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Candle making is a popular craft activity in the Great Lakes region of the United States, encompassing Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Shopping for candle making supplies can be tricky as there are so many different options available. Fortunately for consumers, there are wholesale suppliers in both Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois that provide bulk ordering of supplies such as wax, wicks, containers, dyes and fragrances. The convenience of purchasing supplies from local stores and companies through bulk purchases allow crafters to get everything they need for their projects in one place without sacrificing quality or budget. In addition to the essential candlemaking components such as wax and wicks, manufacturers offer additional products such as wax melters, molds and finishing accessories that help make each project look extra special. This article will explore the wholesale options available to consumers in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois so they can easily access all the necessary supplies within their state’s borders.

Ohio Candle Supplies

Ohio has a wide variety of candle making supplies available for wholesale. Depending on what type of wax you’re looking for, some common options include beeswax, paraffin, soy, and palm waxes. Whether your candles are scented or unscented there is a wax to fit the purpose. Most vendors provide convenient packages that include the perfect combination of wax, wicks, and dyes to ensure that you have all the necessary materials to make great candles. The wicks will come in different sizes depending on the diameter or height of your candle and the type of wax used in its production while the dyes can be chosen from natural or artificial colors so you can fully customize the look of your candles. Finally, many vendors also offer other essential tools such as melting pots and pouring pitchers that are vital pieces for making professional looking candles in bulk volumes.

Indiana Candle Supplies

Indiana offers a variety of candle making supplies wholesale in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Whether you’re just getting started with candle making or looking to refresh your supplies, there are numerous options available to choose from. Popular fragrances such as lavender and spice fill the shelves of local stores in the area. People new to the craft can find plenty of tutorials online or request help from local experts at anytime during their candle-making endeavor. For those who want to create something special and unique, there are also specialized fragrances that add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any candle. For example, linen-scented candles make wonderful gifts while sandalwood-infused candles take home decor to the next level. Additionally, many suppliers offer custom scent combinations so customers can find a fragrance that is truly their own. With an expanded selection of fragrances and types of waxes such as soy, beeswax, and apricot waxes readily available for purchase in bulk quantities at reasonable prices, it’s easy for anyone to explore new territories when it comes to creating exceptional handmade candles.

Illinois Candle Supplies

Illinois offers a wide variety of unique and varied candle making supplies for wholesale buyers. Many local store owners have been stocking up on essential elements such as wicks, containers and decorative items to add to the flourishing of their home or artisanal businesses. In addition to hardware stores, craft stores are excellent for finding a great selection of versatile vessel containers in which candle makers pour their creations. From decorating to design, Illinois’ local suppliers cover all positions for any candle-making enthusiast.

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When it comes to deciding which types of containers one should use, the possibilities are endless! Mason jars make perfect vessels because of their air-tight seal that prevents wax from leaking out and they look rustic enough to pair with just about any décor; straight-sided tins mean double beading around the rim provides extra security against spills. For those looking for something a bit more creative, wineskins and bags make great options by allowing sellers to customize labels with a fun and creative font. Animal inspired vases are always fan favorites due to the delight their whimsical designs bring into customers’ homes. Whatever the choice may be, Illinois has many diverse options when it comes to selecting the right kind of container for desired aesthetic outcomes.

Not only can Illinois suppliers provide shoppers with a plethora of container choices, but also wholesale buyers have access to bulk items like trimmings such as decorated ribbons and colorful cloths that take standard decorations almost anywhere! With over 350 companies located in Illinois dedicated to selling wholesale supplies for amateur or professional candle makers alike, there is guaranteed something for everyone when shopping here. Start looking today at all your available options so you don’t miss out on the highest quality items in the industry!

The Essentials

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced candle maker, there are certain supplies and tools you’ll need to make beautiful, professional-looking candles. For starters, when you purchase your wholesale candle making supplies from Ohio, Indiana, or Illinois locations, it’s important to get the right materials for your specific project. This means selecting the best type of wax for your candle, as well as the correct wick size and material. You’ll also want to ensure that you have all of the other necessary items and materials on hand such as molds or containers in which to pour your hot wax into, safety equipment such as eye protection and heat resistant gloves so that you don’t burn yourself while working with the hot wax and wick.

For more advanced projects, there are many techniques you can use to make aesthetically pleasing candles. Professional grade supplies like specialty glitters and dyes can help create unique designs that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. If you’re creating multiple candles at once in a production environment, pouring pitchers make easy work out of quickly filling molds with molten wax. Special tools such as mold release spray and core rods (or wick stretchers) are both invaluable assets when dealing with intricate molds like pillars or intricate molds with multiple cavities or decorations inside. With these tips in mind all candle makers should be able to easily create their desired masterpieces for customers or just for fun!

Additional Resources

To better understand the candle making supplies wholesale companies servicing Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, this guide provides an expansive overview of these companies and organizations. These organizations range from small family-run businesses to large national multi-state firms and offer everything from basic wax and wicks to custom additives such as fragrance oils, dyes, molds, packaging accessories and tools. With their diverse service offerings, each company has its own unique background story that can be found online or through local contacts.

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In addition to general information about the candle making supplies wholesale industry in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, this guide also provides detailed reviews on products available through specific retailers in each state. Featuring key ratings and product specifications such as burn time, scent strength, flame size and color options, customers will find helpful information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. Furthermore, most suppliers provide a bonus program that offers discounts for bulk orders or loyalty programs.

Finally, this guide also features resources like upcoming courses related to candle making that are held across the three states where users can connect with experts who can answer questions regarding materials selection or design advice. With these additional resources available through our extensive guidebook, consumers are sure to find answers about the best way to get their candle making projects up and running quickly!

Specialty Extras

Candle making supplies wholesale Ohio Indiana Illinois offer unique options for giving your candles that extra bit of spark they need. From a variety of fragrances, to creative containers and charming decorations, you can find the right finishing touch that will turn your candle-making projects into stunning masterpieces. A few of these specialty extras include colored crystals, floating wicks and double scented waxes – all necessary components to make beautiful candles. Along with classic beeswax and soy waxes, you can find other alternative waxes such as paraffin, bayberry and even gel wax. Other than materials to craft the candle itself, there are also high quality wick bases for sale such as cotton core and fiberglass cores. Dried herbs and flower petals give a special aesthetic appeal to the candles too! Make sure to check out the available molds in different sizes so you can perfect the styling of your candle creations before shipping them off or selling them at your store.


For the many who look for something beautiful and nostalgic in their homes or gifts, candle making with wholesale supplies can be a fun and satisfying endeavor. Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois all have warehouses full of craft materials that would make any candle art project complete. From specialty wicking to wax dyeing kits to high-end jar glassware, they have everything necessary to design any kind of candle desired! Whether you’re looking for scent elements or accents like decorative embellishments, these places are sure to have it. Besides simply being a relaxing hobby, putting together various parts can help you come up with unique creations that could become eye-catching fixtures in the home or memorable presents for others. The incredible potential for what can be done with simple materials is always exciting and inspiring. Crafting candles of beauty and aesthetics is an excellent way to spend quality time expressing your creative mindset.

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