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For those wanting to make their own candles in the Hamilton Ontario area, there are a range of options for sourcing supplies. Local hobby and craft stores such as Michaels, A.C. Moore and Serendipity Crafts all offer supplies such as waxes, wicks, fragrance oils and molds. For special products such as wooden wicks or specialty fragrances, ordering online is often necessary to get the required selection of items. There are numerous sources available that are willing to ship Canada wide.

Alternatively, materials can be sourced from other parts of Ontario. Maple Nature Crafts has retail locations in Toronto and Barrie with large selections of candle making supplies and materials. Find Candle Making Proudly Made Canadian online offers exceptionally creative scents as well as packaging options for finished candles that can be shipped directly from a facility in Burlington, Ontario. There is also the option of contacting local farmers who may have beeswax available or looking into suppliers of essential oils which can be used to scent candles safely and naturally rather than synthetic fragrance oils that are often used in commercial products.

DIY tips

DIY tips for candle-making using items found around the house:

1. Start by gathering your supplies, including beeswax, textiles like cotton or polyester fabric, string, pot and a stove.

2. Set up an area to work that is clean and away from pets or children. Make sure to wear protective gloves and safety glasses when melting the wax.

3. Cut the wick into lengths that are an inch longer than each candle needs to be, then use a mast to tie one end of each wick around a skewer and set aside until later.

4. Melt the wax in a double boiler on medium heat on the stove until it is melted (the amount will depend on how much you want to make). NOTE: Be careful not to let any water mix with the wax since this can cause it to crack and not burn properly. Allow the wax to cool before adding dyes or scents if desired.

5. Once cooled, carefully pour or spoon melted wax into each candle mold or container till full, then insert prepared wick into the hot liquid wax ensuring that it rests in the center of each container before allowing to cool completely (ideally overnight).

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6. Once candles have hardened remove from mold and trim wicks easily with scissors prior to use or gifting!

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Candle making supplies in Hamilton Ontario are easily accessible, as there are many stores that specialize in these items. Whether you are looking for wax, dyes, scents, or molds, you can find it all at local store locations. There is a wide selection of fragrances to choose from including floral, citrus and wood-based scents. You can also purchase wicks of different types such as cotton cores or wooden bobbins and sizes. Dyes range from powders to liquid colors with bright hues that come in both primary and secondary colors making it easy to get just the right shade for your project. Waxes are not limited to paraffin and soy varieties but also included beeswax, palm wax, and even gel waxes. To finish off any project perfectly there is an array of molds available including glass containers and shapes like stars and hearts. Candle making supplies in Hamilton Ontario offer crafters the tools necessary to create special one-of-a-kind candles for gift giving or home decorating!

Expand on the benefits of supporting local

Supporting local businesses is an important part of keeping Hamilton’s economy vibrant and growing. Local businesses are the backbone of our neighbourhoods, offering products and services that are tailored to our needs as a community. They also employ local workers, creating jobs where citizens living in Hamilton can earn a living wage with benefits.

Studies have found numerous benefits of shopping locally. For example, research conducted by the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) has shown that choosing to shop at locally owned businesses produces significantly more economic stimulus for the local economy than shopping at chain or national retailers. This is because up to 68 cents of each dollar spent at a local business stays in the community compared to only 24 cents spent when buying from large corporations. This money goes towards generate taxes from employees who work there and donate to charities which support local causes. It also keeps more money in Hamilton so that it can be reinvested into development projects rather than moving away to international markets.

In addition, shopping at local stores helps reduce pollution that would otherwise be produced by trucks traveling long distances to deliver items to big box stores. The environmental impact of chain stores may seem minor on an individual basis, but can add up quickly when taken cumulatively across all shopping trips done in town each year. Shopping locally also helps sustain small farm operations located near Hamilton so we can enjoy fresh produce, herbs, dairy products and other foodstuffs year-round without the need for importing them from overseas or having them travel long distances domestically before reaching us here in Ontario!

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Finally, supporting small businesses has been linked with improved economic self-sufficiency and increased business innovation within communities across Canada. Studies conducted by Carleton University’s Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate suggest that fostering economic health through localized commerce strengthens our overall financial stability as well as fostering diversity in commercial activity and ideas among entrepreneurs living here in Hamilton!

From all these points made above it follows logically then, that if you live in or around Hamilton Ontario area – why not take advantage of all the fantastic Candle Making Supplies right here? By patronizing your neighbourhood supplier you can ensure that your hard earned dollars go directly back into the community which will result in a stronger economy over time!

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1. Molly’s Candles: Located in Downtown Hamilton, Molly’s Candles offers a wide variety of candle making supplies including wax, wicks, dyes, essential oils, and more to meet all your needs.

2. Candle Crafting Warehouse: This shop specializes in the sale of both traditional and modern candle making supplies. They provide quality materials sourced locally from experts in the industry at great prices.

3. Treemendous Creations: This unique shop provides materials necessary for candle making such as molds and wax as well as opportunities to make wooden creations such as door hangers and birdhouses. Their products have been featured in many magazines and on popular TV shows.

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