Candle Making Supplies Chillicothe Ohio

Introduction to Candle Making

Candle making is one of the oldest crafts, dating back to ancient times. In the past, many people in Chillicothe, Ohio have taken on candle making as a hobby or even as a business. One of the most famous Ohio-based candle makers is Andrew Pugh from Lamphouse Candles, who has been featured in national magazines like Better Homes & Gardens for his stunning creations.

There are several different styles of candle-making that you can achieve using the supplies available in Chillicothe, Ohio. These include traditional pour/wick method and modern gel wax candles as well as container candles, dipped candles, scented/aromatherapy candles and more. No matter what technique you prefer, there are plenty of candle making supplies available in Chillicothe to get started such as molds for casting wax figures into shapes for candles, dyes and fragrances to create different colored and scented candles and wicks that come in various sizes depending on your project.

If you’re just getting started with making your own candles at home then you may need some experienced advice. Fortunately there are businesses around Chillicothe dedicated solely to offering classes and workshops in candle making techniques so that beginners can get help learning this fascinating craft. The experienced teachers will provide hands-on instruction and offer guidance throughout the entire process no matter what skill level you’re beginning with.

In addition to its thriving classes and workshops — some hosted by the award-winning Candle Makers of Chilicothe (CMC) — both professional vendors and individuals showcase their work at town markets or online for others to admire their artistry. While sometimes overshadowed by bigger cities like Columbus or Cleveland, locally made products from swoon-worthy custom designed soy blends from Candle Kitchen or artisanal beeswax tapers from Bees Knees Supply show just how vibrant this community really is.

Quality Supplies for Candle Making

Waxes for candle making in Chillicothe Ohio come in a wide variety of forms, from traditional paraffin wax to trendy beeswax. Paraffin wax is generally affordable and comes in a variety of melting points that could be mixed-and-matched to create interesting layered looks in your finished product. Beeswax is slightly more expensive but lasts longer and smells slightly sweeter. Soy wax offers a greater range of natural options with botanical scents as well as being odorless, perfect for adding aromatherapy benefits to your candles.

Top Rated Oils For Making Candles

There’s also a wealth of fun and creative scents available to infuse into your candles! Infusions can include anything from classic smells such as lavender and orange blossom, to sweet treats like milk chocolate coconut or apple pie spice, or even savory flavors like rosemary sage and garlic basil! You can also get creative with colorings that transform the look of your candle while still emitting light when lit – choose from an array of choices including metallics, pearlescent sheens, translucent hues, pastels and rich jewel tones.

As great as waxes and fragrances are, there is also the need for quality tools & equipment for successful candle making. Things to keep on hand might include thermometers for keeping track of melting temperature and wick trimmers for keeping wicks at the correct length. Wick dippers cut excess wax off the top tip which helps promote better burning & fire safety precautions; wick bars help with wick centering in molds; heat guns help melt wax faster; double boilers help prevent scorching; tins give candles portability away from home…the list goes on! Buying high quality tools & supplies will not only make things easier but you’ll use fewer resources in the long run due to their durable construction.

Where to Get Candle Making Supplies in Chillicothe, Ohio

If you’re looking for candle making supplies in Chillicothe, Ohio, there are various places to shop. Local craft stores such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby are a great resource for all kinds of candle making supplies, from basic wax and wicks to pretty jars and scents. An online search is sure to provide even more options; get it all in one order from sites like CandleScience or!

For those who prefer brick-and-mortar shopping, check out The Baffled Bee in Lancaster for high-quality supplies. They carry everything from soy wax flakes and beeswax pellets, to scent oils and natural fragrance powders. If you find what you need but don’t want to make the drive, their website facilitates mail orders as well!

Looking for specific candle styles? Wick And Flame Candles in Hebron offers handcrafted pillar, votive, tealight candles and more. Their selection includes wonderfully scented blends made with all-natural ingredients — perfect for gifting or your own home decor needs.

No matter where you shop, there are always ways to save money on supplies. Try researching coupon codes or look out for seasonal sales around holidays like Memorial Day or Labor Day – often suppliers will offer bulk discounts if you buy a certain amount at once. Additionally, look out for group buying offers that can help reduce the cost of buying wholesale amounts of supplies at once!

Paddywax Candle Making Kit

Benefits of Working with Local Candle Making Supply Stores

Working with local candle making supply stores in Chillicothe Ohio has a number of advantages for crafters. Local stores are able to provide excellent customer service and personalized attention to customers that web-based options may not be able to match. Many local stores have knowledgeable staff who can offer advice and instruction on candle making, helping crafters make the most out of their supplies. Furthermore, local stores tend to source unique supplies that are not available at larger chain stores – they often carry items that are exclusive to their locations, giving crafters access to materials that aren’t easily found elsewhere. Finally, shopping locally allows businesses to both support their local economy and build relationships with store owners. All in all, opting for local candle making supply stores in the Chillicothe area can help any crafter get the best service and experience possible!


Candle making can be a very rewarding and therapeutic activity. Whether you are looking to craft gifts for friends and family or just relax while being creative, candle making might just be perfect for you. There is a wide range of supplies available in Chillicothe Ohio, so anyone keen to experiment with different scents and styles can get creative. Imagine the satisfaction of creating a unique candle with its own individual fragrances and personalised decorations, that you know your friend or family member will love when they receive it. Candle making can be fun and an immensely enjoyable activity, all whilst providing those wonderful aromas, which are sure to fill any room with a delightful atmosphere. So why not take the opportunity to try something new today?

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