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Candle making is an art form that has been practiced for centuries. In Winston Salem, NC, both hobbyists and professional candle makers can find all the supplies needed to make beautiful and long-lasting candles. From wax and wicks to molds and scents, this city has everything it takes to create your next masterpiece. Whether you are a beginner who would like to test their hand at candle making or a master looking for high quality supplies, the selection in Winston Salem will give you what you need.

From specialty shops dealing solely in candle making supplies to craft stores with wide-ranging inventory, there are plenty of options available when it comes to finding the materials required for your project. There are also online stores, which offer even more choices. For those wanting an interactive experience, workshops at local craft studios provide inspiring classes and valuable tips on how to get started or refine existing candle making skills.

But getting the right ingredients is only half of the journey towards creating beautiful candles; understanding the process is just as important. An in-depth knowledge of melting points and burn time along with practice in layering colors or forming specific shapes helps ensure success when crafting your custom designs. With great resources from supplier shops both local and online, taking a stab at creating your own candles no longer seems so intimidating. So go on and venture into Winston Salem’s world of candle making!

History of Candlemaking in the Surrounding Areas

Candle making has been an important part of the economy of Winston Salem and the surrounding areas for centuries. The industry dates back to colonial times when tallow was used to make candles, a relatively inexpensive source of light used by many poor families. After the Revolutionary War, small wax manufactories were opened in various parts of the city. In 1792, Morven Wax Works was founded and soon began producing paraffin-based candles for customers around the area.

In the 1880s, larger candle factories opened up in Winston Salem as demand for their products grew throughout North Carolina. Many shopkeepers would also purchase supplies from these factories and then sell them door-to-door or on street corners. The products ranged from large scented candles to simple tapers that could be burned at home for both practical and decorative uses.

With advances in technology came different styles of molds and pouring machinery which allowed candle makers to produce larger batches more quickly than ever before. During this era, multiple factory stores were established along Main Street in downtown Winston Salem, which further helped promote the use of candle making among locals. Along with Easter Candles, luminarias became popular then as they do now during holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah. Through clever marketing campaigns, candle shops often doubled as businesses selling decor that celebrated seasonal holidays like Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

Scented Soy Candle Making Instructions

Today, many people still take advantage of affordable supplies offered by local retailers specializing in old-fashioned candle making techniques–making it easy to keep alive this traditional craft in modern day Winston Salem!

Supplies Offered at Popular Candlemaking Shops in Winston Salem

Popular candlemaking shops in Winston Salem offer a variety of candlemaking supplies for all kinds of creations. These shops typically will have an extensive selection of waxes including paraffin, soy and beeswax to choose from. Crews can also find several varieties of wicks, wick holders, fragrance oils, containers and molds. They also may offer dyes, specialty additives, pouring pots and various tools needed to create their ideal candle. Additionally many stores offer kits that are geared towards beginner or intermediate skill levels which can give crafters the perfect starting point for their projects. Some stores also offer classes which provide detailed instruction as well as advice from experienced crafters on creating candles with an added personal touch.

Health Benefits of Crafting Your Own Candles

Making your own candles can be a fun, relaxing and creative hobby. As well as having great aesthetic value for your home, there are also some health benefits associated with crafting your own candles.

Firstly, the pleasant scent of your homemade candles can evoke a calming response from your body. When you light a candle, inhaling its fragrance will reduce stress and anxiety levels resulting in a more relaxed state of wellbeing. Certain scents like vanilla or lavender have soothing properties which are particularly useful when it comes to achieving this calming atmosphere.

Furthermore, creating something with our hands is quite rewarding and provides us with a sense of purpose. Crafting our own candles gives us an outlet to express ourselves and boosts creativity by challenging us to come up with innovative ways to design them. This may increase positive feelings such as happiness, self-confidence and appreciation of one’s capabilities. In addition, stirring the wax is therapeutic as it involves repetitive movements which helps in releasing tension as well as boosting concentration levels.

Finally, purchasing all the necessary equipment at stores like Candle Making Supplies Winston Salem will allow you to pick non-toxic materials that are eco-friendly and safe to use around pets and children. Organic soy waxes burn more evenly than traditional paraffin waxes which don’t release harmful toxins while burning like their counterparts do thus improving air quality in your homes or offices environment.

Creative Ideas for Beginner Candle Makers

If you’re new to candle making and looking for some inspiring ideas, Winston Salem has a great selection of supplies to help get you started. From beeswax sheets to essential oils and wicks, there are many options available for crafting your own one-of-a-kind candles. For a simple yet beautiful project, try rolling up beeswax sheets around a length of wick, or mix together different colors and scents of wax for customized looks. To make candles with decorative shapes or designs, try using silicone molds or cut out shapes from reusable wax sheets before melting them down. For aromatherapy candles, you can add desired essential oils when the wax is in the liquid form and stir it in evenly to create fragrant varieties. Finally, use dyes or pigments to enhance colored creations! With the abundance of resources found at Winston Salem’s stores, it won’t be hard to find everything you need for creative candle making endeavors.

Wholesale Candle Making Jars

List of Local Stores Selling Candle Making Supplies in the Area

For those living in or visiting Winston Salem, North Carolina, looking for supplies to make candles, the following list of local stores should be of assistance.

1. Flechtman’s Arts and Crafts: This popular shop located near the War Memorial Stadium offers plenty of candle-making supplies to choose from, including waxes, jars and containers, scents, wicks, molds and melters. The store also offers helpful staff members who are more than happy to provide advice on products and projects.

2. Sabai Candle Supply: This store can be found off Pink Street near Wake Forest University and has an impressive selection of everything related to candle making. In addition to an array of fragrances and other supplies, there are demos where buyers can learn the basics of candle making or get more advanced demonstrations from experienced crafters.

3. Kits & Krafts: Located on Burke Street in downtown Winston Salem this unique craft store has all kinds of interesting tools for hobbyists looking for a special item for their latest project–including candle-making supplies such as wax flakes, molding tools and dyes. Additionally buyers can purchase pre-made candles with any desired design or fragrance if they don’t want to craft one themselves.

4. CRAFTYMax: With two locations in the city”one on Peace Haven Road Northwest and another off Old Salisbury Road North”these stores specialize in arts and crafts materials but also have a wide selection of essential items when it comes to candle making too–such as melting pots, wicks and injectors as well as some particularly stunning glass containers ready to be filled with molten wax!


The city of Winston Salem, NC is home to a wide selection of quality candle making supplies. From high-grade wax and wick materials to colorants and fragrances, there’s something for every candle maker here. You can find small batch suppliers offering specialty items like glitter and shaped molds, as well as larger stores with a broad selection of wares. Local craft centers also provide access to classes so that your creations are as stunningly beautiful as they are fragrant. By using these high quality supplies in Winston Salem, NC you can create unique candles that are as one of a kind as they are meaningful. Friends, family and clients will all appreciate the thoughtful touches you’ve added when you put in the time to make it right! Whether you’re an experienced candle crafter or just getting started, pick up the best supplies available in the city and make amazing candles in Winston Salem today!

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