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Features and Reviews of Popular Candle Supplies

One of the most popular and featured candle supplies available at Candle Making Supplies Galway is their selection of waxes. They provide beeswax, paraffin wax, and soy wax in a variety of colors and styles. The advantage of using these types of waxes is that they can be blended to achieve a custom scent for the candles being created. Customers have noted that this selection allows them to create high-quality candles without any hassle or mess.

Another popular supply featured at Candle Making Supplies Galway is their molds, which are made from durable plastic and come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Customers appreciate that these molds are easy to clean and use with minimal effort regardless of the complexity of the design being created. Additionally, the affordability of these molds has been praised as they offer an economical option for creating unique candles.

The selection of dyes also gets a lot of praise from customers at Candle Making Supplies Galway due to its wide availability in an array of shades ranging from pale pastels to bright primary colors. It’s got excellent dyeing properties so it blends easily into the liquid wax without clumping or bleaching out colors, ensuring consistent results each time it is used. Customers love that this selection allows them to create vibrant colored candles without wasting unnecessary product or money.

Finally, customers consistently highlight how helpful staff at Candle Making Supplies Galway are when it comes to finding just what they need when shopping there. They mention feeling welcomed every time they visit and always leaving satisfied with their purchases knowing they have access to some of the best supplies available on the market today.

Deals and Promotions

Candle Making Supplies Galway offers many deals and promotions for customers looking to save on their candle making supplies. Our rewards program allows shoppers to collect points when they purchase items, which can be redeemed for discounts in the store and online. We also feature a 10 percent discount code for any first-time orders of $100 or more, as well as additional discounts throughout the year. For example, during holiday sales events will often offer additional discounts on select items. Additionally, we regularly run promotions such as “buy one get one free,” or bundle discounts on multiple items purchased in one order. Finally, we also have an email newsletter where customers can sign up to receive exclusive offers, product updates, and special sale alerts.

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Tips and Tricks for Candle Making

Making candles is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby that can be done in the comfort of your own home. However, it’s important to ensure you’re using the best candle making supplies from trusted suppliers in order to guarantee a perfect result every time. At Candle Making Supplies Galway we take pride in stocking only the highest quality products for candle making at all levels.

We offer a wide variety of waxes and additives to ensure that your candles burn brightly and effectively. From traditional paraffin waxes and eco-friendly vegetable wax types, our selection is sure to have just what you need! If you have difficulties finding the right type of wick for your project we also stock several options including cotton cores, wooden core wicks, paper-core wicks, pre-tabbed wicks, and more. Our range of dyes give you a huge variety of colours to choose from while our fragrances add delightful scents to your creations.

To make sure that you get the most out of our products we offer detailed tutorials on how to achieve perfect results when creating customised candles with different shapes and sizes. We also provide advice on which tools are best suited for creating various effects such as decorative swirls inside the wax or embedding special objects in them. Additionally we showcase different techniques used by professional candle makers as well as handy tricks for adjusting existing recipes to create something entirely unique!

Ask the Expert

Candle Making Supplies Galway is a great place to start if you’re looking for quality candle and soap supplies. Our interactive Ask the Expert section provides customers with an easy way to get answers to their questions and inquiries about our products. Whether you’re just getting started in the art of candle making or are a professional, our expert team can help you find what you need. With over 14 years of experience in the industry, we offer comprehensive tutorials, advice on selecting which supplies are best, and even technical instruction and support. Plus, we offer a variety of kits so that anyone can easily get up and running. So come visit us today – we’d love to help you with all your candle-related needs!

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Location Overview

Candle Making Supplies Galway is located in the historic centre of Galway, Ireland. The shop is conveniently located at 11 Shop Street and provides a wide selection of candle making supplies for both novice and experienced candle makers. The store hours are Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 4 PM and on Sundays from 12 PM to 4 PM.

The shop has a wide range of candle making supplies including waxes, containers, dyes, scents, wicks and more. They also offer classes and workshops to help those interested in learning more about the art and craft of candle making. Additionally they provide customised services that allow clients to create their own unique candles designs according to their preferences. Whether you want to make your own personalized gift or simply bring a special atmospheric touch with your homemade candles, Candle Making Supplies Galway provides all the tools necessary for success.

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