Candle Making Supplies Kansas City

candle making supplies kansas city

If you are looking for candle making supplies in Kansas City, look no further! The Candle Depot is a local business with free shipping to the lower 48 states and to all 50 US states. The company has no online store but is located just south of Busch Stadium and north of Soulard Market. They are also part of a recycling program, and will refill your clean glass containers for free. There are many other options for local candle makers in Kansas City, too!

Soap Goods

Soap Goods is a locally owned and operated business offering a variety of products for the body and home. The items for sale include bath bombs, essential oils, body scrubs, and other body care products. The store also offers a variety of reused products, including recycled straws. The store makes its own HOUSEbrand soaps and sells them by weight, as well as body washes, shampoos, and face creams. It also offers other items, including pet products, including bath salts and lotions. The store also sells bulk products, with a discount of 10 percent to 15 percent on orders of 24 oz or a gallon.

Earlier this year, Soap Bar closed its Westport Road location and moved to a more urban space at the Mid Coast Modern mall. The new location has a focus on wholesale through Made in KC, while the previous Westport location specialized in retail. Another KC company that closed recently is Matt Bramlette, who makes Toilet Bombs and other self-care items. As a result, the local soap industry is experiencing a resurgence, thanks to the many unique products produced by a local artisan.

Bramble Berry

In addition to wax and fragrance oils, Bramble Berry has containers, wicks, and guides for candle making. The company also offers a variety of natural waxes, including soy, beeswax, and paraffin, for all of your candle making needs. You can also make and sell scented candles at Bramble Berry to increase sales. Whether you want to make a candle for yourself or sell them to other customers, Bramble Berry is your place for candle making supplies in Kansas City.

The company also offers wholesale candle making supplies such as fragrance oils and wicks. The company also sells high-quality container materials and wicks. In addition, it has excellent fragrance oils and colourants. Their other candle-making supplies include molds and melting equipment. Their selection includes a wide variety of wicks, waxes, and dyes. Wicks Unlimited also sells quality supplies, such as wax-coated wicks on reels and sustainers.


If you are looking for quality Vinewick candle making supplies in Kansas City, Missouri, look no further than Candle Depot. This local supplier specializes in wicks, moulds, and candle making kits. They offer a large selection of products, and delivery time ranges from three to ten days, depending on the shipping service you choose. The company also carries high-quality essential oils, waxes, and fancy jars.

Candle Making Supplies Auckland Nz

Another local source for Vinewick candle making supplies is Sunshine Candle and Soap Boxes. Both stores carry a wide variety of high-quality wicks and packaging. Both companies carry a full line of waxes and fragrance oils. The latter also offers a wide range of fragrances, wicks, and containers for your creations. Wicks Unlimited is another local supplier of wax-coated wicks and sustainers.

Another online source for wholesale candles is Candle Containers Unlimited. This Kansas City-based wholesale distributor also sells retail candle products. Their website does not state whether or not they offer pick-up services, but you can still browse their online inventory. The company also offers a wide range of fragrances for your candles. Whether you want to make candles for home or gift-giving, you’ll find everything you need to create candles from scratch.

Fillmore Containers

If you are interested in becoming a professional candle maker, you should consider using a wholesale supply company. They will provide you with everything you need to start making candles, including containers, jars, and fragrance oils. If you prefer a more personalized service, you can also inquire about their custom services. Most of the products they sell can be shipped for free in the lower 48 states. Fillmore Containers is a good place to start if you are looking for quality candle supplies.

Another good place to buy candle making supplies is the Zenith Supplies. They offer high-quality fragrance oils and container supplies. In addition to candles, they also offer other candle making supplies, including containers and labels for businesses. Although the company does not have a physical location, they provide excellent customer service. You can also order products online or through their delivery service. Located in Kansas City, Zenith Supplies offers a range of candle making supplies at wholesale prices.

Zenith Supplies

If you are looking for candles and related candle making supplies, then you might want to consider visiting Zenith Supplies in Kansas City. This business specializes in plant-based products and oils, as well as equipment for candle making. While the company doesn’t have a physical storefront, it does offer online ordering and delivery. It also offers sample packs of fragrance oils, which will help you get a better idea of the scent you would like for your candles.

This company provides affordable candle making supplies to the Kansas City area. They carry premium candle jars and colourful containers at great prices. Moreover, they offer custom service and free shipping to the lower 48 states. They even offer wholesale prices for their products. There are many other reasons why you should visit Zenith Supplies for candle making in Kansas City. You’ll love its customer service and selection of candles! You can even start making your own candles in no time at all!

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The company has a great selection of supplies, including wicks and waxes. In addition to this, it also offers custom packaging for your business. Just Scent offers high-quality fragrances and containers for candle making. Other local businesses that sell candles and candle making supplies are Sunflower Candle Supply and Gemlite Soap & Candle Supply. These stores also provide candle molds, waxes, wicks, tins, containers, and dyes.


If you’re in Kansas City and looking for candle making supplies, you may want to check out Lonestar Candle Making Supplies. The company sells a variety of supplies for candle making, including fragrances and silicone molds. The store offers free shipping to 50 states and free pick up services for orders over $79, and offers many products at a discount price. You’ll find that they also have a good selection of soaps and bath products, as well as essential oils.

The candle supplies at Lonestar include fragrances, wax, wicks, and molds. They offer sample bottles of fragrances and promise excellent customer service. Their candle making supplies are all available in a variety of scents, ranging from subtle to luxurious. In addition to offering fragrance samples, Lonestar also offers a large inventory of wax and wicks. Candles made with Lonestar’s fragrances are highly-rated by customers, and they also offer a free shipping service within the lower 48 states.

In addition to Lonestar Candle Making Supplies, you can also visit Cajun Candle and Soap Making Supply. They sell a full line of supplies, including soy wax and containers. If you’re interested in learning how to make candles, you can also check out Sunshine Candle Supply, which provides a variety of fragrances and waxes. Other good candle-making supplies include Wicks Unlimited, which manufactures wax coated wicks, sustainers, and reels.

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