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Milford, Connecticut is home to some of the most beautiful and creative artisanal candles in the country, making it a beacon for candle makers from all over the world. Candle Making Milford provides an opportunity for visitors and locals alike to explore this beloved form of art, learn new skills and enjoy the community spirit of a time-honored tradition. From beginner classes to professional workshops, there is something for everyone at Candle Making Milford.

At Candle Making Milford guests can choose between small group workshops and individual classes tailored according to skill levels. For complete beginners learning the basics of wick selection, fragrancing, wax type and much more, one-on-one instruction with an experienced instructor will provide all the knowledge necessary to begin crafting beautiful handmade candles right away. Experienced candle makers can further their craft by attending in-depth professional classes covering topics like pillar molding, layered color techniques and different methods of pouring wax.

In addition to providing educational opportunities, Candle Making Milford also serves as a gathering place for those passionate about encaustic art. There are regular meetings where participants come together to share ideas and discuss tips on vintage collecting or learn from others who have mastered certain techniques. Other events throughout the year include demos from top industry professionals who give attendees insight into their technical approaches. Candle Making Milford even hosts birthday parties for children that introduce kids to candle making basics in a fun environment!

Experience the creative energy that radiates from Candle Making Milford today! Take part in a workshop or attend an event and explore your passion for this age-old art form in an atmosphere surrounded by friends old and new.

A Brief History

Milford’s candle making legacy dates back to the 18th century. The town was founded in 1714, and shortly after, a small family-run candle manufacturer opened its doors. During this time it was difficult to find candles of high quality and craftsmanship, so Milford’s manufactory was well-known for being one of the first in the area to produce beautiful candles. The business flourished throughout the 19th century, supplying churches, businesses and public holiday decorations with their product. By the mid 19th century there were several other candle makers operating in Milford who drew upon the expertise of those before them and increased production for both private use and large orders from other towns in New England.

In addition to supplying a vast array of candles, these craftspeople also made their own materials such as wicks, tapers, tallow and dipping tanks filled with melted tallow wax. Wood or charcoal provided most of the heat energy required for melting tallow wax which was then mixed with colors and fragrances turning it into delicious scented candles! These craftsmen made sure every candle they created was perfect so customers could rely on ordering from them any time they needed decorative or humble lighting in their homes or businesses. To this day, some of these manufacturers continue to make high quality hand crafted candles for those seeking to purchase top shelf pieces that last season after season.

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Popular Candle Making Tools & Techniques Used in Milford

At Milford Candle Making, we use many different tools and techniques to craft custom candles. The most commonly used tools include wax melters, wick clippers, double boilers, thermometers, wick fixing pins, candle molds and dye blocks or chips for adding color. Our experienced craftspeople also utilize various pouring methods, such as hand-pouring and machine-pouring, to create the perfect wax consistency. Once the candles are poured into molds or jars, our team uses a combination of traditional dipping methods and molecular encapsulation to achieve our signature scents. After all the techniques are applied, we add the finishing touches: labels that depict the theme of each fragrance. Finally we package up each candle in its own personalized box for shipment!

Local Artisans & Businesses Crafting Candles in Milford

Candle makers in the Milford area are creating beautiful, unique candles of all shapes and sizes. From classic pillar candles to intricately-scented votives, these local artisans and businesses put their passion for quality craftsmanship into every piece they create. Whether you’re looking for an aromatherapy experience or simply a soft light to set the mood, there is something for everyone at one of Milford’s candle making shops.

In addition to creating beautiful candles, the candle makers in Milford also specialize in crafting accessories such as holders, wicks, and wax melts that further enhance your home or event space. They also offer classes on a variety of topics including scent blending, decoration techniques and proper candle burning etiquette. Merchant craft fairs featuring vendors selling only handcrafted items are also held frequently in Milford as well as monthly open house events where you can go behind the scenes to learn more about how your favorite pieces were made.

Milford Candle Stores & Unique Markets

Milford, Connecticut is home to a variety of candle making stores and unique markets that offer visitors and locals alike the opportunity to shop for beautiful handmade candles. Nestled in the charming downtown area of Milford, one can find an array of unique artisans selling their homemade fragrances and speciality items. For those looking to learn how to make their own candles, there are multiple classes available that provide instruction on the various techniques used in candle making. These classes range from beginner level all the way up to advanced session, depending on each individual’s experience level. At many of these stores and markets one can find all the necessary supplies for candle making including waxes, wicks, molds, dyes and more. Not only does this provide a great opportunity for learning new skills but also allows shoppers to customize their products with colors or scents of their own choice. Those looking for a unique shopping experience should make sure to visit one of Milford’s incredible candle-making stores or markets!

Host a Candle Making Workshop in Milford

Candle making is a wonderfully creative and relaxing activity that everyone can enjoy. Hosting a candle making workshop in Milford provides an opportunity for residents to create unique and homemade candles of various sizes, shapes, and scents. Participants will be able to make both pillar and jar candles out of wax tarts, chips, or mold varieties like votives and tea lights. Besides learning to make the candles, participants can also learn about other elements such as wicking materials, scenting their candles with fragrances or essential oils, labeling their creations, and packaging the finished products. To ensure that each participant gets adequate guidance during the workshop, it is wise to provide having one-on-one guidance for each participant or preforming demonstrations for the group so that no one misses out on any instructions. With an enjoyable event like this one hosted in Milford, not only can you help people relax but local business can be supported as well by offering packages of locally sourced ingredients such as soy waxes made from locally grown soybeans and organic fragrances distilled nearby. With creativity being unleashed all around Milford!

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Tips for Finding Supplies & Scented Oils in Milford

When it comes to finding supplies and scented oils for candle making in Milford, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Before starting your candle making project, it is important to familiarize yourself with the local stores that specialize in these items. Search online for reviews and make sure that you understand the types of scents available. For more specialized recipes, speciality supplies may be found at small craft stores or suppliers in the nearby area.

It may also be beneficial to look into bulk suppliers and order large amounts of supplies such as jars, wicks, and bases directly from them. This way you have everything in one inside and often times you receive discounts based on order size when shopping through bulk sellers. Additionally, checking out your local farmer’s market can yield an amazing selection of seasonal scents like lavender or sage that you won’t find otherwise. You may even be able to secure some materials at discounted prices here as many vendors look for creative ways to promote their products. Finally, consider attending hands-on workshops or searching YouTube videos for tutorials on how best to use ingredients from natural sources like coconut oil or beeswax moments for a unique scent blend.


Candle making has been an integral part of Milford for centuries, with the craft evolving and adapting to incorporate many different styles and approaches over the years. It’s a beloved art form that continues to draw new creators from around the world. This remains true today, as candle makers in Milford create luxurious candles that embody the spirit of their town while implementing modern techniques to ensure the highest level quality. Milford Candle Making Artistry is a testament to their traditional craftsmanship, their ability to craft unique pieces, and their commitment to sustainability. Ultimately, it is a chance to see firsthand how Milford’s passion for wax-crafting has enabled its citizens to share their artistic vision with passionate enthusiasts for generations.

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