Candle Making Supplies Wholesale Uk

Candle Making Supplies Wholesale UK

With the popular trend of candle-making at an all-time high, folks are often seeking out great wholesale UK supplies. Whether you’re a newbie to candle-making and looking for the right starter kit, or a pro who needs new scents, waxes, and accessories – there are some amazing candle-making suppliers in the UK to explore.

Where to Find Candle Making Supplies UK

Finding a reliable wholesale supplier near you is always beneficial as picking up can be much easier than relying on shipping. Here are some of the best UK candle-making suppliers:

  • The Candle Shack
  • Candle Direct
  • Be Creative Crafts
  • Candle Warehouse

Essential Candle-Making Supplies UK

  • Wax
  • Wicks
  • Containers
  • Scents
  • Colorants
  • Thermometers
  • Scentless Stabilizers

Types of Wax and Where to Buy

The type of wax you use can make a huge difference to the quality of the finished candles. Below is a list of waxes you can use and where you can buy them:

Wax TypeAvailable InksWhere to Buy
Paraffin WaxBeads, Blocks & FlakesThe Candle Shack, Candle Direct, and Candle Warehouse
Soy WaxBeads, Blocks & FlakesBe Creative Crafts, The Candle Shack, and Candle Direct
Vegetable WaxBlocks & FlakesThe Candle Shack, Candle Direct, and Candle Warehouse
Bee WaxBeads & BlocksBe Creative Crafts and The Candle Shack

Types of Containers and Where to Buy

Once you’ve sourced the wax and tweaks you need, you’ll need to consider what type of container to use. You need to make sure the container is suitable for the wax you’re using. Candle-making suppliers in the UK have a variety of containers to choose from. Here are the most common types, and where to buy them:

  • Glass Jars: The Candle Shack and Candle Direct
  • Tins: The Candle Shack, Candle Direct, and Candle Warehouse
  • Silicone Moulds: The Candle Shack and Be Creative Crafts
  • Teacup Candles: The Candle Shack and Candle Direct
  • Tealight Moulds: Be creative Crafts and The Candle Shack

Scents and Where to Buy

Once you’re happy with the type of wax, container, and wick you’re ready to think about scents. Some suppliers mix their own fragrances and some work with major brands like Yankee Candle. Here are a few of the best candle-making supply shops for scents in the UK:

  • Be Creative Crafts: Yankee Candle’s wax melts, oils and wax tart blends.
  • The Candle Shack: Their own-blend wax tarts, hand made oils, and candle scent potpourri.
  • Candle Direct: Wide range of scented accessories from brands like Yankee Candle and more.

Finding Quality Wholesale Candle Making Supplies UK

If you’re looking to find quality wholesale supplies the UK candle-making suppliers mentioned in this blog post are a great place to start. If you’re a newbie or you want to learn more about the craft, there are many free tutorials available online that can provide guidance on what to buy and how. So get creative and make your own beautiful candle creations today!

Happy Crafting!

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