly candle making equipment; London Bone Crafts located off Brick Lane selling scented soy waxes; Hoxton Art Supply located on Shoreditch High Street specialising in retail apothecary products; 1882 Ltd nearby Shoreditch Park providing vintage supplies; There is also the Calico Collective which offers a range of plant-based scents based in Hackney. Finally Cedar & 27 selling waxing kits suitable for any level of expertise that can be found on Bethnal Green road.

Local Classes and Workshops

Some of the popular local classes and workshops for candle making in London Fields include:

1. Beginner’s Candle Making Workshop – Learn essential skills to create basic shapes, scents and textures in candles with a variety of waxes, wicks, molds, colorants and more.

2. Yogi Candle Making – Join an expert to create chakras inspired candles and explore the power of intention though scent, sound and energy work while creating beautiful candles.

3. Natural Soy Candle Making – Utilize natural coconut soy wax to create your own beautiful aromatherapy candles complete with essential oils blending in this sweet smelling class.

4. Aromatherapy Candle Making – Design custom candles using natural wax, quality botanical oils as well as other alluring additives like clays, fruits and herbs for an unforgettable scent-experience.

5. Pure Beeswax Workshops – This workshop introduction to working with beeswax teaches the basics of the traditional art of making beeswax tapers from start to finish.

Community Events

Organizing a candle making event in London Fields requires careful planning. Here are some essential steps you can take:

1. Research: Research the types of candle wax available and decide what type is best for your event. Explore local candle makers to determine the quality of their products. Identify any potential safety hazards associated with the materials you’ll be using so that you can set appropriate safety guidelines.

2. Promotion: Promote your event through word-of-mouth and using social media websites. Include a flyer with information about date, time, location, wax selection and cost on an online document sharing website such as Google Docs or Box as well as printed flyers distributed in the local area.

3. Equipment: Make sure you have all the supplies needed for numerous people to make candles of various sizes and styles including wicks, wax already melted, molds (silicone or other), thermometers to measure temperature of melting wax and necessary decorations such as dried flowers or herbs along with containers to store them in when not in use by participants.

4. Instructors: Have knowledgeable instructors to teach the basics of candle making such as sources of heat, pouring techniques, determining temperature and aftercare once completed pieces cool down. Their expertise should also include instruction on how to best select fragrance oils if desired before adding them into melted wax mixture along with helpful advice on how to incorporate additives into items buring at hot temperatures for added decorative effects (glitters, mica poweder etc).

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5. Follow up: Contact participants afterwards via email regarding feedback and offer more complex workshops for those interested based upon what was learned during first meeting date if anything specific was asked during introductory session.. Also keep records regarding which products were used throughout so that requests from returning customers can be easily met without having recreate experiments from scratch each new request .

Creativity with Candle Making

John, a local candle maker based in London Fields has been involved with candle making for 30 years. Since starting out, he quickly gained recognition locally and nationally by experimenting with different shapes and scents throughout his work. The variety of extravagance of wax moulds have enhanced his product portfolio and the craftsmanship that goes into each piece makes them truly unique and memorable. He often references the three-dimensional designs of stars, birds, animals, mountains and geometric structures which become real works of art due to the expert precision used by John.

Bella is another renowned candle maker from London Fields. She began her journey learning from her grandfather who had extensive experience in producing candles with traditional methods past down from his ancestors. With over 25 years’ experience under her belt she has managed to collect unique aromatic oils to combine beautiful scented candles with elegant designs crafted with love and dedication. Hers is a style full of nature inspired images that strive to reflect the harmony between balance and prosperity in our environment

Paula is a relatively new candle maker whose craftsmanship skills are admired by many around London Fields. Her open-minded attitude has enabled her to assemble an array of tools specifically designed for customising candles in an exciting manner including intricate layers accompanied by vibrant colours made meticulously using paraffin or vegetable wax as a base material. She prides herself on both her hard work and commitment to provide customers with the perfect blend of soy or beeswax together with natural oils while also adding touches of luxury such as 24K gold leaf or diamond dust glitter like no other anyone else can do!


Candle making in the quaint borough of London Fields has become a popular DIY activity. With many candle-making stores and shops near the area, you can easily find materials to start your very own candle-making journey. This guide will provide tips and advice on how to customize your creation and also explore some unique options that are available in this otherwise ordinary souvenir market. We hope that you have been inspired to get more creative with your candles!

If you’d like any further information or guidance on creating candles in London Fields, please reach out to us. Our team of experts will be glad to assist with any of your questions or queries about this fascinating craft. Thank you for taking the time to read about candle-making in London Fields; now, let the wax begin!

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