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Candle making is an activity that has been around since the dawn of civilization. It has been used at important family and religious moments, as well as to provide light and warmth in everyday life. In Murfreesboro, TN, candles have become increasingly popular amongst hobbyists over the past few years due to their various uses, sizes and scents. People make candles for many occasions such as religious festivals or birthdays. Candle-making is also a way to transform any room into a beautiful and aromatic experience.

In Murfreesboro, candle makers use waxes ranging from beeswax to candle dye for crafting their projects. They also often create scented candles totally from scratch utilizing special molds, wicks and natural fragrances of all kinds such as lavender and cinnamon. Candle makers can also customize their projects with labels that can be decorative or personalized with names and messages. The end result are beautiful handmade items that can be used for either personal or decorative purposes in many different settings both indoors and out.

Historical Context of Candle Making in Murfreesboro, TN

The tradition of candle making in Murfreesboro, TN dates back to the late 1800s. During this period, settlers and craftsman sought to make useful items from the materials found in their environment. Through trial and error they developed a number of essential household goods including candles made from beeswax, tallow, lard, and other available animal fats. By the early 1900s, candle-making had become part of the local economy and many in the community benefited from it.

The influence of different cultures has also been seen at different points in Murfreesboro’s history as well. For example, after the Civil War large numbers of European immigrants moved to the area making their own unique contributions to daily life. This included advancements in candle making techniques with new types of candles being produced out of paraffin waxes imported from Europe. These added new colors, shapes and scents to Murfreesboro’s already thriving candle making industry.

The impact on the local economy is certainly notable considering that over two dozen candle-making factories were operating within Murfreesboro around World War I. Many people benefitted specifically through jobs in these businesses with some also profiting by trading or selling extra supplies purchased above what was necessary for homemade creations. Businesses like these helped drive growth not only for their direct employees but for others working in related industries such as lumber, blacksmithing services for metal molds and wax suppliers who provided raw materials to home-based candle makers. Today many locals still have an appreciation for the tradition which contributes significantly to community pride and fellowship felt throughout town today.

A Look at the Variety of Candles Available in Murfreesboro, TN

Candle making in Murfreesboro, TN has been around for centuries. With a rich history dating back to the 1700s and a wide selection of high quality ingredients, this city offers something for everyone when it comes to making candles.

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One option that’s becoming incredibly popular is soy candles. These are non-toxic and burn Cleaner than their wax counterparts. Soy wax candles come in a range of shapes and sizes, with many businesses offering custom designs as well as more traditional options.

Another type of candle that can be found in Murfreesboro is beeswax. This has been used for decades in candlemaking, as it provides an intense aroma along with a bright honey color. Beeswax candles are perfect for adding subtle hints of scent to any room without overpowering the atmosphere.

Working with paraffin wax is another option that can give your candle an elegant finish while also creating some different fragrances or scents. Paraffin wax works great when used with essential oils and could create subtle undertones that make your work unique and memorable.

Finally, you’ll find gel candles in Murfreesboro businesses too which come in vibrant colors and fun shapes that can add a bit of whimsy to any space! These candles have the same properties as wax but create a beautiful three-dimensional form to showcases your impressive artistry skills!

When deciding on the right type of candle for any occasion or activity, consider how long it will need to burn (soy versus beeswax), the color desired (paraffin), or if you want something extra special (like the unique 3D effect from gel). Doing so will help ensure your project is both successful and worthy of admiration from all types of guests!

How to Make Candles in Murfreesboro, TN

Candle making is an enjoyable and satisfying hobby for beginners and professionals alike! If you’re looking to make candles in Murfreesboro, TN, you need certain supplies. In addition to a selection of waxes, such as beeswax, soy wax, or parffin wax; wicks; melting pot/double boiler; essential oils or fragrance oils; molds (or containers); and thermometer, other items may include: wooden markers (to hold up the wicks when pouring), scissors (for trimming wicks post-pour), clips (to suspend the wick while pouring), and various tools used to remove air bubbles in the poured candle. To get started with candle making in Murfreesboro, TN researching further is important to fully understand the process. There are various online tutorials and instructional videos available which will help get you on your way to becoming a pro at candle making! Investing in supplies isn’t expensive either – most of the items needed can be purchased at larger craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby or online. With a few helpful tips, some patience and creativity you can easily fill your home with soothing aromas.

Venues to Enjoy Candle Making in Murfreesboro, TN

If you are looking to craft homemade candles in the Murfreesboro, TN area, there are plenty of great places to purchase supplies and attend candle-making events. Woodland Crafting Company is a great local shop that offers a wide range of products for candle making and crafts. They carry high quality waxes for both paraffin and beeswax candles as well as special fragrance oils, pre-tabbed wicks, molds, dyes and essential tools. If you’re looking for classes or workshops to learn the basics of candle making – or even expand on your current knowledge – Creative Candles has a few offerings throughout the year. You can join one of their weekend classes or book a private party with friends. For more specialized services, Creative College Classes offers private tutorials in advanced candle-making techniques like up-pour molding and marbling. Additionally, A Candle Maker’s Gallery hosts special classes for hand dipping taper candles with various fragrances and colors ” perfect for those who want to make colorful Christmas trees centerpieces!

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Benefits of Candle Making in Murfreesboro, TN

Candle making in Murfreesboro, TN provides many physical and mental health benefits. Physically, it can help increase hand strength as you dip candles into wax and form them into various shapes. Creating different types of candles also requires a moderate amount of dexterity, another way candle making can help improve physical coordination.

Creatively as well, candle making provides endless opportunities to explore and push the limits of one’s imagination. From selecting fragrances to adding embellishments to experimenting with ornamentation or shape – there are endless combinations one can put together when crafting unique and beautiful candles. Not only does this activity provide enjoyment from the process but also from seeing your creations come to life!

Lastly, by calming your senses through the tranquil scents used for each creation, candle-making has been proven to reduce tension in users allowing them to relax their body and mind. It is an excellent way for members of the Murfreesboro community to let loose some stress and enjoy a moment free of worries.


Candle making in Murfreesboro, Tn is an increasingly popular activity, as locals appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of creating custom candles. The variety of aroma and color combinations available allows people to create pieces that are truly unique. Plus, many public spaces, such as homes, schools, and churches have taken advantage of the beauty and religious symbolism of candles to enhance their decor.

Supplying a great selection of supplies for the candlemaking process encourages everyone from professionals to first-time makers looking for supplies to support local businesses rather than larger chain stores or online vendors. Supporting locally owned businesses specializing in candle making ensures that high-quality materials at competitive prices are available on a monthly basis as demand changes and trends develop.

In summary, by supporting local candle making businesses you can give your area’s emerging hobbyists the materials they need to practice; contribute to their sense of pride in producing something beautiful; plus, you’ll help ensure candle making remains part of Murfreesboro’s rich cultural history. What’s more, those who are looking to launch a business creating candles may find the items they need locally and feel more connected to their neighbours who share a passion for this beloved craft. By spreading awareness about the importance of supporting local businesses in Murfreesboro specializing in candle making we can further empower our local artisan culture while also encouraging more individuals to experience the joys and benefits that come with learning how to make your own customized scented piece!

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