Candle Making New Plymouth


Candle making in New Plymouth is an accessible, fun, and rewarding craft that many locals enjoy. In the area, you can find a diverse range of candles such as tapers, jar candles, tealights, and numerous other varieties. Tapers are a classic long candle that stands in its own holder on the dinner table, providing mood lighting for special occasions. Jar candles come in beautiful jars made of recycled glass and with cheerful scents such as cinnamon and vanilla – perfect for wafting around the home. Tealights are also popular among locals; these small candles emit soft glows while being used to scent homes or personal spaces. Whatever type of candle you’re looking for, New Plymouth offers something unique as well as an enjoyable candle-making experience!

History of Candle Making

Candle making has been an art form in New Plymouth dating back at least to the 19th century. The oldest candlemaking store in the city is Johnston & Mitchell Candlemakers, established in 1891 by George Johnston and Bernard Mitchell. The shop still stands today on Devon Street, offering handmade beeswax candles of all shapes and sizes. Another notable candle maker was Arnold Cole, who opened up a store in 1895. His shop provided the citizens of New Plymouth access to a wide variety of candles ranging from the large pillar type to those used for chandeliers and special occasions. More recently there have been other highly regarded candlemakers such as Kerry Davey’s Clayworks, which specializes in hand-crafted ceramics and pottery. They also provide custom made beeswax candles as well as a range of decorative products like lamps and lanterns. Maka Candle Company is another well known business that has been supplying beautiful beeswax candles since the early 2000s. Whatever your taste or preference, there are plenty of places where you can find stylish and unique handmade items right here in New Plymouth!

Unique Experiences

Candle making in New Plymouth is an exciting and enjoyable experience offered to all locals, tourists, or anyone eager to explore a new hobby. There are various workshops and classes available for different levels of expertise and knowledge. Beginners can join the Introduction to Candle Making class for an overview of the craft and how to make their own beautiful hand-poured candles. For those looking to sharpen their existing skillset, the Professional Candle Making class offers more in-depth study of materials, tools, safety procedures and decorative elements. Experienced candle makers can join specialty lectures and debates like “Decorative Candles Through History” or “The Psychology Behind Scented Candles” where participants will gain insights from experts in the field. The Comprehensive Candle Sculpture Class is also a great way to hone your skills as it provides guides on creating custom figures with wax candle shapes and basic elements of design for that one-of-kind masterpiece. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there’s always something fun and informative available in New Plymouth’s world of candle making!

How To Make Candle Wicks



Paraffin Wax (a refined form of fuel)
Soy Wax
Gel Wax
Palm Wax
Coconut Wax
Candelilla Wax
Vegatable Oil-Based Wax

Lavender Blossoms and Leaves
Jasmine Flowers
Orange Peel, thinly grated
Vanilla Beans, slivered
Mint Leaves, crushed
Cloves, ground

Other materials:
Wick – Cotton Core or Hemp Core
Essential Oils to add scent
Glass Jars for votive candles or wax melts Tin Containers for traditional molded candles Dyes to give a unique colour to the candle wax

Local Shops

Woodstock Craft Supplies: Woodstock Craft Supplies is a small craft shop located in the heart of New Plymouth. They offer a wide range of candle-making supplies and specialize in beeswax, essential oils, and wick supplies. Customers rave about their friendly customer service and helpful staff, making it a top choice for those looking to make their own candles.

Beehive Crafts: Beehive Crafts has been around for over 20 years and is known for their selection of beeswax candles and creative beehive themes throughout the store. Their candle-making supplies include waxes from all natural sources, fragrance oils, wicks, and containers. Prices are considered to be quite reasonable as compared to other shops in the area.

The Candle Library: The Candle Library is an independent store located close to downtown New Plymouth that specializes in quality candle-making items for every budget. Customers can find everything from organic coconut wax blends to handmade ceramic molds as well as wax dyes, customizable fragrances and woodwick trimers and other tools needed to complete luxury candles at home.

Lemony Green Candle Company: Lemony Green Candle Company is unique in the sense that they sell all natural products made locally. Their soy waxes are perfect for creating modern eco-friendly candles while their essential oil scents add a gentle pleasant aroma when burning candles in your home or office. Additionally, prices are reasonable with guidance provided on how to use each material if needed.

Candle Making Aromatherapy

Benefits of Candle Making

Candle making in New Plymouth can potentially have a variety of positive benefits for the local economy. Candle making is a growing industry that has seen an influx of creativity and talent recently. Supporting a local candle maker allows them to provide jobs to their local community providing income opportunities, stimulating the local economy with more money being cycled within it.

Sales of candles made in New Plymouth will also provide extra revenue through taxes, helping to support essential services like infrastructure, education, and healthcare. Additionally, these purchases are supporting the traditional or craft-based industries which can be incredibly important for preserving the unique culture surrounding New Plymouth.

Furthermore, candle making is becoming increasingly popular due to its environmental conscientiousness: soy wax candles are free from additives and burn cleanly. When local candle makers are supplied with materials from sources in nearby areas it limits transportation costs for ingredients that make up the candle products as well as reducing their carbon footprint which is beneficial for both business owners and customers alike.


If you’re interested in candle making and live in or near New Plymouth, a great place to begin is by attending a candle-making workshop. These are often available at craft stores or art galleries within the city, and they can provide invaluable guidance and advice to those who are just starting out. You may also want to check online for instructions and tips on how to make candles successfully. Further, many local suppliers sell all the necessary materials for candle making, such as wax, wicks, scents, molds ” everything you need for a successful project. Finally, it’s important to remember that experimentation plays an essential role in learning the art of candle making. So don’t be afraid to be creative with your designs, colors and fragrances ” that’s half the fun!

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