Candle Making Starter

Candle Making Starter Guide

If you’re interested in making your own candles at home, here’s a starter guide that will help you get started.


Before you start to make your candles, you’ll need to gather the necessary materials and tools. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  • Protective eyewear and clothing
  • Fragrance and dye
  • Wick and wick sustainer
  • Melting pot (or double boiler)
  • Thermometer
  • Molds for desired shape
  • Soy wax, paraffin wax, or beeswax
  • Measuring cup and stirring spoon
  • Cutting mat or tile


Now that you have all the supplies and equipment needed, you can start your candle making adventure. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Gather your supplies and set up your work area. Make sure that it is clean and well-lit, and that you have appropriate ventilation.
  2. Melt the wax in your melting pot or double boiler. Dip the thermometer gently into the melted wax and check the temperature continuously. Make sure that the temperature does not exceed 140°F.
  3. Once the wax is melted, add in the dye and stir until it is completely incorporated. For a deeper color, add a bit more dye.
  4. Add the fragrance to the wax, stirring until completely incorporated.
  5. Tie the end of the wick onto the wick sustainer and place it into the center of the mold.
  6. Gently pour the melted wax into the mold, filling it up to the top edge. Allow the wax to cool.
  7. Once the wax is set, cut the wick to the desired length and trim the excess wax away from the edges.

  8. Your candle is now ready to be enjoyed!

Tips and Tricks

Here are some important tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while making candles:

  • Read the instructions on the wax and fragrance oils carefully. Wax has different melting points and wicks should be chosen according to the type of wax being used.
  • Be patient. Don’t rush the process, as this can lead to mistakes and poor results.
  • Keep safety in mind. Don’t forget to wear protective eyewear and clothing. Keep your work area well-ventilated.

Making your own candles can be a fun and rewarding experience. Following this starter guide and keeping the tips and tricks in mind will help you on your candle making journey!

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