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Having a Candle Making Permit in Beaverton Oregon provides many benefits to the owner. The permit allows individuals and businesses to produce, in a safe manner, candles for the local market at a lower cost than those produced commercially. A major benefit of owning this type of permit is its safety aspect ” it ensures that all candles created by both professionals and hobbyists comply with strict safety regulations so as to ensure no fire hazards are present. Additionally, having a permit also increases consumer confidence in any candle purchased from the store or online. Furthermore, having a candle making permit may open up opportunities for creative collaboration with other local businesses and organizations, as it shows that the entity has met certain safety requirements and has knowledge of how to go about selling their creations. Finally, having a candle making permit allows those selling candles to take advantage of city tax incentives intended to foster small business growth in the area.

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1. Beaverton Oregon Government Website:
2. City of Beaverton Business License Division ” Candle Making Permits:
3. Instructions on Applying for a Candle Making Permit in Beaverton, Oregon:
4. State of Oregon Fire Code Candle Making Requirements: https://sharedsystemsosfmwws2s1gshornet02bffilestoragepubliccodesreq20150320candlemakersrequirementsruleadopted037172017pdf
5. UAUU Candles – Step-by-Step Guide to Legally Selling your Candles in Oregon (Beaverton):

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Include examples of completed applications for reference

Example 1:
Name: Joe Smith
Address: 123 Main Street, Beaverton OR 97700
Phone: 555-555-5555
Type of Permit Desired: Candle Making
Business Name (if applicable): My Candles
Description of Business Activity or Event: Creating decorative candles that will be sold in stores.
Signature of Applicant: Joe Smith

Example 2:
Name: Mary Jones
Address: 456 Elm Street, Beaverton OR 97700
Phone: 444-444-4444
Type of Permit Desired: Candle Making
Business Name (if applicable): MJ’s Candles
Description of Business Activity or Event: Creating and selling 100% organic soy wax candles for special occasions.
Signature of Applicant: Mary Jones

Summarize any applicable laws or regulations

Beaverton, Oregon requires anyone operating a candle-making business to obtain a permit from the city. Applicable laws and regulations include the following: obtaining proof of insurance coverage; registering with Oregon State’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ); observing DEQ’s Rule 602 which sets standards for ventilation and emission requirements; registering as a commercial premises with the state’s fire marshal; developing protocols for responsible candle making practices; disposing of wax waste properly; and regularly testing wicks to ensure they are flame safe.

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Renewal and Expiration of Permits:

Candle making permits in Beaverton, Oregon are valid for a period of one year. Before the expiration of the permit, it can be renewed by submitting an application along with the appropriate fee and any other pertinent information to the City Clerk’s Office. In order to renew your permit, you must receive confirmation from the City Clerk that your application has been accepted and approved prior to its expiration. If a permit is not renewed within 60 days of its expiration date it shall become void and must be reapplied for.

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Applying for a candle making permit in Beaverton, Oregon is relatively simple and straightforward. The application process can be completed online or by mail at the Beaverton Municipal’s Building Department. To apply you’ll need to provide your business name, address, contact information, type of business and required documents. Once an application is approved the permit will be issued with standard fee charged.

The City of Beaverton offers assistance to anyone who needs help through the permitting process. If you have any questions about the steps needed to get a candle making permit or would like guidance on which documents are necessary for submission, staff members from the Business Licensing unit are available to answer questions over the phone or in-person. Additionally, members of the Building Department can provide assistance in person at their offices during normal operating hours. All inquiries can be directed to their main office number at 503-526-2422.

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