Candle Making Supplies Seattle

Are you a candle enthusiast or interested in diving into the art of candle making? Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner looking to explore the world of candle making, Seattle has a vibrant community and an array of resources for all your candle making supply needs.

From essential materials to unique scents and eco-friendly options, Seattle offers a variety of options for every candle maker. When it comes to finding the best candle making supplies, Seattle has got you covered.

The city of Seattle has a rich history when it comes to craftsmanship and artistry, including the tradition of candle making. Understanding the historical significance of candle making in Seattle can provide valuable insight into the local industry and help inspire new creations. Additionally, learning about the roots of this craft can deepen your appreciation for the art and process of creating candles.

In this article, we will explore the top 5 candle making supply stores in Seattle, providing insight into where to find quality materials and inspiration for your next project. We will also delve into essential candle making supplies needed to get started, as well as the art of scented candle making and sustainable options available in the city. Furthermore, we will uncover DIY workshops and classes that offer hands-on experience and guidance for aspiring candle makers.

And finally, we will discuss the importance of supporting local businesses within the Seattle community for all your candle making needs. So whether you’re a novice or an expert in the world of candles, we invite you to join us on this journey through Candle Making Supplies Seattle.

The History of Candle Making in Seattle

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Seattle grew rapidly as a center of trade and commerce, leading to an increased demand for candles not only within the city itself but also for export to other regions. As a result, candle making became an integral part of Seattle’s economy, with numerous candle factories and supply stores catering to the needs of both consumers and businesses.

Today, while modern lighting technologies have largely supplanted traditional candles as a primary source of illumination, there remains a strong appreciation for handcrafted candles in Seattle. Local artisans continue to preserve the time-honored craft of candle making, using techniques that have been passed down through generations. Additionally, with growing awareness of sustainability and eco-friendly practices, many Seattle-based candle makers are placing a renewed emphasis on using natural ingredients and ethically-sourced materials in their products.

Overall, the history of candle making in Seattle reflects not only the practical need for light but also the city’s longstanding tradition of handcrafted artistry. With its rich heritage and ongoing commitment to quality craftsmanship, Seattle remains a vibrant hub for those seeking exceptional candle making supplies and products.

  • The Candle Market
  • The Candle Factory
  • The Pioneer Candle Co.
  • The Sustainable Wick
  • Artisanal Candles Supply Store

Top 5 Candle Making Supply Stores in Seattle

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is a city known for its creativity and innovation. This spirit extends to the world of candle making, with a variety of stores offering a wide range of candle making supplies. Whether you are new to candle making or an experienced crafter, there are plenty of options for finding high-quality supplies in Seattle.

When it comes to purchasing candle making supplies in Seattle, there are several top-rated stores that cater to both beginners and seasoned candle makers. Here are the top 5 candle making supply stores in Seattle:

  • Seattle Candle Supply Co.: This well-loved store offers a wide selection of wax, fragrance oils, wicks, and molds.
  • Essential Elements: A favorite among local artisans, this store carries natural and sustainable candle making supplies such as soy wax and essential oils.
  • Candle Creations: Known for its friendly service and competitive prices, this store is a one-stop-shop for all your candle making needs.
  • Otion: A unique store that not only sells candle making supplies but also offers workshops and classes for those looking to expand their skills.
  • Michaels: While not exclusive to candle making supplies, this national chain offers a variety of crafting materials including wax, dyes, and molds.

These stores offer a diverse range of products to meet the needs of every type of candle maker, from hobbyists to professional artisans. No matter what kind of candles you want to create – whether it’s scented soy candles or decorative taper candles – these stores have everything you need to get started on your next project.

Essential Candle Making Supplies to Get Started

When starting your candle making journey in Seattle, it’s important to have the essential supplies to get you started on the right foot. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced candle maker, having the right tools and materials will make the process much more enjoyable and successful. Here are some essential candle making supplies that you’ll need to kickstart your new hobby:

Making Your Own Personalized Candles

1. Wax – The most crucial component of any candle is the wax. There are various types of wax available for candle making, including soy wax, beeswax, and paraffin wax. Each type has its own unique characteristics and it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

2. Wicks – Wicks are another essential component of candles as they are responsible for carrying the melted wax up to the flame for combustion. When selecting wicks, consider the type of wax you’ll be using as well as the size and shape of your candle vessel.

3. Fragrance oils or Essential Oils – If you’re interested in creating scented candles, fragrance oils or essential oils are a must-have. They come in a wide variety of scents, allowing you to personalize your candles with your favorite aromas.

In Seattle, there are several local stores where you can find high-quality candle making supplies. From specialty shops to craft stores, these businesses offer a wide range of products to help you get started on your candle making journey.

Essential Candle Making SuppliesDescription
WaxChoose from soy wax, beeswax, or paraffin wax based on your preferences.
WicksSelect wicks that match the type and size of your candle vessel.
Fragrance Oils or Essential OilsAdd scents to personalize your candles with a variety of aroma options.

The Art of Scented Candle Making in Seattle

Scented candles are a popular choice for many candle enthusiasts in Seattle. The art of scented candle making involves not only creating the perfect aroma but also ensuring that the scent is long-lasting and fills the room with a pleasant fragrance. With the wide array of candle making supplies available in Seattle, it’s easier than ever to create your own signature scented candles.

Choosing the Right Fragrances

One of the key elements in scented candle making is selecting the right fragrances for your candles. Whether you prefer floral, fruity, or woodsy scents, there are countless options available at local candle making supply stores in Seattle. It’s essential to consider the strength of each fragrance and how they will complement each other when combined.

Utilizing Essential Oils

Many seasoned candle makers in Seattle swear by using essential oils to create their signature scents. Essential oils not only provide natural and therapeutic benefits but also give candles a rich and authentic aroma. Local stores offer a range of essential oils, allowing enthusiasts to experiment with different combinations to find their perfect scent.

Tips for Scented Candle Making

When it comes to creating scented candles, it’s important to consider the wax type, wick size, and fragrance concentration. Different waxes can hold varying amounts of fragrance oil, and choosing the right wick size ensures an even burn for optimal scent throw.

Additionally, experimenting with different fragrance concentrations can help achieve the desired strength of aroma. Aspiring candle makers can attend DIY workshops and classes in Seattle that specialize in scented candle making to learn valuable tips and techniques from experienced instructors.

With an abundance of high-quality candle making supplies in Seattle, enthusiasts have all they need to explore the art of scented candle making and create unique fragrances that reflect their personal style and preferences.

Sustainable Candle Making Supplies in Seattle

When it comes to candle making, sustainability is a growing focus for many crafters in Seattle. As awareness of environmental issues continues to rise, more and more people are seeking out sustainable candle making supplies in the city. Fortunately, there are several options for those who want to create beautiful, eco-friendly candles.

Recycled Materials

One of the key aspects of sustainable candle making is using recycled materials whenever possible. In Seattle, there are several suppliers that offer recycled glass containers for candles. These containers not only reduce waste but also give your candles a unique and rustic look.

Non-Toxic Ingredients

Another important consideration for sustainable candle making is the use of non-toxic and natural ingredients. Many stores in Seattle carry eco-friendly waxes, such as soy wax or beeswax, which are renewable and biodegradable. Additionally, essential oils and plant-based fragrances can be used to add scent to candles without harmful chemicals.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

In addition to using sustainable materials for the candles themselves, it’s also important to consider eco-friendly packaging options. Look for suppliers in Seattle that offer recycled paper or biodegradable packaging materials for your finished candles. You can also get creative with your packaging by using reusable or upcycled containers for your candle products.

By prioritizing sustainable practices in candle making, crafters in Seattle can enjoy creating beautiful products while minimizing their environmental impact. Whether it’s through using recycled materials, non-toxic ingredients, or eco-friendly packaging, there are plenty of ways to make candle making a more sustainable hobby in the Emerald City.

DIY Candle Making Workshops and Classes in Seattle

Seattle is a haven for candle making enthusiasts, with several workshops and classes available for those interested in learning the art of candle making. These DIY candle making workshops and classes provide a hands-on experience for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. Many of these classes are offered by local businesses that specialize in providing quality candle making supplies Seattle, ensuring that participants have access to the best materials and guidance during their creative process.

Martha Stewart Soy Candle Making

One popular workshop in Seattle is “Introduction to Candle Making,” which covers the basics of creating different types of candles, including scented and decorative varieties. Participants are given the opportunity to work with various candle making supplies Seattle such as wax, wicks, molds, and fragrances. This workshop also delves into safety considerations when working with hot wax and open flames.

For those interested in exploring the art of scented candle making, there are specialized classes available that focus on creating unique fragrances using essential oils and other natural ingredients. These classes often emphasize the importance of sourcing sustainable candle making supplies Seattle, promoting eco-friendly practices within the craft.

In addition to traditional in-person workshops, there are also opportunities to participate in virtual candle making classes, allowing individuals to learn from experienced instructors without leaving the comfort of their homes. These online resources often provide information on where to purchase the necessary candle making supplies Seattle for those who may not have access to physical stores in the area.

Supporting Local Candle Making Supply Businesses in Seattle

Seattle is home to a thriving community of local businesses that specialize in providing high-quality candle making supplies. By supporting these local businesses, not only can you find unique and sustainable products, but you can also contribute to the growth and success of the Seattle candle making community.

One notable local candle making supply store in Seattle is “Pacific Northwest Candle Supply,” which offers a wide range of natural waxes, eco-friendly fragrance oils, and recycled packaging options. By choosing to purchase your candle making supplies from this store, you can rest assured that you are supporting a business committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Another fantastic option for sourcing your candle making supplies in Seattle is “Pike Place Candle Company.” This family-owned business has been part of the Seattle candle making scene for decades, offering an extensive selection of waxes, wicks, and dyes. By patronizing Pike Place Candle Company, you are not only purchasing top-notch supplies but also preserving a piece of Seattle’s rich candle making history.

Additionally, “CandleCraft” is a beloved local supplier known for its dedication to providing customers with premium quality candle making supplies. From specialty molds and containers to unique fragrance blends, CandleCraft is committed to offering a diverse range of products that cater to both amateur hobbyists and professional candle makers alike. By choosing CandleCraft as your go-to supplier, you are actively contributing to the continued success of this local business within the Seattle community.


In conclusion, Seattle offers a vibrant and thriving community of candle making enthusiasts, supported by a wide array of local stores and businesses that cater to their needs for high-quality candle making supplies. From historical roots to modern-day sustainable practices, the art of candle making in Seattle continues to evolve, providing ample opportunities for both seasoned crafters and beginners to explore this timeless tradition.

Whether you are looking for essential supplies to get started or seeking out unique scents and sustainable materials, the top 5 candle making supply stores in Seattle have everything you need to unleash your creativity. The city’s dedication to supporting local businesses also means that you can find a variety of options for DIY workshops and classes, allowing you to learn new techniques and connect with fellow candle making enthusiasts.

In closing, the world of candle making in Seattle is as diverse as it is inspiring, with endless possibilities for creating beautiful, fragrant candles that reflect your personal style and values. Whether you are about to embark on your first candle making project or are an experienced hobbyist looking to expand your skills, the wealth of resources available in Seattle makes it easy to find the best candle making supplies and support the local community at the same time.

So go ahead and immerse yourself in the art of candle making – Seattle has everything you need to ignite your passion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Candles Cheaper to Make?

Candles can be cheaper to make compared to buying them, especially if you buy ingredients in bulk. However, it also depends on the quality of materials used and the scale of production.

What Is the Best Wax for Candle Business?

The best wax for a candle business depends on various factors such as cost, scent throw, burn time, and appearance. Soy wax is popular for its eco-friendly nature, while paraffin is known for its strong scent throw.

How to Open a Candle Supply Store?

Opening a candle supply store involves careful planning and research. You’ll need to decide what type of candles and supplies to stock, find suppliers, choose a location, obtain necessary permits and licenses, and create a business plan.

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