Candle Making Store Denver

Introduction to Candle Making Store Denver

Welcome to Candle Making Store Denver! We are the premier destination for candle making supplies and handmade scented candles. Our store is located in the heart of Denver, just minutes away from downtown, making it easy and convenient to come check out our incredible selection.

We carry a wide array of products that make all of your candle-making dreams come true: waxes and dyes to create all sorts of colors and smells, wicks to keep your candle burning strong, molds to give you the perfect shape you want, tools such as wick pins and wax melters, fragrance oils so you can fully customize each candle scent. We even provide classes on how to get started on your own or in a group setting.

At Candle Making Store Denver, we’re dedicated to helping everyone explore their creativity and make the perfect product each time. Stop by today or get more familiar with what we have available online with pictures and videos of all the products we carry in our store, you’ll be sure to find something special!

Impressive Collection of Candle Making Supplies

At Candle Making Store Denver, you can find an impressive collection of candle making supplies. From high quality waxes to a variety of wicks, molds and scents, the shop has it all. The uniqueness of this store lies in its extensive and varying selection of materials geared towards creating the perfect candles. They offer a vast array of colorful wax dyes and scents that cannot be found elsewhere, allowing you to customize your own custom-made candles with ease and confidence. Not only can you choose from multiple kinds of wax such as beeswax, paraffin wax, or vegetable oil wax, but their huge selection also includes various wick lengths and thicknesses – making sure you find the ideal combination for your needs. Moreover, the store carries an extensive range of metal or plastic candle molds that are not available in other stores and truly set them apart from the competition. Finally, finish off your customized masterpiece with a choice of over 100 different scents – including natural fragrances like chopped vanilla beans as well as traditional aromas like lavender and sweet spring blossoms!

Instructive Classes for All Skill Levels

For any aspiring candle maker, there is no better place to start than at a Candle Making Store in Denver. Not only do they provide all the materials you need to get started with your own projects, they also offer expert instruction and classes. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced candle maker looking to refine your techniques, there is something for everyone.

Candle Making Sets For Beginners

Beginners will benefit from starting off with the introductory classes that focus on the fundamentals of melting wax and creating containers for it. These classes will also cover helpful hints on scenting as well as color mixing so that your candles look stunning when completed. They may even introduce you to more professional tools such as molds, heaters, and double boilers for more precise results. It’s the perfect way to learn!

Advanced candle makers can take part in more advanced classes that cover topics such as gel candles, encasing candles, polishing wax afterward and recycling wax. Advanced classes also teach using intricate shaping tools such as pigment sticks and scrapers for larger scale designs for large candles typically made by professionals.

No matter which skill level you are at, taking a class from a candle making store in Denver is sure to unlock your creativity while giving you all the tips you will ever need on the subjects of candle creation and design!

Support of Local Artisans

The Candle Making Store Denver is proud to support local artisans in and around the city. We feature testimonials of artisans who have been showcased at our store and the amazing items that they have created. Our store provides an opportunity for local artisans to display and sell their work, as well as giving them a platform to spread their creativity. The store also regularly hosts events where customers can come mingle with talented artists displaying their wonderfully unique creations.

Our featured artisans come from all walks of life, highlighting the immense talent our city has to offer. Whether it be a handcrafted piece of jewelry, intricately crocheted clothing wearable art or decorative pieces for the home – we believe everyone deserves to see extraordinary artwork from passionate artists displayed in venues like ours. We love our local artist community! Not only do we give them room to express themselves creatively, but we also want to ensure that their talent isn’t forgotten or left unrecognized which is why we take pride in featuring these stories and sharing them with others.

The Friendly Atmosphere

One of the reasons people love shopping at the Candle Making Store Denver is because of its friendly atmosphere. Customers often comment on how comfortable and welcoming it feels as soon as they enter the store. Many customers come back again and again to experience the cozy vibe of the store and browse through their selection of beautiful candles.

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One customer raved, “I just love coming here! The staff always greets me with a smile, and they make me feel like I’m part of their family. Their enthusiasm for candle making is infectious ” I find myself wanting to keep coming back for more!”

The store’s employees are also passionate about helping everyone have a great experience there. One staff member commented that he loves seeing regulars come back each week to catch up about their recent projects, or just have an enjoyable conversation about all matters related to candle-making. It’s almost like a little community gathering space for those who share this interest in making beautiful pieces from natural materials.

Special Events and Promotions

The Candle Making Store Denver has hosted several successful special events and promotions over the years. One of our most popular promotions is the “Buy One, Get One Free” event. On this day, customers are able to purchase any one item in store and they receive a second item of equal or lesser value for free! This promotion has been extremely well-received by our customers and continues to be popular every year. Additionally, we often host classes taught by local artisans wherein customers can learn how to make their own scented candles. This class is highly popular as it allows participants to learn various candle making techniques as well as get creative with different scents and designs. Finally, we regularly partner up with local charities such a Toys-for-Tots and host promotional events where customers get exclusive discounts when they donate toys or other items to the cause.


If you are looking for unique, hand-crafted candles at affordable prices in the Denver area, stop by Candle Making Store Denver! Visit us today and let us show you our amazing collection of candles. Our selection is sure to bring warmth and a special ambiance to your home. From custom scented candles to soy-based containers, we have something to fit every need. Come explore everything that Candle Making Store Denver has to offer – with friendly service and unbeatable prices!

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