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Kolkata, India is a city steeped in tradition and customs, particularly when it comes to the craft of candle making. Candle making has been practiced in the state of West Bengal since the 16th century and Kolkata remains as one of its biggest markets. The type of wax used depends on the approach taken by individual makers who usually use beeswax or a combination of other materials such as paraffin, soybean wax, microcrystalline waxes, palm oil waxes and others.

Beeswax is perhaps the most common choice among candle makers in Kolkata because it is easy to work with and produces an incredibly luxurious end product with a great smell. This wax also provides a steady heat release which can last for up to thirty hours per inch in diameter depending on the type of wick used. Paraffin is another popular choice because it’s cost-effective and offers great stability during storage. Using paraffin yields candles that burn more evenly with less smoke than that from purely beeswax candles.

Other materials used in Kolkata’s traditional candle making process include soybean wax which has increased popularity due to its non-toxic properties, microcrystalline which helps achieve unique shapes and colors, palm oil which both produces a stable flame and adds scent to your creation, jahari which is an oleo gum resin often chosen as colourant or scent additive as well as stearic acid which helps to control fragrance release. The use of these materials allows artisans to create beautiful pieces while ensuring long lasting flame quality with no detrimental impact on the environment.

History of Candle Making Materials In Kolkata

The craft of candle making has a long history in Kolkata, India, with the local artisans developing and refining their knowledge and skill over centuries. The traditional materials used by artisans in Kolkata include Beeswax, vegetable oils such as Coconut and Castor oil, as well as local dyes including “kunkum”. These materials were traditionally obtained from local markets or forests, where they have been sustainably sourced over millennia.

Kolkata’s candlemakers adapted the material to create beautiful pieces which added to the cultural and religious symbolism of the area. For example, the candles were often intricately decorated with Hindu motifs to represent specific deities or mark their festivals. They were also used for lamps in houses, temples and diyas during Deepavali, or Diwali – the festival of lights. Candles made from beeswax are particularly beloved; their light is said to be brighter than other forms of wax, while they produce a fragrant scent when they burn – evoking both joy and sacredness in India culture.

Today there is a growing appreciation for organic candles sourced from Kolkata’s artisans, and art shows are held every year to showcase their work. As well as wax sculptures carved into different shapes and sizes, Kolkata’s craftsman are renowned for dipping: creating twisted tapers coloured yellow or pink using natural ingredients such as saffron and hibiscus flowers. The candle makers’ skillful creations remain highly prized by locals for celebrations and ceremonies across Eastern India.

Popular Types of Candle Making Materials Available in Kolkata

Paraffin Wax: Paraffin wax is a popular choice for candle making in Kolkata. It is a petroleum by-product and burns slowly and evenly, producing minimal smoke or soot when burned in the correct conditions. Paraffin is highly affordable and lacks allergens, making it safe for those with allergies or sensitive to compounds found in other waxes. The only downside to paraffin wax is its tendency to act as an emulsifier which can clog the wick of your candles, leading to uneven burning.

Beeswax: Beeswax is one of the oldest types of wax used in candle making, and available in Kolkata. Beeswax has a sweet honey-like smell which can be quite pleasant when combined with certain fragrances or used on its own. It also holds fragrance oils better than other waxes thus boosting their scent intensity, plus it has a higher melting point for longer burn time than any other natural candle making material – although this does make it more expensive than paraffin. On the downside, beeswax may not hold colouring as well as other materials.

Wax Crystals for Candle Making

Soy Wax: Soy wax generally burns cleanly with no toxic byproducts at all like lead or particulate matter from burning paraffin wax – meaning it’s much more eco-friendly to use! It also has a slightly lower melting point than most other waxes giving you longer burn times without having to use large wicks, plus soy candles come apart easily when cold – allowing them to be repurposed after they are burned up! One minor downside however is that soy can sometimes shrink slightly while cooling down off your moulds leaving you with dips and indentations once it’s set and harden – but increasing the pour temperature will help alleviate this issue.

Coconut Wax: Coconut wax has superior scent retention compared to standard soy bases making it an attractive option for aromatherapy candles as well as those intended for decorative purposes such as wedding or holiday decorations. Coconut appears whiter than soy, which some people prefer aesthetically speaking – although if you want white candles, pure white beeswax would probably be your best bet! A tiny portion of coconut oil could potentially leak out of your finished product however if left out in temperatures too high – if this occurs simply relight during use or eliminate chimney drafts near your candle source altogether!

Palm Wax: Palm wax comes from renewable sources such as palm trees instead of fossil fuels like paraffin so it’s much more eco-friendly choice when selecting materials for candle making in Kolkata. Plus its unique crystal formation upon setting gives beautiful sparkles and texture unlike any other type of natural material option available on the market today; this alongside its competitive price makes palm ideal for decorative purposes such as votive holders or embossed candles without breaking the bank! Unfortunately whilst setting evenly like beeswax the burning properties tend not to perform nearly as well due mostly its soft nature; adding stabilisers like synthetic stearic acid helps though by hardening up palm melted batches ready for use more quickly!

Where to Buy Candle Making Materials In Kolkata

For candle-making enthusiasts based in Kolkata, there are plenty of good places to pick up some great quality candle making materials. Both high street and online retailers offer a wide selection of equipment and supplies for those interested in trying their hand at this hobby or craft.

In terms of brick-and-mortar stores, craft outlets typically stock the necessary ingredients: wicks from metal or wood, wax in various textures, shapes and colors, melting equipment, molds for wax candles, scented oils and other fragrances to add scent to your candles. Additionally, some larger department stores—like J. C. Penney’s—also carry items that may be useful for making candles such as glass jars for votive candles and containers for pillar candles. In terms of specialized shops that specialize exclusively in candle-making materials, Long Island Candle Supply in Kolkata is one option that comes highly rated among customers looking to source local or hard-to-find items while enjoying knowledgeable staff at the same time.

Online retailers have revolutionized the way the average person accesses materials used in candle making which means no matter what you’re looking for – expert advice included – you’ll be able to source it with ease right from the comfort of your own home! Popular choices include Candle Making World (formerly known as Nature’s Garden) who sells everything from vegan soy wax flakes (at great prices!) to paraffin wax to metal core pre tabbed wicks so there’s something for everyone here depending on their chosen approach to crafty projects like candle making . WagandCrafts is also worth browsing if you’re scouting around for essential oils too – perfect for creating gorgeous smelling candles with a personal touch!

Tips for Buying Candle Making Materials In Kolkata

When it comes to buying candle making materials in Kolkata, there are a few important steps to take. First, research the types of materials that are suitable for use in the project. Some kinds of waxes and wicking materials may not be available in Kolkata and must be imported, so it’s important to consider cost and availability before purchasing them. Second, shop around for the best prices on materials; a range of suppliers might offer reasonable rates if quantity is purchased. Third, review shipping costs; since items may need to be shipped from abroad, these expenses can add up quickly. Finally, make sure that the techniques used to make the candle are appropriate for the chosen material. Different waxes and wicking materials require different approaches in order for candles to burn correctly. Follow these tips for successfully sourcing candle making materials in Kolkata!

How to Weight Wax for Candle Making

Creative Ways to Incorporate Candle Making Materials In Kolkata

1. Use Sandalwood Incense – Sandalwood is a strong and unique scent that has been used in Kolkata for centuries. It can be combined with other ingredients to create a lovely aroma, or it can be used by itself for a sweet and classic scent.

2. Add Essential Oils – Many essential oils from India are popular in Kolkata and make an excellent addition to candle making materials. Examples include jasmine, lavender, cinnamon, and sandalwood essential oils.

3. Play with Color – Candles with bright colors can evoke the exciting vibrancy of the cityscape in Kolkata. Try using food coloring to dye your wax before pouring into molds or wrap colored tissue paper around tea lights for added effect.

4. Use Eco-Friendly Waxes – Soy or vegetable waxes are popular in Kolkata because they burn longer and are better for the environment than traditional paraffin waxes. Additionally, they won’t release any toxins when burning which makes them a great choice for improving air quality in homes and businesses.

5. Incorporate Flowers – Garden flowers grown around Kolkata are perfect additions to homemade candles as they give off pleasant scents while burning, They can also be added as decorations around the edges of candles when melted if desired!

Sustainable Practices for Candle Making Materials In Kolkata

Making your own candles can be both fun and sustainable. To keep your candle making process eco-friendly, using naturally sourced materials is key. This includes soy wax, organic cotton wicks, and essential oils. Soy wax is made from domestically grown soybeans and burns longer than traditional paraffin. Organic cotton wicks are lead-free and will have a cleaner burn that won’t add toxins to the air or harm our environment. Essential oils can also be added as scent to give a calming ambience when lit!

Reducing waste should also be a top priority when making candles in Kolkata. by reusing supplies, such as glass containers and printed labels instead of buying new ones each time; this helps to decrease strain on natural resources. Additionally, creating recipes that use all of the materials you already have, like mixing leftover coloured wax together for different shades; this not only reduces waste but adds variation to your collection!


Candle making has been a beloved craft in Kolkata India for centuries. It is an art form that has enriched the history and culture of the area, from providing materials for religious ceremonies to being a popular souvenir item. From traditional beeswax candles to scented soy options, there are several different types of candle making materials available in Kolkata. These include waxes, molds, wicks, scents, and dyes – all available at local markets or online. The craftsmanship of Indian candle makers is sought after near and far, as each item has been carefully crafted with precision and care. Candle making holds many purposes beyond mere decorative pieces – the flicker of candlelight can provide comfort during times of hardship and difficulty; it can be used to create a calming atmosphere in one’s home; or it can symbolize unity between two different peoples through religion or culture. Whatever your motivation may be- candlemaking in Kolkata offers something special that will satisfy even the most discerning tastes while helping to preserve the area’s invaluable cultural roots.

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