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In recent years, candle making has become incredibly popular in Pigeon Forge, TN. This trend is driven by the area’s rich history of artisanship and craftsmanship commonly associated with Appalachia. It is not difficult to see why so many people enjoy making and displaying their own handmade candles – it is a very satisfying and creative process that produces something beautiful when done right.

The main trend around candle making in Pigeon Forge is that its popularity has come from the huge success of local night-markets, craft festivals, and other events where artisanal crafts are showcased. These types of events have allowed local crafters to display their products on a larger scale and have generated interest from new audiences who are eager to buy unique handmade items. Further driving this trend is the abundance of specialty stores like General Stores where people can find all kinds of materials for candle making classes or competitions like Maker Faire where aspiring crafters can showcase their work amongst experts in the field.

In addition, there have been several inspiring movements around sustainability that have contributed to the rising popularity of candle making in Pigeon Forge. Natural waxes such as soy and beeswax tend to be eco-friendly alternatives to conventional paraffin wax candles which can be made without adding extra toxins into our environment. Consumers are increasingly looking to support businesses with green policies such as natural or organic ingredients while still wanting beautiful and stylish decorations. As a result, many retailers offer a variety of styles and scents with natural alternatives becoming more popular over time – meaning that candle-making using natural resources has become much more prevalent than ever before!

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Candle making has long been associated with Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Local folklore and mythology is rife with tales of the candle makers. One of the most popular stories claims that a candle maker, who was very skilled in his craft, lived in a small cabin just off the main street in Pigeon Forge.

The story goes on to say that after he had crafted enough candles to fill his entire house, he became so engulfed by their light that it gave him mysterious superpowers like the ability to control fire. The neighbors in town soon noticed these feats of power and believed he sold his soul to gain such powers.

As word spread about this supernatural occurrence, some people began to fear him while others accepted him as their protector against any outside evils or evil spirits. No matter what opinion those around him had of him, he remained loyal and kept the little village safe from harm for many generations. Eventually, generations later, this same supernatural being’s descendants took up the craft of candle making along with much of his knowledge and understanding of its mysteries.

This mystical possible origin story is only one part what makes candle making in Pigeon Forge so special and unique. It is also famed for its intricate designs crafted into each scented wax creation and the use of raw materials such as beeswax or tallow found right here in Tennessee mountains over 100 years ago!

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Pigeon Forge, TN is home to some of the best candles and candle-making artisans in the world. One of the most popular local artisans is Soiree Luxury Candles, home to fragrances like “Freshly Baked Cinnamon Roll,” “Leather & Amber” and “First Snowfall.” The Sweet Smoky Candle Company creates some of the most detail-oriented candles, such as those shaped like a hot air balloon or the classic waterfall design. Outback Candles sells stunning custom celebrity-inspired wax figures of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. The Pigeon Forge Candle Company offers densely scented candles with fragrances that range from fresh cedarwood essence to succulent strawberry. Birchwood Candles creates unique layered designs with all natural beeswax sourced from within the United States. Finally, Countryside Candle Factory hand pours 100% soy wax into mason jars for completely sustainable candle burning enjoyment. Tourists passing through Pigeon Forge can take part in an excursion through all these shops where they can learn how each candle is crafted by experts in their respective trades.


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Decorating candles adds a unique and decorative touch to the candle-making experience. There are many items you can use to personalize your candles such as gems, feathers, holographic glitters, and even flowers. Adding just a few of these items can really make a statement when placed on the surface of your candles.

Gems of all shapes and sizes can be used as embellishments for candles; choose different colored stones for an interesting effect, or keep it sleek and simple with one or two of your favorite colors. Make sure that any glue used is heat resistant so that it will not become liquified when the candle is lit.

Feathers are another great way to customize your homemade candles. Glue small ostrich feathers around the top of larger pillar candles with hot glue for a natural display piece, or attach pheasant feather accents to votive candles for daily use. Again, make sure any glue used is heat resistant and will not become liquified when the candle is lit up.

Holographic glitters add an extra level sparkle and shine to your work, making whatever candle you’re creating look like something out of a fairytale! Taking a brush with waterproof craft glue on medium-sized beads gives the gesture an ethereal iridescence in the firelight.

Adding fresh cut flowers can also be another classic embellishment that ties in nicely with traditional decors – just ensure they have been well dried before being applied with waterproof craft glue! Try layering overlapping pressed petals on a pillar candle or attach single petals onto votive holders for more fastidious designs – these decorations bring nature into your home decor in beautiful ways reminiscent of garden strolls in springtime!

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One of the most interesting aspects of candle making in Pigeon Forge, TN is the variety of unusual and unique materials and techniques used. With an experienced instructor and local apothecary near by, candle makers can experiment with wax molds, techniques involving beeswax sheets, exotic healing oils, powdered soya wax, various reed sticks, wooden wicks, oil paints for colorings and many more ingredients.

Another unique aspect of candle making in Pigeon Forge is the use of scented hydrosoak paper. This method involves saturating pieces of absorbent paper with essential oils and other scent enhancers that will create a pleasant aroma. In addition to this paper-based technique there are also methods that use handmade wool balls or ceramic cones infused with gentle fragrances to add a hint of aroma to a particular area.

Experiencing different methods such as rolling candles or using metal tins for molded shapes creates an exciting prospect for those interested in candle making in Pigeon Forge, TN. Even something as simple as adding glitter gives an extra special touch to any finished piece! With endless possibilities available one can truly let their imagination run wild when it comes to experimenting with candle making materials and methods.

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Candle making can be a part of some spiritual and religious practices as it is believed that candles possess special powers. For centuries, many cultures have used candles in rituals to bring about healing, luck, prayers for peace and protection, and for focusing. Candles are said to bring about spiritual awakenings and clarity of thought.

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In Wiccan traditions, several candle colors are incorporated into rituals related to particular deities or energies such as blue for meditation, green for luck, orange for creativity and pink for love. Different colors can be used together by placing them next to each other (known as sending energy) when a Wiccan wishes to make something happen or experience bliss.

Other traditional uses for candles include burning during prayer sessions or a year-long vigil focused on a goal or intention such as marriage or the birth of a child. Candle ceremonies are often utilized by various faiths around the world including Catholics who use the Easter Vigil or Advent wreath; Buddhists who light butter lamps while offering prayers; and Hindus using Diwali lights during yearly festivals.

Candles also play an important role in shamanism whereby they can help to induce trances by remaining lit throughout long ceremonies with chants, music, singing and dancing that involve spirits of the deceased being called forth. This practice was passed down through generations before recorded history being referred to as relating ‘fire power’ stories in many different ancient cultures including Native American folklore and African ancestor worship.

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Candle making can offer a number of health benefits depending on the ingredients used in the process. Many candles incorporate essential oils, which contain therapeutic properties that are known to have positive effects on physical and mental well-being. Lavender oil is a popular choice due to its calming scent, while tea tree and eucalyptus oils are known for their antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. Essential oils can help ease stress and anxiety, as well as provide emotional support in times of trouble or distress. Additionally, some candles may contain beeswax, which is known for its antioxidant properties and its ability to strengthen immunity. Soy wax candles may be beneficial for those with allergies since soy wax does not release particulates into the air like petroleum-based paraffin wax does. Finally, aromatherapy candles made from natural ingredients such as herbs and essential oils can provide a peaceful atmosphere and improve overall mood by releasing calming scents into the room.

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Candle making can be an incredibly creative and rewarding hobby. While many people enjoy the traditional use of creating beautiful candles to light up a room, there are countless other ways to get creative with candle making.

Sculpting is one creative way to explore candle making. By combining melted wax and molds, you can create detailed, intricate sculptures that make beautiful decorations or artistic additions to gift baskets.

Aromatherapy is another way to get creative with candle making. Aromatherapy candles use essential oils, herbs, and petals to help create calming aromas in a home, helping improve overall wellbeing. You can also enjoy other scented candles such as fruity, floral, or comforting woodland smells ” the possibilities are endless.

You can even add color dyes or glitter to your wax mixture for extra flair! Exploring these types of techniques and experimenting will help ensure each creation you make is unique and special in its own way. Candle making offers craft enthusiasts an ever-fascinating array of techniques that constantly evolve with new trends and discovery.

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