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The beautiful city of New Albany, Indiana has a rich history dating back to 1813 when it was founded by three brothers. Ever since then, the town has been bustling with creative energy from its historic districts and craftspeople who produce beautiful works of art. One particular type of craftsmanship has become especially popular over the past few years: candle making. Candle makers in New Albany are gaining acclaim for their exceptional work, with avid followers seeking out their products throughout the region.

The process of candle making is no easy task; in fact it takes a lot of skill and attention to detail to achieve perfection. In New Albany, however, artisanal crafters have developed new techniques and processes to create scented candles that are not only pleasing to the eye but also smell delightful. Many crafters offer custom candle designs and colors as well as different fragrances made from all-natural ingredients. Furthermore, these artisans have created an interactive experience for customers through workshops and tours where you can learn about the entire process for yourself. On top of this, many businesses have adapted their services to accommodate online retailing, so those outside of the local area can benefit from their creations too!

The Tradition of Candle Making in New Albany

Candle making has a long and distinguished history in New Albany, Indiana. The city is home to the oldest candle-making business in the United States. It was founded in 1819 by John A. Bingham and originally named the “Bingham Dairy and Candle Company”. During its heyday, the factory employed up to 500 people and produced millions of candles each year.

The tradition of candle making in New Albany is an important part of its historical significance. For more than a century, candle production was one of the area’s major industries. In 1868, approximately two-thirds of the town’s population was either employed in or related to the candle production industry. The products produced at the factories were used not only locally but also shipped around the world to places as far away as Europe and South America.

The significance of New Albany’s candle making tradition extends beyond its economic impact. The industry has shaped local culture over many generations with several festivals dedicated to celebrating it throughout the year. In addition, it has even spawned unique antiques for furniture shops such as antique hand-dipped candles from local makers who have made them for years or decades. Today, there are still several active candle makers producing both traditional products like tapers and modern creations like soy wax melts, offering visitors a unique chance to take a piece of New Albany’s history home with them through locally-produced candles from their time visiting this historic city.

Investigating the Varieties of Candles Crafted in New Albany

A visit to New Albany, Indiana should include a stop at one of the town’s many candle makers. Whether it be beeswax candles crafted by local artisans or handmade soy candles from small family-owned shops, there is something for everyone in New Albany. The unique aspects of these candles make them stand out. Fragrance, texture and size are all things to consider when choosing the perfect candle for your home.

When looking for speciality handcrafted candles in New Albany you can look forward to not only finding something unique but being able to create it as well. Many of the local candle makers offer classes and workshops where you can learn to make your own signature candle from fragrant ingredients like rose, ylang ylang, lavender and sandalwood. These classes are great for anyone looking to make an original gift or add a personal touch to their own living space. Candle making kits with pre-made waxes, scents and moulds are also available for those who prefer the convenience of buying over crafting themselves.

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Handcrafted soy candles are also a popular choice among locals with numerous small family-run businesses offering a wide range of different scents and sizes sure to please any taste or room size. Not only do they provide pleasant aromas but they also burn cleaner than traditional paraffin wax candles leaving behind less soot residue on walls and furniture making them ideal for breathing easy in any indoor setting – particularly if you have sensitivities related to sodium lauryl sulphate (an ingredient found in many conventional wax products). Furthermore, the sustainable materials used in the production of soy candles makes them a better option for eco-conscious shoppers hoping to reduce their carbon footprint.

Locally Sourced Candle Making Materials

Candle making in New Albany, Indiana is a rewarding experience for local artisans looking to work with locally sourced materials. A range of natural waxes and essential oils are available at local health stores, online vendors and regional farmers markets that can be used to create beautiful handmade candles. Local suppliers also provide wicks, molds, supplies needed for soy and beeswax candles, such as dye blocks and fragrances. As an added bonus these locally sourced supplies may be more affordable than those purchased from out-of-state chemical-based manufacturers. Community classes offer opportunity to learn the basics of candle making first-hand with the direction of skilled local artisans who often pass on their family know-how passed down through generations. These types of classes give hands-on advice on how to use long burning pine cone or soft maple wax as well as styling with dripless tapers or sculpting special shapes out of funnels and jars. Additionally, experienced makers demonstrate using up cycling techniques with recycled glass containers to make one-of-a kind designs along with tips for safely mixing fragrances for individualized scents and formulas.

Candle Making Courses and Seminars

Candle making courses and seminars in New Albany, Indiana provide a great opportunity to expand your creative skills as you learn to make fabulous candle creations. From learning the basics of candle making through to mastering advanced techniques, you can find all kinds of different courses in this field. Whether you want to make scented candles, layered candles or wax sculptures, these classes offer something for everyone!

Classes include topics on essential candle-making tools and ingredients, understanding waxes and melting them correctly and safely, tinting, adding color dyes and fragrance oils, how to adjust scent levels and pour temperatures, pouring candles into moulds/containers, working with wicks, troubleshooting problems that may arise during the process and other variations. Professional instructors will help guide students as they learn each step of the process so they can create special projects that are uniquely their own! You will come away equipped with the knowledge needed to create beautiful homemade gifts such as wax sculptures, tea lights and more specialised projects like homemade lip balm.

For those who are looking for something more advanced there is also opportunity to develop their skills in classes teaching methods such as dipping candles and making votives or container candles. They can also explore making additional accessories for body care products such as lotions and bath salts. Those who are more experienced can further advance by learning how to produce beautifully crafted decorative figures using pre-moulded wax shapes or even creating ornamental objects from raw beeswax. With an understanding of coloring techniques using paint or fabric dye you can start perfecting your artistic expression with embellishments such as flower petals or dried flowers in a variety of creative ways. As your skillset develops so too does your creativity enabling you to truly craft unique handmade products from scratch!

Benefits of Shopping in New Albany for Candle Making Needs

New Albany, Indiana is a great option for those looking to purchase the necessary items to make their own candles. By shopping in New Albany, people can benefit from the convenience and selection of supplies offered by the various local businesses. From shops that specialize in candle making items to big box stores that carry a range of craft supplies, shoppers have ample options depending on their needs. The businesses typically stock a combination of waxes, containers, wicks, dyes and fragrances for all types of projects. Many suppliers offer discounts when purchasing large quantities and customers can also take advantage of price-matching on some products. Alternatively, those who do not want to shop around can often find sets or kits specifically tailored to their project type at competitive prices. Furthermore, many local businesses offer classes in candle making and other crafting topics ” perfect for anyone who wants to venture into the world of DIY (Do It Yourself) creations!

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The Complete Candle Making Guide

Candle making has been around for centuries and is an enjoyable way to add a personal touch to your home, as well as an excellent gift-giving option. New Albany, Indiana, is home to a variety of candle-making resources to get you started on your journey.

Local candle making supply stores such as Yankee Candle, Jo-Ann Fabrics, and Michael’s can provide you with the necessary wicks, waxes, and dyes for when you’re ready to get started. These stores also offer up some inspiring ideas and helpful how-to advice for beginners.

For more in-depth knowledge on the craft of candle making look no further than the Bee Hive Candles Shop which is located in the heart of New Albany city center. Here they offer classes that teach attendees everything from types of waxes used to different scenting options depending on their preference. The shop also offers an extensive selection of supplies specifically used for candle making including unique molds and wick holders.

For those who prefer to learn independantly Youtube can be a great source of tutorials covering basic and advanced concepts like candle carving or embedded designs. There are also dozens of books dedicated to the topic available both online and at local libraries in New Albany. Uplifting Candle Company is another local shop that focuses primarily on selling well scented candles as well as other types of aromatherapy items such as diffusers and incense sticks.


New Albany, Indiana is a community full of art and creativity that is shown through many outlets. Candle making can be added to this long list. With multiple local retail shops offering workshops and supplies, not to mention the numerous independent candlemakers throughout the area, New Albany is truly blessed with a vibrant and supportive candle making community. From basic beginner’s courses all the way up to advanced skill level courses, local retail stores and individual entrepreneurial vendors offer a variety of learning experiences for every sense of skill or knowledge level. There are also many different kinds of waxes available, as well as supplies needed to make your own candles. Whether you’re looking for purely decorative candles or those meant to fill your home with beautiful aromas and inviting glow, there’s something available in New Albany that can suit any need. With so many inspiring options and ways to create, celebrate with friends and family or simply enjoy a peaceful moment surrounded by soft candles and sweet scents, it’s clear that the art of candle making will continue to thrive in New Albany for years to come.

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